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  1. Napster

    Ranking the Southend managers - how useful would they be in a fight?

    Saw something similar on twitter on Prem managers - let's do something for post-war Southend managers. My take: Paul Clark Rob Newman David Webb Alvan Williams Alan Little Alvin Martin Steve Wignall Barry Fry Stewart Robson Ronnie Whelan Mick Gooding Frank Broome Arthur Rowley Dave...
  2. Uncle Leo

    FIFA World Rankings

    Good article here helping to explain the FIFA World Rankings, which I know are often a source of amusement on here. Fair play to those nations who play the system... http://thesetpieces.com/world-football/beating-system-wales-planned-seeding-success-calculator/
  3. Question Is football secondary?

    SUFC has one fan base but those supporters seem to have numerous reasons for being a Blue; 1). Blind tribalism. 2). Passionate about the club and its status (position in the pyramid) is all that matters. 3). Passionate about the club and passionate about the game of football ( position in...
  4. londonblue

    ECL Wildcards

    So the president of Barcalona wants top clubs who fail to qualify for the Champions' League to be given wildcards like in tennis: BBC What an idiot. Apart from the obvious: that this is moving further and further away from a Champions' League, he seems to have completely missed the point of...
  5. Napster

    List of shame

    I think we should have a list of shame for players/managers/coaches/staff who have been charged with crimes or fined for criminal behaviour, now there's so many of them. Maybe a ranking system based on whether jailed, etc. Extra points if committed during their time at Southend. Up to everyone...
  6. Uncle Leo

    World rankings

    Puzzled about how Switzerland are ranked so highly? This is a cracking article which helps explain why certain teams are where they are. And why that amazing Zlatan goal against England last year was actually rather annoying for us...
  7. Napster

    World Uni rankings

    http://www.theguardian.com/higher-education-network/table/2013/sep/10/qs-world-university-rankings-2013 17th - not bad.
  8. Uncle Leo

    Latest world rankings

    England now down to 15th - lack of wins against decent opposition in competitive games starting to bite. Similarly, finally getting some competitive football (Confed Cup) has taken Brazil up 13 places http://www.fifa.com/worldranking/index.html
  9. * ORM *

    OD - Week 7

    Today I will be bot bashing resting most including my WK for next week's reverse FC and crucial OD which will either condemn me to playoffs or keep 4th spot hopes very much alive. Sadly my cup exit will cane receipts. Slightly unfair given my lowly ranking.
  10. Tangled up in Blue


    "Can't remember where I read it, but: "Not one German bomb dropped on Stoke-on-Trent in World War Two. This, apparently, was because a group of high-ranking Luftwaffe officers, grouped around a table and studying aerial reconnaissance photographs of the area, concluded it had already been...
  11. Cricko

    Social Bookmarks

    Many of you will have already noticed that above threads now we have added some more social bookmarks.You can now not only "like" to Facebook but can directly link a post to your Twitter account, Google +1 or any of over 300 other sites you may use in the "share" drop down box. Please use these...
  12. Murkey_Mouse

    Fifa 2012

    I have found out that Fifa 12 played like Pro Evo 08 on PS2 verison, its the greatest football game of all time & I cannot wait to buy it, then try and get through to Fifa 11 World Cup tournament online, I managed to come close to getting high in the ranking with Southend Utd - if I played Barca...
  13. Blackout Rugby

    How is everyone doing on Blackout now? It's been a while since we've had any threads. I think I've probably reached my highest ranking ever after my weekend game. Ranked #1 in Essex, #5 in England and #33 in the World. I know my team isn't actually that good, but it's nice to be that highly...
  14. League 2 teams unofficially rated

    Not sure what forum this should be in http://www.dectech.org/football_sites/football_dectech/rankings.php click 'divisions, england, league 2' if it doesn't come up found this at clarkeonenil of all places, but its not actually made by him so you'll be pleased to see we're not bottom. how...
  15. Any web experts here?

    I need help in promoting a future website and I would like someone to help me with Page Ranking and SEO. I get confused easily and I'm not very smart, as you can tell from some of my posts on here, but I would appreciate it a lot if someone could give me some tips/hints/advice/tutorial etc on...
  16. manor15


    Ghana Manager: Milovan Rajevac Captain: Stephen Appiah FIFA Ranking: 32 Group D Background: The West Africans shocked the World in Germany 2006 as they became the only African nation to reach the last 16, despite an opening game defeat to eventual victors Italy. However, a 2-0 victory over te...
  17. manor15


    Serbia Manager: Radomir Antic Captain: Dejan Stankovic FIFA Ranking: 16 Group D Background: South Africa 2010 will be Serbia's first World Cup as an independent nation after previously competing as Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. As Yugoslavia they reached the World Cup Semi-Finals...
  18. manor15


    Australia Manager: Pim Verbeek Captain: Lucas Neill FIFA Ranking: 20 Group D Background: The Socceroos head to South Africa for their third World Cup, after failing to progress past the group stage in 1974 but returning 32 years later in Germany last time round. Thanks to a 3-1 victory over...
  19. manor15


    Germany Manager: Joachim Low Captain: Michael Ballack FIFA Ranking: 6 Group D Background: Third when they hosted the tournament in 2006, Germany enter the 2010 World Cup as one of the favourites in their seventeenth World Cup appearance, only having missed out in 1930 and 1950. However, in...
  20. manor15


    Slovenia Manager: Matjaz Kek Captain: Robert Koren FIFA Ranking: 23 Group C Background: Slovenia's only previous World Cup campaign, in 2002, turned into shambles after their opening game saw them defeated by Spain 3-1, resulting in star player, Zlatko Zahovic, and then manager, Srecko...