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  1. B.B.The Legend Lives On.

    Memory Lane John "Joe" Kurila

    I had a phone call earlier today from Billy Best who informed me that our former defender Big John Kurila had passed away aged 76. Fans of a certain age will remember John who was a tough no nonsense Scottish defender, who joined us in the summer of 1968 and played in every match of that...
  2. Wembley: Euro 2020

    Some good news (hopefully if we can get tickets) for us footy fans. Wembley was already given the privilege of hosting the Euro final as well as both the semi finals. However Uefa have now awarded Wembley an additional 4 matches (3 group stage matches and a last 16 tie) after the original idea...
  3. Bents Skipper ;

    Brentford goalkeeper Dan Bentley says he'd thrive off the role of being team captain, after getting a taste of it at Middlesbrough. The stopper was handed the armband for the closing stages of the clash at the Riverside Stadium, and Bentley says it was 'a privilege' to be given the...
  4. Theo Foley

    Apart from John White's goal (we don't say that very often), the only enjoyable part of the day yesterday was before the match when I spoke to Theo Foley. He has just turned 80 and is still best mates with Billy Best and John Kurila. Theo said that it was on his recommendation that Billy came...
  5. superblue24

    Southern Rail Unions

    time to get them abolished, they are taking the ****! the odd strike here and there when it is right to do so is acceptable in my opinion (although unions going on strike when the average Joe is not able to is an unfair privilege in my opinion) . What Southern workers are doing is a)...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Privilege - and what it really means

    Have been having a bit of a row on FB with one of hubby's ex colleagues who used to be a good laugh but has become pretty much of a political activist, pre-election for the Greens, but subsequently for Labour, and in particular for Corbyn, plus organising rallies for "#Black lives matter". She...
  7. Sandbach Shrimper

    Ref Watch Ref for Hull

    I know this is Mick's job so I apologise, but just seen that the referees for this weekend's FA Cup ties have been confirmed. We have the privilege of welcoming a Premier League referee to Roots Hall in Lee Mason. Ironically, he was the referee when we were hammered 4-0 by Hull in 2007 in our...
  8. CC51DAS

    Breaking News Ronnie Martini wins prestigous Football League Chairman of the Month award for March

    Well this is a turn-up ! Ron must have has beaten some tough competition. He seems pleased - apparently award to be presented at Wembley. Chairman Ronnie has issued a Statement and as I can't get the link to work I have posted it on here: "Club Statement" Some decisions in Life are...
  9. yogi bear up the cagire

    Cup success and the price we are paying for it

    When Paul Sturrock has the time to reflect of this season, will he be ironically regretting the fact that his luck in Cup Competitions changed? It seems to be the fashion at the moment on here to furnish reasons for our expected failure again in gaining promotion from the basement...
  10. Thorpe Groyney

    FA Cup: East Thurrock United 4-4 Chelmsford City

    What can you say about a game that had an injury time equaliser, and then had an extra time injury time equaliser. On top, of course, an injury time equaliser on Saturday before last night's replay? Quite a bit, as it turned out. A privilege to be at one of the best games anyone could ever...
  11. Roots Hall chicken or Fossetts Farm egg?

    Firstly I would ask the mods not to move this to the FF forum as I believe it is more encompassing than that. I say Roots Hall chicken or Fossetts farm egg as i believe it is important to know which came first. I firmly believe and have stated many times that the move to FF is our only hope of...
  12. SUFC shares

    I have a response from Tara this morning, regarding shareholders and the promotions that we used to get under the previous stewardship. I'm not aware of us extending offers to shareholders but we have previously given shareholders priority levels on big games like season card holders get. I'm...
  13. canveyshrimper

    Comic Relief

    This has almost certainly been covered before, what's the SZ view on Comic Relief in particular as it's almost upon us, and charities in general? From a personal stand point I've never given a penny to Band Aid, Children in Need or Comic Relief. My personal belief is that charity should begin...
  14. chadded

    Alexis Jordan

    I think I'm in love. My better half is, or at least should be aware, that when Lucy Pinder realises I exist and falls in love with me, she will be dropped like a thing that gets dropped and Lucy and I will live happily ever after. However, I think even Lucy might just get dropped if Alexis...
  15. Yorkshire Blue

    Question Police convoys

    My commute this morning was once more rudely interrupted by a police convoy. The convoy consisted of two unmarked, brown, presumably armour-plated vans flanked by two police cars in front and a further two behind, plus some motorbike outriders. The convoy was heading East out of the City. The...
  16. Ref Watch ..... Bristol City

    As the club can't be bothered to open more than one stand, I can't be bothered to do much more than a short refwatch. Man in charge tonight is Dave Phillips from Sussex, refereeing his fourth Southend match. First was Huddersfield at home two years ago (lost 1-0 booked Macca), second was away...
  17. canveyshrimper

    Farewell to a Shrimper

    Please indulge me, as earlier today I heard the sad news from Adelaide, Australia that my Uncle Syd passed away this morning aged 80. Syd was the second youngest of 6, my late mum being the eldest, who hailed from Tottenham, but moved to Southend when my Grandad decided to move just after the...
  18. Crawliano

    Pre-Match Thread Southend Home v Southend Away Football Aid Charity thingy

    On 5th May I'll be turning out at Roots Hall with another 20 poor souls who are going to pretend to play football having shelled out cash for the privilege, luckily the money paid is going to charity (not the HMRC charity pot sadly). Anyway, I've had an email asking if anyone wants to put...
  19. Question How does following Southend make you feel?

    I regard supporting Southend as a pleasure and a privilege more than ever in spite of the inevitable lows. For others it seems to be a duty and a burden that brings nothing but unhappiness and anger. So which camp are you in?
  20. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 2 Season 1931-32

    Here is the second article about Season SEASON 1931-32 as was printed in the Southend v Millwall programme. DoDtS Extracts from the “Forgotten Years of the Kursaal”By Peter William Baker Researched from the Southend Standard No.2 A PROMISING START After finishing fifth in the League in...