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  1. CyrilSneer

    Play off Final Signatures gone

    Apologies if already mentioned and covered, but why have mine, and by the looks of it, other peoples GIFS used in the signatures disappeared.
  2. OVERSEAS AID please sign this + spread on FACEBOOK etc many Thanks

    ear david, How are you? We noticed that there hasn't been any activity on your petition for a little while now, so we wanted to see how you were going. If you need a hand, we're here to help. Have you had a look at the Tips & Guides page (http://action.38degrees.org.uk/tips)? You'll find...
  3. mps expenses please sign this + spread on FACEBOOK etc many Thanks

    Dear david, How are you? We noticed that there hasn't been any activity on your petition for a little while now, so we wanted to see how you were going. If you need a hand, we're here to help. Have you had a look at the Tips & Guides page (http://action.38degrees.org.uk/tips)? You'll find...
  4. Ricey

    Zone Update ShrimperZone Player Sponsorship 15/16 *2 SHARES REMAIN*

    It's coming round to that usual time again where you have the chance to help Shrimperzone sponsor a player and be in with a chance of winning some great prizes. We need donations via either the donate button or the PayPal buttons in Cricko or Mcnasty's signatures. The places are £10 a place...
  5. Gifs of the Goals

    These are in video form, higher quality and fast loading http://imgur.com/a/Edb95 These are in gif form, worse quality and larger, but you can use them in signatures and stuff. http://i.imgur.com/E8N3kUS.gif <--- Leonard's Goal http://i.imgur.com/XR3rVYT.gif <--- McLaughlin's Goal...
  6. manor15

    Latest Rumours Brown has agreed new 3 year deal

    From a trusted source, deal not signed yet but both sides have agreed a new three year deal and just waiting for signatures.
  7. Save Grassroots Petition

    Good afternoon. Some of you may have seen the @savegrassroots account on Twitter to force the Premier League, through broadcasting fees, to properly back grassroots football. Costs of everything are going up every year and local governments can no longer fund it. 100,000 people hung up their...
  8. Against League 3 Protest at Burton

    This email came from the 'Against League 3' campaign. Let's get ourselves heard in particular in the 3rd and 33rd minute. Let's also make sure the banner is there so it can get on Sky.Hi guys, First of all I cannot thank you enough for all of your support since this petition was created just 3...
  9. Petition on Huntington's Disease - Bit Long-Winded but Please Read

    As some of you will already know, my wife suffers from Huntington's Disease. This is an inherited genetic condition with symptoms generally appearing in early middle age, though a proportion of sufferers get Juvenile Huntington's. It is one of the worst genetic conditions to get, and has been...
  10. OldBlueLady

    Selling for Charity - framed, signed Southend Utd 2001/2 Rebus shirt

    Some of you may recall me asking for some help with sigs on this a while back. We didn't get them all but notables there include Kevin Maher, Darryl Flahavan, Leon Cort, Damon Searle and Stuart Thurgood. Someone can probably identify more of them! Plaque at the bottom reads "Authentic...
  11. OldBlueLady

    Signed SUFC Away "Rebus" Shirt 2001/2

    Guys, I've been given this shirt to auction on behalf of the Castle Point Car Scheme, who received it via the Papworth Trust from Steve Tilson. The Car Scheme operates to help disabled or disadvantaged people to meet medical appointments in particular, but also to help people who wouldn't be...
  12. mattytheshrimper

    Getting signatures of SUFC players

    I have had a really great picture that I bought literally years ago off the OS of Freddy during the man u game. Been wanting to get it signed for a long long time and saturday may well be my last chance. So I don't want to be a stalker and hang around for hours on end so I was wondering do...
  13. fredheim_holm

    Adverts in sig's

    Just a small debate is what I'm looking for really, gauging peoples views on whether or not posters on here should be allowed to advertise there business in there signature. I see reasons for both for and against this, as I state below: For: It's a public forum, why do we have to patrol what...
  14. Slipperduke

    Transfer Windows Are Rubbish

    I went shopping today. I bought 150 steaks, 200 eggs, enough cornflakes to swim in and enough milk to drown in. I bought half a vineyard of red wine, a circle of cheese as big as a tractor wheel and a box of ice-cream large enough to sink a ship. I also picked up 40 paperback books and a new...
  15. SULFC Boots And Laces Appeal

    Southend United Ladies FC have set up an appeal to be given to Ronald Martin to play and train at Boots & Laces instead of running in mud at Southend Manor FC. Say yes if you agree (need loads of signatures for them to let us)
  16. Spaceman Spiff

    ShrimperZone Donations

    All Following the generous suggestion of a few members of the Zone, we have now set up a PayPal account for those who wish to be able to donate towards the upkeep and continuous improvement of the Zone to be able to do so safely and securely. If you would like to make a donation of any amount...
  17. RobM

    Rumours - I hate them!

    Oh so-and-so is going here We're rumoured to be looking a blah-de-blah So what? i want facts! Signatures! The Truth! Freddy has been seen in Puddletown!! So what? He's making a rival show to Trumpton! The bloke at the cockle stall said so! AARGHH!! RobM. please nurse - the vitamins...
  18. Car Tax Petition

    If you drive a car, please read - Sarah Kennedy was talking about this proposed car tax scheme on Radio 2. Apparently there is only one month left to register your objection to the 'Pay As You Go' road tax. The petition is on the 10 Downing St website but they didn't tell anybody about it...
  19. Flinty

    Shrimpers v Spurs...the Prawn Sandwhich view!!

    Suited an booted and off to the Lane on the 10:45 from Southend Vic having nearly been wiped out by an out of control wrinkly on a mobility scooter. I met up with my fellow guests and hosts and headed to the hospitality suite overlooking the car park for a few beers. Having obtain the...
  20. Xàbia Shrimper

    Southend United - How far have we come? Part 2

    "This football club has lacked direction for a long time," Ron Martin told the Evening Echo's Bernie Friend in mid-September 2000. On the pitch Southend United were struggling at wrong end of the Third Division table, having notched up just one win from their opening seven games of the season...