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  1. ENGLAND..Where is all our enthusiasm for the world cup??

    I came over for the England v Nigeria game,expecting the country to be buzzing about the world cup,but nothing!! Wembley crowd was poor again,atmosphere i mean,great attendance...but the feeling was dead. i wanted to get ,mabe a official world cup t-shirt ..maybe with England onit or something...
  2. The Watermill Wino

    Blues on Tour Match Travel TZ Away Travel to Blackburn Rovers Sat 7-4-18

    TZ Travelzone Service to BLACKBURN ROVERS Saturday 7-4-18 k:o 15-00hrs Prices set at £30 per seat. OR! If you have been on more than 5 away trips with TZ this season it's £25 TRAVEL STATUS: SORRY, THIS SERVICE IS NOW FULL. Thanks for your support It's easy T-Ze to book a seat and you...
  3. The Watermill Wino

    Blues on Tour Match Travel TZ away Travel to Plymouth Arglye. 30-3-18

    TZ Travelzone Service to PLYMOUTH ARGYLE Fridayday 30-03-18 k:o 15-00hrs Prices set at £30 per seat. OR! If you have been on more than 5 away trips with TZ this season it's £25 TRAVEL STATUS: Seats AVAILABLE! It's easy T-Ze to book a seat and you can either PM me here on...
  4. Supermarkets

    I'd thought I'd resist as this is so far away from the once legendary DTS Friday polls as you can probably get ....but I guess we've all got old! So, where do you purchase your weekly shop? Used to be Tesco for me (only as its the nearest), but I'm a recent Lidl convert. Genuinely like the...
  5. So Tory Supermarket.com

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ae8_1424865374 I really do not like these people left right or middle,free the barna one.
  6. Supermarket own-brand beer

    Biere de Belgique at ASDA is as good as any other canned lager (apart from the Polish ones) in my opinion. £3.80 for 4x500ml is good value and it has a good belgian style - hints of both stella and leffe, but very sessionable. Any other recommendations for the frugal and discerning home drinker?
  7. OldBlueLady

    Tesco superstore on former B&Q site - a big no-no

    According to the front of Southend's Echo (as shown on FB), plans for a new Tesco in Southend are now not going ahead. Wonder if that might affect Sainsbury's need to get their store built? In all seriousness, I don't think it will, I firmly believe they are in too deep now to pull the plug...
  8. Poker Player Ron still will not show his hand!

    Well card playing Ron even after Southend Council's Developement meeting on 10th April will still not show his hand. And we still do not know his opinion or if he will start building soon! :finger: No club statement, all is quiet. As we know the local authority need £1 million up front...
  9. OldBlueLady

    Selling for Charity - framed, signed Southend Utd 2001/2 Rebus shirt

    Some of you may recall me asking for some help with sigs on this a while back. We didn't get them all but notables there include Kevin Maher, Darryl Flahavan, Leon Cort, Damon Searle and Stuart Thurgood. Someone can probably identify more of them! Plaque at the bottom reads "Authentic...
  10. Cricko

    Roots Hall Proposals

    Plans to bulldoze flats to allow a new supermarket to be built on Southend United's ground are being pushed through. Sainsbury's, which will bankroll the Blue's new stadium at Fossetts Farm in return for developing Roots Hall has submitted proposals for the relocation of St Mary's Court. A...
  11. Firestorm

    Prospects sale goes through

    Todays echo is reporting that the final stumbling block for the RH development has passed as Sainsbury have finally bought the prospects site for 2M There is also a bit more detail about the plans, with the actual stadium area not being part of the supermarket development but housing and flats...
  12. Pak Power

    Latest Rumours Michael Morrison bid rejected

    Looks like we tried to get Michael Morrison on loan til the endo of the season from Cambridge. Quite strange when you think we let Baldwin go out on loan to Exeter. The real reason for the thread is for the supermarket puns, over to you... Link...
  13. Cricko

    Sainsbury's Trucks

    There was a small piece in the Echo yesterday saying that the council are now going to have to look at the supermarket plans again as they only allow for lorries to turn left into RH.This would mean any trucks coming from the arterial would have to navigate the news vic circus fiasco and come...
  14. londonblue

    Tenerife Cost of Living

    I've just come back from 10 days in Tenerife. On the first day my wife and I took a taxi to the supermarket to buy a few bits for lunch. One of the things we bought was 4 5l bottles of water. Each 5l bottle cost 0.79 Euros. How much does the same thing cost here? Also I noticed diesel was about...
  15. Kenny

    Brizzle Rovers - new stadium plans

    Bristol Rovers proposes move from Memorial Stadium the bit that caught my eye the most - "The Memorial Stadium would then be sold to supermarket chain Sainsbury's. Money from the sale would finance the move to the new ground. The supermarket group recently won planning permission to build its...
  16. Breaking News Sainsburys article found in Property Week

    Found this article this morning, might finally be getting some progress on FF. Sainsbury’s has long been a friend of League Two football club Southend United. The supermarket is hoping to take over its stadium at Roots Hall for redevelopment as a store. What could go wrong for the Shrimpers...
  17. southend4ever

    Supermarket Bargains

    Current Bargains.... In your opinion... For me it has to be the hot deli counter at tesco offering 8 chicken bytes for a pound... Not content with that on Wednesday I paid for this deal and received 9 chicken bytes! Result!!
  18. Kent Shrimper

    Breaking News Progress on Buyout of Parade of Shops

    from Standard TALKS over a parade of shops holding up plans for a new Blues stadium are making good progress, a trader said. The future of the parade of eight shops, with seven flats above, on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Fairfax Drive, Southend, has been the sticking point for plans to...
  19. Napster

    Stobart news

    Trucking group Stobart, whose Eddie Stobart lorries are a common site on Britain's motorways, said its business had made a strong start to the year thanks to new multi-million pound contracts with Irn Bru maker AG Barr and Tesco. The haulier, which is recasting itself as a transport group by...
  20. Smiffy

    Breaking News Sainsbury agree £5m loan

    Sainsbury have agreed to loan SUFC (Roots Hall Limited) £5m to allow the club to meet its debts for the next 12 months. This figure is officially capped at £5,071,711 in a signed agreement with the Supermarket giant. This evidence was handed over in court on Monday. The document produced in...