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  1. fbm

    Worst Ever SUFC XI - Goalkeeper

    Haven't done this for a while and I'm not sure if ever in this format, so here goes by way of a slight change to recent postings! I'm going to start various polls, one for each position in a 4-4-2 formation to see if we can arrive at a definitive "Worst Ever XI". I'm not sure we can count...
  2. Inspiration from Hollywood films ;

    Having read the following today ; "Peterborough boss Graham Westley said his players need to take inspiration from the film The Revenant following their 1-0 home defeat by Burton. In the Oscar-nominated film, actor Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, who has to fight for survival after being...
  3. Shrimpers are Magic

    Players everyone else seems to think are brilliant but you think are rubbish

    Southend players of course. Mine was Keith Jones, totally over hyped IMO. I remember going to Wolves away midweek where he did next to nothing but the fans were wetting themselves everytime he went near the ball - I just couldn't understand why. I wasn't a big fan of Benji either but he wrote...
  4. The World Cups to come

    FIFA wants 40 teams....96 matches - just so some of the rubbish nations can get tanked 9-0 by Latvia. Enough already! However, I bet Scotland still won't make it.
  5. Shooting Practice Today.

    I was passing by Boots & Laces today and couldn't resist popping in to watch the end of training. All I caught was the very start till finish of shooting practice. G Coughlan must have seen my thread a while back where I said shooting practice was basically rubbish, with hardly any routines...
  6. Living wage

    Some big company's are stating paying their employees the LIVING WAGE will affect them badly and they will have to put up their prices etc. All I can say they are (must not swear) rubbish company's. I rem we had the same ref minimum wage rules.
  7. RobM

    Dash cam

    Mornin' all, looking to buy a dash cam. No idea what to look for, prices seem to go from £15 to hundreds! I'd like one with motion detector as well, as a sort of CCTV (somebody keeps chucking rubbish in my garden!) Any recommendations welcome (Apart from 'get a bigger fence'!).
  8. Bkdside

    New Kits **ENTER AT YOUR PERIL**

    When are they coming!!!? No point signing players if we do not have a new kit.
  9. Ireland v England!!!

    How was it for you!!!Another poor England game,even Roy looked gormless(again),after the game..I love England,but its getting harder,to get up to watch this rubbish..its what the Germans call "kötzen fussball",football to make you sick. The bloke on the tv saw/said Ray Lewington,barking his...
  10. BOT 90 albums: Modern Life is Rubbish - Blur v What's the Story Morning Glory - Oasis

    Last tie of R1 Fatshrimp v Kingshrimper
  11. The Eternal Optimist

    Have you sampled the Roots Hall hospitality experience? Gggggrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    Has the person answering the phone in ticketing got a very bad stammer? I've been number four in the queue for 10 minutes. Somebody tell me they have someone answering otherwise my brain will loop on that rubbish commercial message. Somebody offer me a lifeline please!
  12. None of the above !

    They are all rubbish ! We are fed a diet of lies and bull in order the little piggies can feed their porky little faces.Common sense has long gone out of the window yet we have the likes of Russel Brand urging people vote,crazy indeed. Every party plays on people's own...
  13. * ORM *

    OK - Morecambe Saturday. Time for the 'Wise' cracks !

    I realise this may rule out the younger contingent (or smoke bomb sillies) but here's one to get us started. We got all the right points, but not necessarily in the right order!! One that we don't want to hear. What do you think of it so far ? (Rubbish)
  14. DoDTS


    The Prediction League Cup Final - Saturday 25th April 2015 will be davewebbsbrain..v....chapperzUK.. Roots Hall will be especially tense today, forget all this automatic/play-off rubbish it is also the Prediction League Cup final with first division davewebbsbrain, currently second in the...
  15. Dog poo

    Down my road it's gone crazy this last year. It seems that only about half of dog walkers pick it up. The young guys are the worst that walk their dogs to the shops. They don't even carry a poo bag for when I pull them up on it.
  16. steveo

    Break the silence2; Three UK schoolgirls 'travelling to Syria'

    Who cares? They obviously got the money for the flights, why the fuss. Let them get on with it and lets not waste Police resources trying to stop them. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  17. TrueBlue

    Kick it out diversity thingy

    Latest thing coming via the clubs website is this kick it out thing, now I am all for not having racism etc.... BUT why when articals below are shoved down our throat for me this is just more PC diversity rubbish that creates more barriers then it solves We are a tolerant country one of the...
  18. GIBBO

    Nike Teamwear Range 2015

    Lasdies and gentleman its that time of year again, I give you our kit options for next season http://sport-direct-helsingor.dk/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Nike-Team-DK-2015-2016.pdf please mock up potential kits. Once again they are rubbish with limited options. please anyone close to the...
  19. Napster

    Battle of the Bonds

    Ok, as requested: a knock-out of the Bond films. I think it's fair to say there's rubbish ones and great ones. And I don't think it's fair that it should be first come first served. So, I'm doing a random draw on all those who want in and you have to fight for your entry. Deal? Who's in? I...
  20. steveo

    Formula E

    First race this week in China. 8 am ITV4. Looking forward to this new format, especially in season 2 when the teams will be able to design their own cars. Not too impressed with this rubbish though: