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  1. DoDTS


    With 5 matches played and the all important (to us) fixture tomorrow here are the league and cup scores so far; CUP ROUND 4 DoDtS 4 v 7 thenobster Looks all over or DoDtS against the high scoring nobster Tinks 4 v 4 h turner All to play for in the second half kingSHRIMPER 2 v 2...
  2. So its ok to use the death of six children for political gain then George ...

    .. and for you to park in disabled spaces. George Osborne is an utter XXXX! This man really is one of the nastiest low lives you could ever imagine. He makes Mandelson seem human. **** at his job, entirely lacking in morals, awful judgement and a complete wxxxxr! He goes on about breaking...
  3. Pete Townshend

    What a nasty piece of work! Firstly paying to access child porn and now this... http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/mar/04/pete-townshend-apologises-swearing-who Disgraceful
  4. southchurch

    Remind me again, why do we hate them?

    From Orient board- Thought they were in general a pretty nasty bunch. I've not really noticed it so much before but theres no doubt the 'rivalry' between the 2 clubs has grown over the years. Chanting "we hate Orient" over and again sums it up really....how can anyone 'hate' Orient? Whats to...
  5. Not for dog lovers

    I'm not a big fan of dogs, but live and let live, but I'm fed up with running in parks and being chased by dogs and dodging the dog poo. Yesterday I'm running with my 9 years old daughter and she gets chased by an alsation. The owner did not like me shouting at his dog, could have turned nasty...
  6. tice_18

    Nasty Fall

    http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=57849&stc=1&d=1305354721 :thumbsup::hilarious:
  7. canveyshrimper

    Ricky Gervais

    According to various newspapers he's in trouble for using the word **** in various jibes on Twitter. IMO it's a nasty word and is definitely a shortened version of mongol, which is now better describe as Downs Syndrome. IMO Gervais is a smug self satisfied tosser, and I hope this is the...
  8. Rob Noxious

    Happy Birthday to one of the nice guys ...

    ... Yogi up the cagire! Our French correspondent is always there with a bit of commentary on the Match Thread for us exiles who want to know how the game went/is going but who don't do The Blues Player bit. I can't remember him ever being nasty about another poster. He's lovable, a genuine fan...
  9. Napster

    Leo Roget etc and a few other ex-shrimpers on facebook...

    Trevor Fitzpatrick and Leo Roget commented on Leo Roget's status. Leo Roget A racist ignorant rude man who at the time was vice chairman at SUFC told me "Leo the only person who can stop you from being a success is you"........some 15 years later I fully understand what he means!!! Like · · 2...
  10. Left-wing Journalist Is A Very Silly Boy Shock

    Independent columnist Johann Hari has admitted copying the work of others (including it would seem Ann Leslie of the Daily Mail) to improve his articles. He has also apologised for editing the Wikipedia entries of people he had clashed with, using the pseudonym David Rose, "I took out nasty...
  11. Tweets

    Big Bad Barry Corr last night: "A point off 3rd place & so much more to come. We've got good players & the best manager in the league so we'l be alright. Onwards & upwards." :thumbsup:
  12. Yorkshire Blue

    World Cup Qualifiers

    ENGLAND, Montenegro, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, San Marino Poland as 4th seeds is nasty and there are definitely easier groups out there, but it could have been worse.
  13. Shrimpergarry

    Crawley Town and the salary cap

    I think it is broadly accepted that Crawley are already paying wages more than most (if not all) teams in League 2 on average gates of just over 2500. How does the League 2 salary cap work with regards to this? Will they be able to continue doing the same next season? I think the percentage...
  14. Johnny Herd speaks out regarding late payment.

    In todays Echo there is a back page article on Johnny Herd, he states that he found it very hard when Paul Sturrock came in as manager and he did not do himself any favours at all with how he played in pre-season. -- 'It was a difficult time for me. Because of the finanicial difficulties there...
  15. southend4ever

    victoria avenue incident

    an 18 year old was stabbed after confrontation with older man last night! in hospital now.. the world is such a nasty place