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  1. Napster

    Shaun Ryder and the Scarface of Southend

  2. DoDTS

    No. 7 fixtures match postponed

    On Mondays fixtures the Fleetwood v Peterborough match has been postponed and so this match will be VOID on No. 7 predictions. If you have used your wildcard on this you can amend anytime before kick-off or failing which I will transfer to the preceding fixture (Port Vale/Barnsley). To...
  3. DoDTS

    For those that missed predicting No. 13 fixtures

    If you have missed predicting todays matches you can still predict on Mondays match as below: Southend v Burton wildcard Southend first scorer Just post your predictions below
  4. DoDTS

    No. 6 HALF - TIME SCORES - Saturday 29th August 2015

    THIS IS THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) Five matches played just Mondays left so a possible 5 or 8 points, of you have saved your wildcard. Leading the field at the moment is dshrimp who predicted five correct results...
  5. Best English city for music

    What city has produced the greatest English bands & artists. I love The Beatles, but for me it has to be Manchester - The Smiths, Roses, Happy Mondays, New Order....etc etc. Thoughts?
  6. DoDTS

    IMPORTANT Easter Mondays fixtures

    For Mondays Predictions there was "Typo" when I posted York v Bury and I put "Tork" v Bury, as a result there has been some confusion if it was York or Torquay. If you have already predicted please check and feel free to amend if you wish. Sorry for the confusion DoDtS
  7. Oxford tickets

    Have received an e-mail from the club signed by Phil Brown offering ticket for £10 for Mondays game. Does this mean ticket sales are down as match on Sky? Anyone else received this - not addressed to me personally - but Dear Fan.
  8. Sgorio

    Is a Welsh language footie programme shown . It's normally on Mondays @ 10.00 & I get it via Virgin Channel 167 (S4C). I find myself strangely drawn to this show with a mix of pot-bellied keepers ex football league players & pitches that premier league players would'nt park their cars on (As...
  9. Benfleet A1

    A Pig 36 Hours

    We all get them, we all have those days when you wish you could turn back the clock and stay in bed but where would be the fun in that. I knew it was coming because I had prior warning that there was no cover for sunday night and I had already been asked to help out. Not a major problem, I...
  10. weststander

    Monday Court Hearings

    Just having a look at mondays court hearings at the royal courts of justice and came across this, anyone got any ideas about it as all i can find out is that James Rose projects are a construction company in Basildon and Romford ..... http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/list_chancery.htm...
  11. How Do You Solve A Problem Like KP?

    All summer it's been obvious something hasn't been right with Kevin Pietersen. In so much pain he couldn't walk down the stairs throughout the Twenty20 World Cup and pumped so full of cortisone he'd be oblivious to a gunshot wound during the first two tests, the news that Pietersen requires...
  12. Shrimp Toothbrush!

    Bored in Biology? Trying to smoke electric fags? Let MK's Shrimp Toothbrush Indie Spectacular help you through the day. How I've neglected this absolute seminal indie band I don't know. They're a bit of a joke these days, and children, a good reason to say no to naughty substances, but in their...
  13. Prague Blue at U19's England vs Italy

    Just thought that I'd let the board know that I was present displaying my Southend St Georges Cross last night in Jablonec. Not a bad game an improvement on Mondays game against the Czech Republic. Need to beat Greece in Liberec on Sunday to have a chance of qualifying for the semis. The best...
  14. Horizon last night

    Another QUALITY documentary. 20 drugs, legal and illegal listed in reverse order. I'm getting back on the love drug, making shapes, and gurning like a fool while hugging the honey's.....leave that Stella on the bar. Mondays could be a bit nasty though :D
  15. Interpol Shrimper

    Album of the week #1 (w/e 20 Jan)

    I thought seeing as we mostly all like a bit of music on here to create a regular music thread similar but again slightly different to the Metal Mondays, Afternoon Indie Disco, One To Start The Weekend type threads. Basically, a forum for people to discuss what they think of a new album in the...
  16. shooter mcgavin

    What happened to Metal Mondays?

    :confused: Two mondays in a row now, not being greeted by a metal gem amongst all the usual "Pub" banter! The world is a much sadder place without it and without the usual shouts of "Metal is Gay" from True Blue!! I hope that this is just a festive period sabbatical and it will be back with...
  17. Monday... what is annoying you today?

    In my office the floor isn't solid because of all the cabling underneath. anyway there is this woman who walks like a ****** and stomps past my desk every 30seconds. i dont think she could be any more noisy if she tried!:guns: :guns: anyway what is annoying you today? i hate mondays!
  18. Tuesday Music..

    A bit of Happy Mondays, and other Madchester classics.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pblzx_Qw9xI Kinky Afro. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0We9d5J3BLQ Atmosphere - Joy division http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgGTQgvCPOU Made of Stone - Stone roses Rave on...
  19. Madchester Blue

    Friday Choons...

    Pop a pill :finger: Sit back, chill and rave on... just rave on. (seriously though, don't pop any pills!!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INgXzChwipY The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0We9d5J3BLQ Joy Division - Atmosphere...
  20. KrustyTheKray

    Sick time at work

    My mate at work has had a reputed 66 days off in 4 years. That is some going if you ask me! Let me say it's not totally legit if you know what i mean, wink-wink! He's just gone through a spell of having lots of mondays off. His employers have been really lenient, and just...