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  1. The Smiths dilemma

    Now if you're a proper music lover, then The Smiths are quite frankly, one of the greatest bands IN THE WORLD. However, Morrissey has turned (always was?) a massive purple bell-end and I have avoided listening to them because of this huge purple bell-ended ness. So my question to you (well the...
  2. RHB

    Desert Island Discs

    Ok Zone Castaways, now is your opportunity to share the stuff that the castaways on Desert Island Discs do each week. Pretty simple really, you have to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that you would take if you were to be cast away on a desert...
  3. Guilty Pleasures

  4. RobM

    Pre-match "music"

    What on earth was playing on Saturday? It sounded a cross between a cheap euphonium and an attack of brussel farts!
  5. 3 points on the road and a trip to FGR

    Hi guys, We discuss the first defeat for Shrewsbury, awful goal music and your win at Walsall in our latest podcast http://d3d4football.com/d3d4-football-podcast-episode-16-week-16-review/ Also have a read of this wonderful account of a Morecambe fan's trip to Forest Green, certainly a club...
  6. RHB

    Credit and debit card surcharges to be banned

    One of my pet hates is when I get charged a surcharge for paying for something by Credit or Debit card. So this latest gem was music to my ears. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40648641 One short extract from the link made me really glad that we're leaving the EU (allegedly). We won't have...
  7. Strykr

    Synthwave Album coming out

    Hi all, Sorry for the shameless plug, but I know quite a few fellow blues are into your music and I know for sure quite a lot of us were 80's kids! I have an 80s inspired synthwave album coming out on the 21st June and have been releasing a few teasers on youtube and thought some of you guys...
  8. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Memory Lane Derek, Keith, Frank, Warren and Ron ..... and all that

    Well, quite a day yesterday. In brief, down A12, in Spread for 9.15 am, meet Derek & Keith at 10, Blues Lounge and various ex player/fellow fan good times, bit of book selling (thanks to all - royalty monies on way to Little Havens later today), the match and all the ups and downs of that...
  9. Question Goal celebration music

    Number 1 grandson asking what the goal celebration music was at roots hall and had to admit I hadn't a clue . Could someone let me know. Thanks a lot
  10. Bobby dazzler

    A Big Thank You To The Club And Its Staff And Helpers.

    The team I Manage were ball boys for this Saturdays game and we certainly could not have picked a better game to be at. We were welcomed before the game and taken into the underbelly of Roots Hall. We entered through the players entrance and straight past the away dressing room and into the ball...
  11. Prior To Tomorrows Game

    Just a bit of a heads up, for those of you who may be interested I will be singing on the hallowed Roots Hall turf tomorrow from 2.45pm... weather permitting of course! Some of you guys may remember me from singing on the pitch before, performing at meet the blues day last year, the legends...
  12. Rob Noxious

    The Rob Noxious 'Me, Myself & I' Thread

    Greetings to all my fans, friends and associates on ShrimperZone, old and new - and those yet to be discovered. I thought that it might help your ease of reference to know what great things I'm up to if I plonked the relevant information here on this new 'Me, Myself and I' thread. It's my...
  13. Tommy2holes

    The goal music

    Anyone else cringe when the goal music comes on at roots hall. Not only is the PA system shocking , but DJ Otzi and Hey baby is unbelievably bad. Can we not try and find a more unique and catchy tune for next year?
  14. Shrimper2thecore

    Getting music from iPhone to iTunes

    So, I've got a new iPhone, but my laptop that had my music on when I set up the last is long gone. As a result, I need to get the music from my phone into iTunes. Can anyone recommend a application to do this?
  15. RHB

    The Brennan B2

    I'm thinking of investing in a Brennan B2 and moving our entire CD collection onto it. http://www.brennan.co.uk/ The starting model is around £380 and whilst that isn't mega money it's enough to make me ask if there is anyone on the Zone that has got, or used, one. Alternatively, does anyone...
  16. * ORM *

    Husband needed

    I apologise for the length of the post but I'm curious to see if anyone fits the bill. ​** This marriage advert is clear, legit & real. ** When the true fate brings someone special related to your soul, distance is not an issue with cars & airplanes. I am looking for a true nice...
  17. Southend Sounds '76

    Just reminiscing..................anyone on here go to Southend Sounds '76? I remember it quite well. Some good bands of the time played.......Budgie (Hot as A Docker's Armpit springs to mind), Alvin Lee, Fairport Convention, to name but a few. I think that was the last time live music was...
  18. RHB

    Original songs and the best cover versions

    Quite simple really, you probably all have some favourite music from your past which others have then recorded as a cover version. Some covers have become more 'famous' and that is the main driver of this thread. I'll kick it off with Handbags and Gladrags. Originally recorded by Chris Farlow...
  19. Rob Noxious

    Memory Lane FM247: Radios In Motion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrZyqo-kiZE&nohtml5=False This might resonate a little for anyone who's come back to Southend after a little while away. I was staying in town over the w/e and was at a bit of a loose end between an afternoon curry and seeing a gig at The Railway. I had a...
  20. Itunes

    My Itunes has done something odd - all artists that start with "The" (Jam/Beatles etc) have become jumbled up seemingly randomly amongst the rest of the music. Annoying when I want to find a particular "The" band (such as The Band). It's ported the issue onto my Ipod too. Any idea how to put...