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  1. Kris

    The SCP diaries

    I can’t believe it’s been over a month already! I apologise for not writing sooner but I’ve been incredibly busy signing autographs, responding to fan mail and walking on water. Only joking, no-one sends fan mail these days do they? In all seriousness, it’s been a good...
  2. fbm

    Fly on the wall in "the meeting"... allegedly...

    RM - Ok, who's first. Anton. How are things and how do you feel about Philip? AF - Not bad. However, I keep having problems with my legs. People keep telling me that at some point you'll realise that your legs are gone, but every time I look down they're still there. I can't understand what the...
  3. Fake Watches on Ebay.

    It's incredible the amount of fake brand name watches on Ebay. For example if you type in 'Men's Tissot Watch' You will get loads come up, with a high percentage fake. The trouble is that the fakers fake the presentation box, the guarantee, the instructions and they even do a receipt. It's only...
  4. RHB

    10th annual Dave's Joke of the Edinburgh Fringe competition

    The full list of shortlisted jokes: I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change. Ken Cheng (Winner) Trump’s nothing like Hitler. There’s no way he could write a book. Frankie Boyle I’ve given up asking rhetorical questions. What’s the...
  5. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Realism - Our Current Squad

    Just wanted to gauge people's thoughts at the current time as to the state of our squad. We can no longer use the its ages until the start of the season excuse, or there is no point in signing the rubbish players that get signed early, look at Port Vale excuse. I think we may be in exactly the...
  6. Fly tippers

    Crazy crazy from councils ! I know a guy who did rubbish clearance by the book,he was forced to obtain a waste license costing £150 plus,then councils ordered every council tip to stop the legal abiding clearers from using the tip.He then began to use waste stations whose fees are mentally...
  7. State of Refereeing

    As a younger fan of Southend and seeing League 1 and League 2 football practically all my life, I've always known the refereeing to be a rubbish. Just wondering, to older Blues fans, have referees always been this bad? Or is it just we are noticing their obvious mistakes now?
  8. The media.

    Be honest, Most of us only know stuff from the media...social,TV or tabloids. How can anyone know what we are being fed is actually true?..take Murdoch if he wants to tell the world his version of events then his outlets will tell us what he thinks..sadly many believe the stories hook line and...
  9. londonblue

    BBC's Southend United Page

    Has anyone looked at the Southend United Page on the BBC website lately? If not, here it is: BBC Southend United What do you notice? Not a lot I grant you, but there is a section entitled "Features and Anlaysis". In that section there are two articles. The first one is entitled "Scrum caps...
  10. fbm

    Justice for the 185

    All those 185 supporters who paid to watch that rubbish at Stevenage should have a free ticket for the next round. Let's get a movement up. #justsaying
  11. Napster

    Maidstone v Macclesfield

    Maidstone v Macclesfield Went to this game on Saturday with one of my staff. Nice stadium, good clubhouse, decent support. Three ex-shrimpers in the squads: Macclesfield: Jack Sampson - well he's found his level. Won every header, got stuck in, but rubbish on the ground, can't control the ball...
  12. RHB

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Northampton Town 4 - 0 Southend United.

    Rubbish result. Will be worth hearing the views of those that went. In the meanwhile..............I hope your evening is going to be better than our afternoon. Not a lot else to say really.
  13. Farron

    Timmy spouting rubbish again,he wants to help every waif and stray,he demands another vote on Brexit. Yet Timmy is against same sex marriage !! Politicians don't you just love them,tut tut Timothy.
  14. Should British Police be armed.

    With news that German police have shot dead an axe wielding Afghani, who attacked people on a train, coming so quickly after the murders in Nice. Is it time we had more armed police in Britain. By all accounts had the lorry in Nice managed to continue a bit further down the road he would have...
  15. Phil's ban due to waiting for fixture frustration!

    i think I've heard it all now. In yesterday's BBC Essex Sport interview re signings and his touch line ban, Phil said the ban was due to a lot of frustration, including "waiting for the fixtures to come out"! We could all be banned then. He really does talk some rubbish at times.
  16. OldBlueLady

    Question Eurovision

    What a load of rubbish that was last night. An instantly forgettable winner, however political a subject it may have been. The inclusion of Australia was farcical. An excellent production by the Swedish, as reasonable a song from us as we've had for many a year and a real change to the voting...
  17. OldBlueLady

    Memory Lane RIP The Bradford 56

    31 years ago today, remember it so clearly and thinking then, there but for the grace of God. The stand was so similar in many ways to our East Stand, which was where I used to watch Southend from back then. There was rubbish underneath in exactly the same way and people smoked back then...
  18. Calvin Candie

    Why are we so rubbish with contracts ?

    Its becoming a ever present year after year that we let 2-3 key players leave on a free. Its just becoming frustrating. If you look at the set up they have at Peterborough that nurture there young quality players and then sell them on for a hefty transfer fee. Which results in reinvestment back...
  19. Supershrimper

    Constant Brown Bashing

    Constant Brown Criticism Phil seems to taking a lot of criticism from a small few in the East for his tactics etc. I noticed this even more yesterday. Tyrone Barnett had just had his penalty saved and it started. Shouts of "this is your fault Brown", "Your useless Brown" etc. Now I might have...
  20. Chalky

    Promotion money!

    Just found out that if we do go up, it will be worth around £6m. So hopefully that will put an end to all the "oh, don't want to go up straight away, as we are not ready yet" <--- Yeah, all that rubbish. So get behind the boys! And what will be..will be.. COYB