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  1. J

    Remembrance Sunday..

    Today, once again, i had the upmost privelage of being at Westminster, and the cenotaph, for possibly the most important day in the yearly calendar. I was up at 5:30 for the train from Rochford this morning, once i arrived at westminster, the place was already heaving at half 8!! Being In the...
  2. TrueBlue

    Henry Allingham

    I tell you I was watching the service earlier and on comes a clip of Henry Allingham with a tear in his eye talking about the cenotaph. brought a tear to my eye. GOD BLESS YOU SIR! YOU TOUCHED MY HEART! a bit more about this great man... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qdbVgzXoZbA...
  3. Slipperduke

    It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Steve

    This is something a little different, it's for a magazine given to professional footballers. I'd be interested to know what you think. Football, as you'll probably know better than me, is a game of stark contrasts, subject to swift changes that are rarely polite enough to warn of their...
  4. J

    Shrimperzone... The Truth

    Well this is something which should clear things up, due to the fact there seems to be lots of arguements of right or wrong on here. First of all the cliques - Yes they all exist - We have the wives club, where all they do is discuss their next meeting, which jumper to knit, or stick up for...
  5. Slipperduke

    The Gathering Storm

    Imagine the padlocks clinking shut around the Shankly Gates, or the bailiffs moving in at Old Trafford. Imagine half the Premier League collapsing into administration and tumbling down into the lower leagues. According to reports this weekend, it's not as surreal a scenario as you might think...
  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Good Grief - that was so beautiful

    On 'America's Toughest Prisons' on Nat Geo channel just now, a guy in jail earned the right to kiss and hug his daughter for the first time in 11 years by getting a degree. What a soft arse I'm becoming, I think I shed a tear.
  7. Yer Blues

    So, i have just recorded a new demo

    and ill be honest, the tunes are are amazing. i think im one step nearer playing roots hall before they tear her down! if you like your music of the indie flavor please go have a listen @ www.myspace.com/coloursbetween
  8. Desert Shrimper

    Happy Birthday Dave the Shrimper

    Happy birthday mate - nearly 30 and nearly a dad so I suggest you tear one off while you still can :clap:
  9. Supporting Southend

    As a kid growing up I found myself supporting Arsenal. Watching them lift the Cup Winners Cup started this short love affair with a big gun. At this time I had never even heard of Southend United. Even tho my grandad supported them he never spoke of the mighty blues, having supported them...
  10. Another season has gone

    Well what a season it has been. From the low that was the Christmas period to the highs at beatings Leeds and Carlisle, it has been another exciting season. So what are your best memories of this season? Best Moment - Beating Leeds Worst Moment - 4.45pm on New Years Day Funniest Moment -...
  11. Irish_Shrimper

    Proud to be a Shrimper

    The question I put to everyone is, what makes you proud to be a Blues fan? Had gathered a big group of us for the match on Sky Sports last night at the local, and in no time at all the pulsating tie and the hard working Blues had won over and converted the entire pub to Southend supporters...
  12. David Haye

    Did anybody else just watch him completely destroy Macarinelli in roughly 45 seconds? The first round was cagey, but Haye came out of the blocks in the first and tear Enzo apart. Haye becomes the undisputed champion and will now move up to Heavyweight... I'm expecting him to make big waves in a...
  13. My Roots Hall.

    Roots Hall. This is probably a lot harder for me than most on here.Yes I know Canvey and a few others were there or therebouts in those old days when it all began for me. I Guess I was about 9 when I used to visit Priory Park and wondered who these people were kicking footballs about, It took...
  14. OttoTheShrimp

    Lee Barnard Thoughts........

    Just got back from the game and although gutted at the result, I came away with a few positives and one being Barnards introduction in the game mid-way into the second half. What was everyones thoughts.....? IMHO I think considering he's been at the club all of 5mins he seemed to be able to...
  15. Swansea - the Shrimper truth

    Are Southend the most easterly club and Swansea the most westerly ? Anyway Tilson is talking up the fixture it looks like it might be worth the hassle - and personally I leave home thinking we can nick the points - no problem. Major worry was Macca as he was obviously feeling an injury...
  16. Slipperduke

    Vote Mourinho!

    In the wake of the inevitable sacking of Steve McClaren, the English Football Association has promised an urgent review of the national game. They might want to start by looking at the cack-handed, bungling manner in which they last tried to hire a manager and promising to avoid a repeat...
  17. Southminster_Shrimper

    Remembrance Sunday (Armistice Day)

    Unashamedly shed a tear during that 2 mins silence this morning. Gets me everytime. A very moving ceremony. We owe so much to those who gave so much to those they never knew.
  18. TrueBlue

    BBC 1 Now!

    Just watching that bird (Cathrine Jenkins) on BBC 1 singing Jerusalem, superb brought a tear to my eye and a fire in my heart!!! WE SHALL NEVER FORGET!!!!
  19. The Watermill Wino

    Sad news for Sammy the Shrimp

    It's with great sadness and with a slight tear in my eye that I have to inform you that Robin Duncan the guy who started off Sammy the Shrimp has passed away. His years and years of involvement at Southend United with Sammy and hundreds of charity events and openings means we have lost a brave...
  20. All the moaning and the goaning, despair and negativity

    Completely does my head in - we have a strong squad with quality throughout the side and should do well in this division if Orient are anything to go by - We did actually manage to score a goal although its true Matt Harrold didn't acheive much in the second half playing up front on his own -...