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  1. Byron Burger VS Bleeding Heart Liberals

    For those who aren't aware... A food chain called Byron Burger, have been facing the wrath of wet lettuces over the last few days, culminating in a big protest against them, which is happening as we speak, at their Holborn branch, which has forced the shop to shut. Over the weekend, an...
  2. RHB

    Muhammad Ali: Boxing legend dies aged 74

    Absolutely tragic news, but no real surprise as Parkinson's Disease was bound to complicate any illnesses he got eventually. A legend for me and he will be truly missed. Rest in peace Muhammad. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-16011175
  3. Woofers wanted.

    A woofer is a person thats works for feck all for five hours a day but gets three meals a day and accommodation free and gets the chance to try out another country whilst helping the host make a fortune from slave labour. Would be good for a ny youngster studying FRench or for any youngster...
  4. Where are the Phil lovers then ?

    Very silent so far tonight, You know the one's who tell us everything is rosy and we played great but were unlucky time and time again. Where are they?,cmon Westy and Riggers and the rest,tell us what went wrong tonight,I stayed home by the way! Time for a change ,sorry Phil enough is...
  5. Big Bad Barry Corr

    Rest in Peace Alan Liles

    Not sure if the news has already been posted on here already but I learned today of the passing of longtime Shrimper Alan Liles, who I am sure many on here will know. Alan loved Southend and was 100% committed to the club having been a season ticket holder for many years and barely missing an...
  6. England 1-2 Netherlands

    Well... that me start the thread by commenting on the horrid state of our home kit :thumbdown: From a distance, it looks like England are playing in the dutch away kit (as the red socks, look as if they have an orange tint to it) & we should be playing in the all blue. Anyway.... thats hope...
  7. Are we the biggest underachievers in world Football.

    With the play-offs now gone (almost) and lots of unrealistic posts on which players or managers we should looking to sign. I was reminded of a conversation I had with a fellow shrimper last week. I'm not a stats man but roughly we have been around for 110 years and spent all but 7 seasons in...
  8. RHB

    A pub and restaurant at Garon Park?

    The Echo is carrying an article today revealing that a brewery chain is in Advanced talks with Southend Council to build a new pub and restaurant on the site which is currently used for overflow parking for Kids Kingdom. The location is a bit intriguing, especially as the old Rusty Bucket gave...
  9. Itunes

    My Itunes has done something odd - all artists that start with "The" (Jam/Beatles etc) have become jumbled up seemingly randomly amongst the rest of the music. Annoying when I want to find a particular "The" band (such as The Band). It's ported the issue onto my Ipod too. Any idea how to put...
  10. I don't think he had much choice! ;

    A MAN has pleaded guilty to affray and entering the pitch during the Essex derby at Roots Hall, earlier this month. Mark Coshever, 39, of Eaton Place, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, pleaded guilty to the charges at Southend Magistrates Court this morning. He admitted leaving the stand and...
  11. Massimo Giovanni

    Could Leicester City "do" the unbelievable?

    I have seen first half today's game and LCFC are 1 up at Manc C. Could they win the Prem? Would every neutral, non big shot club fan be happy? Would it be the biggest every achievment in English Football history? I don't watch premshite footie as the ethos of the "clubs" is a sour thing BUT...
  12. londonblue

    Things You've Broken at Home and Got Away With

    Years ago, when I was still at school I had an 18th birthday party in my parents' house. My parents were very sensible and booked into a hotel for the night. That was partly to do with noise, and partly to do with the fact that about 20-30 people stayed over because they had travelled long...
  13. Cov fan here

    Afternoon all, Yesterday was one of the few games i have missed this season but i did listen to it on the radio. Got to congratulate you on a fantastic victory yesterday, from our side it was unexpected to get beat so emphaticly. We were missing Murphy,Armstrong and Fleck 3 of the first names...
  14. Shrimperstrust

    Event Race Night - Saturday 5th March 2015 - In Aid of Alzheimer's Research and the Trust

    The Trust will be holding a Race Night on Saturday 5th March 2016 in the Shrimpers Bar, Roots Hall, first Race at 7.30 pm. With 8 Horse/Dog Races and novelty race if times allow, this is a great event for all the family, with Cash Prizes for each race plus chances to win Bottles of Wine...
  15. Shrimpergarry

    Pre-Match Thread Southend v Millwall

    After the euphoria of yesterday, it's easy to forget we have another big game tomorrow. There's bound to be some tired legs so will Phil make some changes? My guess is the side will line up as follows: Bentley White Thompson Barrett Coker Worrall Leonard Atkinson McLaughlin Mooney Pigott...
  16. RHB

    Anyone seen where the spirit of Christmas went?

    I don't know whether it's the mild weather, the economic situation or what, but this year's build up to Christmas has been remarkably low key for us so far this year. We've been out to pubs and restaurants that would normally be heaving by now and they're not, shops and high streets are full of...
  17. Southminster_Shrimper

    Parking For ColEwe

    Not been to Colewe before (well apart from the Zoo) so having read that no parking restrictions are put out quite late for side roads, is there plenty of industrial estate parking usually available for a fee?
  18. OldBlueLady

    Junior Blues Christmas Party 2015

    We had another very successful Christmas Party yesterday evening at the Kursaal Bowl for what ended up being 51 very excitable Junior Blues. As it had been a rest day for the team, we were very grateful to those who came along - Phil Brown, who played Santa in dishing out the children's...
  19. OldBlueLady

    Monday's Club Shop Player Appearances

    Danny's asked me to post this on here: Owing to the large uptake for tomorrow’s Junior Blues Xmas party the U21's players will now be in the shop tomorrow between 5-6pm. The Shop and Blues Box Office will be open until 7pm tomorrow to purchase your Christmas gifts & tickets. PLUS we’ll have non...
  20. Shrimpers are Magic

    Some Happy News

    One of the murderers of Lee Rigby lost two teeth whilst being "restrained" by prison officers. Hopefully someone will cut off his thumbs next. Who's says prisons are too soft? Lets hope the murdering scum is in lots of pain and in constant fear for his safety.