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  1. manor15

    Checkatrade Trophy 2017/18

    Clubs have held talks regarding potential improvements for next season, mostly regarding the number of first choice players who will have to play to avoid a fine, prize money and fixture dates and regionalisation. More here...
  2. londonblue

    Telephone Sockets

    We're currently having a lot of work done on our house. One of the jobs was to remove all the old telephone sockets and wiring, and install a new telephone socket in the lounge. The guy who did it has done a really good job. We now only have one cable from the junction box inside the house...
  3. French start fining muslim women for wearing burkinis

    So so grim. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/24/french-police-make-woman-remove-burkini-on-nice-beach
  4. Smiffy

    CPO to be removed on RH site

  5. Streaky

    Help for Hullbridge

    Afternoon SZ'ers If you get 2 minutes can you please vote to help Riverside Primary School receive £25,000 to repair, refurbish and reinvent the school swimming pool. By fixing the swimming pool we would be able to offer swimming lessons to all of the children at the primary school as well as...
  6. superblue24

    Ashes thread

    Can anyone remove the sad face I put on the above mentioned thread please? I opened it whilst Moores was still in charge and we were looking at receiving a hiding....thanks
  7. Pubey's DIY thread #23151

    So I'm planning to take a week off work in August to paint our house. Picked out a nice colour (Dulux Weathershield Sandstone) which is a standard waterbased masonry paint. At the back we've got a mixture of cast-iron downpipes, a PVC soil pipe and some other guttering down pipes. The previous...
  8. 2014-2015 Last Player Standing

    The rules: 1. Add one point (to only 1 player) and remove one point (to only 1 player) 2. You must give a reason 3. You can only play once a day 4. You must copy and paste properly and correct mistakes 5. Avoid being repetitive (using the same reasons and voting the same way) - spread the...
  9. Stoppage time goals

    Ok so last night Wycombe score a winner in the 102nd minute. Tonight Burton get an equaliser in the 98th minute. Now the cynic in me demands an enquiry into the obvious bias towards the top 3 sides in making sure the game goes on until they get some sort of result. I mean Burton even missed a...
  10. The Falklands.

    Things could start hotting up out there. The Falklands or Malvinas as the Argies call them, 310 miles from Argentina, is under increased threat again after oil and gas was found through drilling. The thing is, the last time the Argies moved on the Falklands we were a much bigger in military...
  11. Removing a fridge

    All, I need to remove a fridge from a very narrow gap - in fact the old fridge was "kicked" into place as the dumbass plasterer boarded the wall when I told him not to. There is literally NO space between wall and fridge. Now I've been told I can't chop it in half with a chainsaw - has anyone...
  12. South Bank Hank

    The Talented Mr. Miliband

    ...is leaving British politics to take up his 'dream job'. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/mar/26/david-miliband-step-down-mp One friend said: "We are facing an election that Labour can win. We need to remove anything that can get in the way of that." While the departure of a Miliband...
  13. I've Been Moderated by the BBC

    I read on the BBC News site about the Egyptian fans given the death sentence and I posted a comment along the lines of "It could have been worse --- instead of the death penalty they could have been given season tickets for Col Ewe". The BBC forum moderators felt that was offensive and deleted...
  14. fbm

    Funniest internet thread ever

    This must be in serious contention http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/t4ss8/pick_a_movie_remove_one_letter_give_a_brief/ Let's have some more... I'll go with It's a Wonderful Lie - A collection of whoppers that have bought incredible happiness to the people who told them.
  15. steveo

    Getting on my pips.

    So if the clinic that fitted/installed them wont remove them, the NHS will, which means because some woman wanted bigger tits weve all got to pay for her to get rid of them. ****ing ridiculous.
  16. DTS

    DtS cooking corner (Coddled Pork)

    Ladies and Gentlemen Tonight Mrs DtS is in for a treat. As she has been out all day I am doing dinner. Now being the busy IFA that I am I cant be spending hours cooking so I am doing an easy dish. As I know as least two people have tried DtS Cooking Corner reciepes in the past I thought I might...
  17. Roller Blinds

    Ok, need some domestic help from all you pros! Need to quickly replace a roller blind in our spare room. I'm happy to go and buy and trim a new rollerblind from Ikea but that involves a trek to Leeds and probably buying a new drill to put the new fixings up. The actual problem with the blind is...
  18. Keeping momentum going against Crawley

    Will PS Field a strong team against Crawley tomorrow to keep momentum going ? Last week he arranged a game(behind close doors) with Dag & Red to help blow away the cobwebs, so anyone think he might use this game to attempt to psychologically remove the mental damage of our 3-0 loss against...
  19. undercovershrimper

    Breaking News HMRC Remove Petition

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2415137,00.html Phew!
  20. Shrimper

    Dale farm evictions "may breach human rights"

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-14431494 What a load of claptrap. They're there illegally, so remove them. Human rights seem to be involved in everything these.