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  1. Cricko

    Zone Update Personal abuse and turning The Zone into a playground.

    This has to stop chaps and ladies.. The Zone is becoming farcical with all the childish abuse and tit for tat rubbish. We should all be free to debate issues and opinions etc without every thread turning into a pantomime and ruining these forums for the majority. The same few people are...
  2. 'Travellers' antics at Canvey & Southend during the weekend.

    Just read the Echo's story of the above, disgusting. How come these 'people' can leave a site and be allowed to leave behind a mountain of rubbish, and no one gets arrested?. As for what happened in the Bell at Southend, can you imagine a group of locals behaving like that and no one getting...
  3. Match Thread - Season 30

    Week 1 pops were rubbish, Med x 3 for the main team, and Comp (low) / Med / Med for the Franchise. Main team home in the Cup against a team ranked 300 places lower. Happy days, until I realised they have 5 NT's in their side :thumbdown: Franchise at home to a team slightly stronger, but should...
  4. manor15

    Fantasy Football League

    There's finally a Football League fantasy football game at http://www.football-leaguemanager.co.uk It may be rubbish but I'm giving it a go and set up a mini-league for SZ. Go to 'Register to Play', pick your team then use the ‘mini-league admin' option to join the mini-league. The...
  5. DoDTS

    Prediction League News World Cup Prediction League

    Just a little reminder, and I know the World Cup PL isn't everybody's cup of tea, but for those that are interested it is now set up and ready in "CanveyShrimpers Prediction League Forum" link below: http://www.shrimperzone.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?21-canveyshrimper-s-Prediction-League The...
  6. Ok so 'B' teams are out. Feeder clubs are out. What SHOULD we do?

    So the FA have come up with their master plan for improving the quality of the English game and as a result the England side. And predictably their suggestions have found themselves the victim of an almighty backlash...
  7. enfieldblue

    now here's a funny thing

    just something I thought you should know. just had the halogen lights in the kitchen replaced with leds. Now every time I switch the lights on the DAB radio goes silent. Volume comes back when you switch the lights off. Or if the radio's a bit further away the reception is rubbish - sounds like...
  8. londonblue

    According to Football365...

    ...we've only scored 1 penalty all season (against Oxford). I don't remember us missing any, so have we only been awarded 1 all season? Or is my memory rubbish?
  9. danburyshrimper

    Waste of pace

    I popped along to Braintree v Lincoln last night in the Conference ( crazy to think they are only 1 league below us ) It was a really entertaining match , both team playing excellent football + was a breath of fresh air after Saturdays painfully frustrating game at Roots Hall. The biggest...
  10. Shrimper2thecore

    Perspective and Reality

    Ok, I might get shot down for this, and fair enough as we are all entitled to our opinions, but some of the negativity and comments on here in recents week has driven me up the wall. Firstly, there are 10 games to go and we are in 7th place. I think the majority of us would have taken that at...
  11. * ORM *

    Stand and Deliver Mr Brown

    Don't want to hear any rubbish about injuries, tired players blah, blah, blah. You've arguably had access to a better playing pool than your predecessors over last 3-4 seasons. Every club has a poor run of form, fair enough. Time to prove you 'pedigree'
  12. The General

    HELP needed for a Caption Competition ... Im rubbish at these sort of things!

    http://www.thehendonmob.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=48113 Please help! If you help and i win the seat into the Comp; then you will get 10% of any winnings i make in the tournament! Cheers x
  13. DoDTS

    Prediction League News New session starts tuesday

    New session starts Tuesday Next Tuesday (Northampton Away) see the start of a new session of the Prediction League why not have a go? All you have to do is predict the score for six selected matches, mark one as a wildcard (which scores double points) and select who you think who will score...
  14. Rattus Norvegicus

    Question Favourite 3 moments so far this season

    With things going quite well so far this season (15 seconds away from being top of the table), I wonder what have been your favourite moments so far? Here's mine for starters .......... (in no particular order) Fred's last minute goal against Burton Prosser's last minute goal against York...
  15. shrimperhosk

    Straker Jeers to Cheers...

    Hi All Just wondering with Strakers recent fine form how much of that is down to the fans backing? when we first starting signing for Straker i felt it was a P take as he was playing rubbish and was yet to impress but slowly but surely has improved and i just wonder how much "Self Belief" was...
  16. Wife trouble

    Living in West London getting across to Roots Hall after work last Friday and then again last night proved to be a logistical nightmare. However my son and I enjoyed both games, so as far as we were concerned it was worth the effort. However I get home from work at about 7.30pm tonight to be...
  17. News of the week

    So, where do I begin? We are to ground share with the Daggers and that titbit comes from a reliable source or at least a bloke on the sauce. Barry Corr wants to mark his hundredth Blues game with a goal and that's breaking news? Probably more newsy if he said he didn't want to score a goal...
  18. A moan

    I have to say that as a recent regular supporter and female to boot, I wonder why I bother, the football is continues to be poor, the ground is rubbish and the final straw is hearing the abuse being hurled at our own players who you may think might not be that motivated seeing that their pay...
  19. Jam_Man

    Football clubs for 6 year olds - Southend area

    My lad and his friend are 6 and have shown interest in trying a football club/soccer school. My son has never played any football and will no doubt be rubbish at first, but Id like him to at least have ago. Anyone know of any decent soccer schools that are friendly to 6 year olds just starting...
  20. C C Csiders

    Rubbish nights out

    Yesterday evening I went to a German-themed Hot Tub/BBQ party. The evening started with all the guests having to get in a Hot Tub. Unfortunately, the thing had a malfunction and rather than a Hot Tub it was a distinctly lukewarm tub. Meanwhile the host was seemingly busy on the BBQ, and it being...