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  1. Slipperduke

    Luiz Felipe Scolari

    Every managerial appointment at every football club in the world carries a certain amount of risk, but the decision to bring in Luiz Felipe Scolari as the new manager of Chelsea is like pouring petrol over a smouldering barbeque. On the face of it, it's a great way to get the fire burning again...
  2. CC51DAS

    Average age of next season's team - and realistic expectations

    I have a feeling that we will be going into next year with a very young squad and Tilly will be gradually blooding a number of Ricky Duncan's excellent youth's into the first team . Johnny Herd , Peggy Lokando , James Lindie and Rhys Henry are just 4 out of probably 8 or 9 who deserve to get...
  3. Bob Cratchitt

    Is this taking the name of the Wii too far?

    An interesting invention but will it make an appearance at a Festival near you??? Clicky here!!
  4. IloveShrimp

    Will Tilson Quit?

    I dunno but I've got this feeling that Tilly might call it a day and move on to pastures new having acheived all he can at the Shrimpers. How many times can a manager be expected to constantly have to rebuild a team from one season to the next? I think he has done wonders with the resources...
  5. Southend_Lady

    Why complain

    I dont understand some of our fans, it seems that unless we are hammering teams 5-0 every week, they sit and wallow in depression and moan about everything from Ron Martin to the length of the grass at Roots Hall. Last night, we showed that we can accept defeat gracefully. We werent ready to...
  6. Is this Tilson's best season as a manager?

    A strange topic you may ask considering we won League One and the play offs under his reign but we were helped by having a certain Freddy Eastwood. Having a striker like that could have turned any number of average teams into promotion candidates. This season there has been no Eastwood and he...
  7. Computer Monitor Screen Cleaner

    My monitor is absolutely filthy, can anybody recommend any decent cleaning products? Is this one any good? http://cache.valleywag.com/assets/resources/screenclean.swf :rolleyes:
  8. Southend Airport for sale

    By Tracy Alloway Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) -- London Southend airport, 40 miles east of the U.K. capital, has been put up for sale by Regional Airports Ltd., which says the airfield has the potential to be a major terminal for the southeast of England. The Hook, England-based airport...
  9. DTS

    Is there any shame in having a Thai Bride?

    I have not really had much experience of Thai Brides myself but in the past two days I have become aware of them more and more. First off had a customer come in yesterday looking for a remortgage. Seemed a bit weird on the phone and as always when I asked for his partners name he said "I will...
  10. Inspired by the legend that is Keith Dublin

    With our current lack of striking resources, I am reminded of the season when Dubbers had a stint up front and bagged the odd goal. Couldn't Barrett fill in as an emergency striker with Richards deputising at the back? He has a nose for goal, would win his share of headers and wouldn't put us in...
  11. Swansea - the Shrimper truth

    Are Southend the most easterly club and Swansea the most westerly ? Anyway Tilson is talking up the fixture it looks like it might be worth the hassle - and personally I leave home thinking we can nick the points - no problem. Major worry was Macca as he was obviously feeling an injury...
  12. Whats Going On????????

    Whats going on here on SZ Lets just remember that we are all blues fans, so we should support the lads. It aint Harrolds fault he is bad, he gives his sweat to the cause but sadly he just aint good enough, thats it. Maybe its Tillys fault for picking him, maybe its Rons fault for not...
  13. Tommy2holes

    Certain players whats the point?

    I have been thinking about the Mcdonald situation aswell as Foran Zoltan and more worryingly Gilbert and Francis We have players at the club that for some reason or another are not getting games and in my honest opinion are far superior to what we have playing and yet with Tilly's inability to...
  14. Where will you sit...

    Ok tempting fate a bit but 'IF' it gets the go ahead where would you want to sit in the new ground.. If we say the Big stand is the West.. and the away fans are in the North East corner.. http://www.southend.gov.uk/resources/clublevel3plan.pdf
  15. CC51DAS

    Congratulations to Tilly et al

    Still buzzing after watching a scintillating match at Ipswich last night .Great skill , commitment and some great goals from both teams Congratulations are due to Tilly Brushy Deano and his team for producing a Southend United RESERVE side that can play such quality passing football , on...
  16. Reading Shrimper

    Council's Rule 6 Statement

    Apologies if this has been posted before (to my knowledge it hasn't) but Southend-on-sea Borough Council published the Rule 6 statement setting out their reasons for approving the Stadium application, that will be presented to the public enquiry. The statement is an interesting read and...
  17. CC51DAS

    The coming season - a true test of Tilly and Brush ??

    I think its fair to say that T+B were great motivators and had great team spirit when we were over-acheiving (and Fredi was banging in the goals ) on our way up , and not so good at holding it all together when the wheels started to fall off once we realised we'd risen too high too soon . But...
  18. pickledseal

    Project in Ethiopia – UPDATE – 3rd July

    Project in Ethiopia – UPDATE – 3rd July Dear All, Firstly, a HUGE thank you to all those who have been so supportive of my work this summer. It has been quite overwhelming when strangers have showed great acts of kindness. My family and friends, who I always knew I could rely on, have been...
  19. Back from Holiday!

    Just had a ten hour delay back from malaga, cheers for that! shocking stuff!! all these terrorists, just think we should all be proud that we always come back fighting... i had my water bottle and hair gel taken off me by the spanish police, after a bag check, all very tight knit, what is...
  20. DTS

    My work related dilema.

    Right, Times are tough as a mortgage broker at the moment. The Bank of England have done all he can to make buying a less and less attractive proposition. As a result we are having to all the networking and calling on our resources we can to get us through a quiet period. As a result I am...