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  1. Napster

    Karate Kid news

  2. Napster

    Top ten Wes Craven

    That I've seen at least 1 ) The Last House on the Left - a great remake of a Strindberg film, this is two halves: the first half, gruesome at it seems, is only a set-up for the revenge in the finale. 2) A Nightmare on Elm Street - a perfect 80s slasher but it was much deeper symbolically and...
  3. londonblue

    Go Set a Watchman

    The "sequel" to To Kill A Mockingbird is to be published. BBC One I will certainly read, and hope for the best.
  4. Andy Ansah

    I spoke to former Shrimper Andy Ansah about his involvement in the new Mike Bassett film, due to hit the big screens in 2016. Here's what he had to say..... http://www.realfootytalk.com/2014/10/20/andy-ansah-bassett-sequel/
  5. Breaking News Who's Leaving? II The Sequel

    Companies House Update TM01 11/04/2012 APPOINTMENT TERMINATED, DIRECTOR STEWART TILL Another one bites the dust!
  6. Napster

    Superbowl commercials

    I didnt watch the Bowl. But I love the ads: millions of dollars just to get screened Apparently the most talked about was the Beckham ad, but my favourite was the Clint one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PE5V4Uzobc Although the VW star wars sequel was also excellent, as was the Ferris...
  7. TrueBlue

    Aliens 2

    Got to say this is on channel 4 right now epic film also need to add that I can't really think of another film where the sequel is better then first!!! They only come out at night.... Mostly!! ITS GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER!!!
  8. seany t

    Tron Legacy

    As a kid, I remember this weird video 'Tron' in the corner of the local rental store. I watched it, didn't really get it or like it as a ten year old, and that was that. Except that it wasn't it. For some unknown reason, I found myself repeatedly hiring it out, over and over. Then I found...
  9. The Dark Knight Returns

    Despite the fact that it is two years away, i'm really looking forward to the sequel to The Dark Knight, which is rumoured to be called "The Dark Knight Returns" So far the idea is Batman will come up against The Riddler who is rumoured to be played by Johnny Depp. But other rumours are certain...
  10. Films they should have made a sequel to...

    I watched 'Cloverfield' again the other day. Spectacular bit of film IMO. The sequel is in the pipeline and i'm proper looking forward to it. This made me start thinking about films that should have had a sequel. Obviously everyone knows the dangers of ruining the franchise with a sequel, but...
  11. TBV_Dan

    Zone Update First "Revelling it in" of the new season!

    Yes, Revell's fantastic blog is back for another season! Here it is..... Revelling In It This week starring: Adam ‘sat nav’ Barrett Lee ‘the doctors friend’ Barnard Clark ‘you know Revs, you don’t half scrub up’ Masters Is it me or has time flown by since the end of last season? I...
  12. Donnie Darko sequel

    That's right, the mind boggling story of tangent universes, and giant weird rabbits and strange things coming out peoples chests and countdowns are back in the sequel 's.Darko' Looks strange http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi762381081/
  13. sufc_tom

    Cod 4: 2

    The sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is out 10th Nov 2009. I think I am going to go mad waiting for that to come out!!:madman::madman::madman:
  14. Slipperduke

    Help required from da kidz

    You might remember that, this time last season, an Irish newspaper commissioned me to write a fictional account of an intercepted SMS conversation between Carlo Ancelotti and Rafa Benitez. The catch was that both managers had to be portrayed as being well versed in the patois of the nation's...
  15. Tangled up in Blue

    BluesWorld Woes(The sequel-A cautionary Tale)

    Coming back to Spain yesterday ,refreshed and suntanned, after a month's holiday in the South of France and Crete, I was of course further uplifted by our recent excellent results against Millwall and Watford. So, in a momentary lapse of reason, I decided to renew my lapsed subscription to Blues...
  16. Napster

    Top 50 film endings

    Thoughts? 50. The Blair Witch Project (1999) - The movie isn't particularly scary... at least until the last two minutes, which take the tension level from 10 to 100 at an exponential pace. The final seconds -- wherein a member of the cast is spotted, back turned and facing a corner, as an...
  17. Leeboy

    Stan Collymore

  18. palexander

    Spaceballs will return!

    Mel Brooks is filming a sequel to the original Spaceballs film (parody of Star Wars)... Brooks himself will again play Yoghurt (Yoda) and it will be out either just before Star Wars III or within a year after. Cool :-) Loved the first film.