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  1. Mad Cyril

    Favourite comedy scenes

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLzPRyMmOGY Contains swears.
  2. Napster

    NSFW - because of swears

    But a great website with ideas for local drinks http://wherethe****shouldigofordrinks.com/ obviously substitute the **** for the f-word
  3. BaileytheQuitter

    Question Have you tried Marmite/Bovril

    My friend isn't happy with the results of the recent poll, arguing that no one knows/has tried Bovril, giving Marmite an advantage. Now I've tried Bovril and still think Marmite is the only way forward. He swears by Bovril, calling Marmite "too harsh". Select if you have tried.
  4. DTS

    Question Mediums and Psycics.

    Where do you stand? The Mrs is out at the moment with one of my old work mates (a woman I should add) and our respective daughters. Now this girl I used to work with used to go to a medium all the time so she could speak to her dead grandparents and get guidance. She swears by it. One her last...
  5. Aberdeen Shrimper


    I was having the age old debate yesterday with a couple of work colleagues ….to wet shave, dry shave of not bother. I am a white collar worker and have regular meetings with clients and vendors so have to be clean shaved pretty much every day and for me there is nothing that compares...
  6. Slipperduke

    Dear Andorra

    Now, on the off chance that someone from Andorra is holidaying in Singapore and is reading this article, let me make it clear that I have nothing against your country. I've never met an Andorran, which is hardly surprising as I believe there are only about 30 of you in existence, but I'm sure...
  7. The Big Dady

    Zone Update Physio Charged After Southend/Col Ewe Derby

    U's physio gets FA charge 10:08am Wednesday 3rd December 2008 Colchester United physio Tony Flynn has been hit by a Football Association charge of using abusive and/or insulting words. The charge follows Colchester United’s Essex derby at Southend United last month. The FA has...
  8. Joe Kinnear

    Probably the wrong forum but im too hungover to think about it... http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/2008/10/02/audio-joe-kinnear-swears-an-amazing-52-times-in-a-five-minute-rant-at-the-daily-mirror-115875-20767990/
  9. DTS

    My best mans speech.

    Help............. Never done one before and dont want to let my mate down. If you can be arsed to read it below can you give me some feedback. Have I cained him too much? Anything traditional I have missed? Anything that you have heard hundereds of times before? I have tried to avoid...
  10. Magnum PI

    Freddy Eastwood linked again

    I have just had a text from a friend who swears Freddy is signing on loan tomorrow until the end of the season. Apparently he was at the game again tonight (which matches up with the fact he wasnt in the Wolves squad). Wolves dont want him, and Tilson doesnt seem that keen, but Ron wants him...
  11. The Alan McCormack Problem

    The Alan McCormack Problem I think we have all had Alan McCormack long enough to know that he is a serious issue for Southend. I just want to cover the facts to make sure everyone agrees with me and then we'll get on to discussing other things. The GOOD about Alan McCormack - The man is a...
  12. Benji91

    Doing up your tie

    In the gym this morning i noticed an above normal number of blokes doing their ties up in the mirror. Now I find this weird as i can manage to do a tie up perfectly well without the need to look in the mirror, whereas the guy next to me swears he cannot do up his tie without looking in the...
  13. ****

    Can the mods turn down the swear filter thingy.... for example I can't say the shortened version of the name Richard or S****horpe...... These weren't swears last time I checked.....
  14. What price genius?

    Two extremely talented young men that don't conform to the moral standards of newspaper editors are being pilloried in the press this week. This begs the question, are we no longer able to tolerate wayward geniuses in this country anymore? Most bile is being reserved for Pete Doherty, who...