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  1. Uncle Leo

    Cheating Aussies

    This deserves a thread of its own surely. Now we're not squeaky clean of course - plenty of suspect behaviour by England players over the years - but this is something else. Smith will be sacked in the next day or two, right? And what exactly is a ****ing 'leadership group' anyway?
  2. Rootshallbloke

    Is another Championship moment coming sooner than we thought?

    Since our kamikaze run of three defeats against Millwall, Doncaster and Swindon we have now picked up three wins, and a draw giving us a return of ten points, eight goals for and only one conceded. We also sit in 7th place in the FL1 table equal on points with Millwall and one behind Coventry...
  3. yogi bear up the cagire

    So who is leaving is it Squeaky bum time?

    Chris Phillips ‏@CJPhillips1982 30 min Interesting stuff from Phil Brown. Players could be coming and going in the next few days.

    The Sack Race

    20 managers have been appointed since the season kicked off back in August, of the 72 in situ then only half were in the position in August 2010 but is simply changing the boss whenever things go awry the answer ?? In the most case no, Plymouth are just as much in the doo now as when Carl...
  5. Rattus Norvegicus

    Sepp Blatter asked to resign ........

    Difficult to put into words how much I dislike FIFA -and Blatter is the embodiement of all that FIA represents - the organisation bathes in shed-loads of (our) money, has officials that are openly (as far as I can see) anti-England and our heritage, their systems are open to corruption, a number...
  6. Slipperduke

    West Ham. Not Good.

    WEST HAM ARE DOOMED After the excitement and drama of the weekend, here was the comedown. Manchester City against Manchester United was a tense, gritty battle of attrition. Tottenham against Chelsea was an explosive clash, packed with action. This was like watching a game of chicken between a...

    PL Fixtures Round 45: Monday 5th April

    It's really getting to be squeaky bum time for us, with a huge match at The Gills Gillingham v Southend United 3-0 .. Well i expected relegation after Saturday, today i know it for sure :stunned: :'( Bristol Rovers v MK Dons 1-0 Charlton Athletic v Carlisle United 1-0 Norwich City v Stockport...
  8. Terry Scores...

    Football fans are historically fickle and it doesn’t take an awful lot for them to turn on you, but when a judge is calling your character into question, you know that something just might be wrong… Commendable as it might be to step onto the pitch on the same day your personal life begins to...
  9. Napster

    Terry Alderton

    http://www.sport.co.uk/features/Football/697/Sportcouk_meetsTerry_Alderton_PART_1.aspx Sport.co.uk caught up with goalkeeper-turned-comedian Terry Alderton, whom fellow funny man and comedy genius Eddie Izzard described as "a fantastic comedy mind". In Part 1, Terry recalls his beloved Southend...
  10. Slipperduke

    When Title Races Go Bad

    Two weeks ago, Manchester United were seven points ahead of Liverpool with a game in hand and the title race appeared to be over. Now, with United losing back-to-back league games, the gap has been slashed to just a single point. Can Liverpool maintain their momentum and romp home to an unlikely...
  11. Benfleet A1

    I am honoured

    Tonight is the eve that many will prepare to celebrate the birth of their Christ which is something I wouldn't dream of knocking. But tonight I find out that I might just be a God. For one of my neighbours has tonight become the proud owners of 6 German Shepard puppies and one has been named...
  12. duncan bulgaria

    Weston Pier Fire - Ant and Dec questioned

    According to my source Ant and Dec are being questioned about the suspicious goings on regarding the fire on the pier , personally i can't see it myself as they are pillars of the community and squeaky clean . Who'd of thought it . Surely no one is trying to frame them as I don't know one...
  13. Slipperduke

    "squeaky-bottom time."

    For the first time since 1968, the destination of the title will be decided on the last day between two teams on level points. One slip-up, one mistake, and an entire season's hard work will come crashing down around the ears of one unfortunate manager. Hundreds of millions of people will crowd...
  14. Bielzibubz

    Silent Hill V coming to the 360 and PS3

    Coming in the 4th quarter of this year is what is hotly anticipated to be one of the smash hits of both consoles to date. For anyone that's played the original Silent Hill games on the Xbox and PS2 you'll know what I mean and what to expect. To say they were possibly THE scariest and...
  15. Slipperduke

    Manuel Neuer

    While England’s footballers sulk in their sun-loungers, the rest of the continent will be contesting the 2008 European Championships. Iain Macintosh, who still won’t allow the word ‘McClaren’ to be uttered in his home, runs the rule over some of the potential stars of the summer. This week, it’s...
  16. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke's Mission To Millwall

    With a few edits, this is what the good people of Singapore will be waking up to tomorrow. MtS had a very lucky escape in being cut out of the final edit. 500,000 people could have found out exactly what his idea of a pre-match meal is... As a mere, and very occasional, foot soldier of the...
  17. Update Please...

    Due to BT causing me no end of problems to do what should be a simple task, i've been with basic communications for the last 4 weeks... All i know is that A) we've been performing Ok bar 1 performance, aftermath of which Maher was dropped and B) Ron Martin isn't as squeaky clean as first...
  18. leeblue

    Predictions for borient

    I gonna go for a squeaky one nil for for the blues
  19. Interpol Shrimper

    Claridge's Luton prediction

    BBC Sport The squeaky gambler has us down as a 1-1 draw as "Luton aren't as bad as everybody thinks"
  20. Firestorm

    Lets not get too carried away

    This time last year we had 74 points with 5 to go, our next game up was a friday match against local-ish rivals. We finished the season on 78 points P5 W1 D1 L3 ........... Whilst a similar run in may not cost us automatic promotion this time it would definately make for a few squeaky bottom...