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  1. Cheeky mouse

    We have moved in above my wifes restuarant and we seem to have lots of mice so i have put sachets of poison down and grain poison in pipes because they like dark places and i put nine small wooden traps out baited with mellon but one trap has been eaten twice with out setting it off so any...
  2. Pony & Traps causing chaos in the 'Old Town' and Westcliff today.

    Anyone else witness the traffic chaos this afternoon, as about 2 dozen Pony & Traps, (controlled by their owners) ventured into the Old Town, after travelling along Marine Parade in Leigh, and then headed off to Chalkwell/Westcliff?. Did'nt realise they could travel en masse in these numbers on...
  3. Rayleigh Weir

    Question Was this a carefully laid man-trap?

    Had a bit of a strange moment over the Christmas period, that I'm hoping you folks can help me with. The wife had decided that she wanted to watch Sex and the City 2 which I'm sure I don't need to tell you was not really my bag (being neither female or gay). Rather than disappear off to another...
  4. Pound for Pound King Mayweather Reigns Blows Over Molesley

    The American public have never taken to the showboating arrogance of Floyd Mayweather Junior, so much so that they tend to cheer for his opponent... Such was the magnitude of his performance, the watching audience couldn't help but cheer Pretty Boy Floyd resoundingly. In the build-up, much was...
  5. Xavi Takes Centre Stage in Football Spectacle

    When two teams of the highest calibre collide, it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility that they negate each other and the feature becomes something of an anti-climax. Not when Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola are around. No. This was special. Barcelona flew out of the traps as if to...
  6. Pac Man Pummels Clottey, Provokes Mayweather

    Manny Pacquiao sent out a warning shot to Floyd Mayweather Junior by drubbing Joshua Clottey, taking the African apart in twelve long, gruelling rounds. The only reason this fight was scheduled was because of the row over drug testing between Pacquiao and Mayweather, with Mayweather facing...
  7. fbm

    Rons BBC Essex interview

    Very eloquent, answered many, many questions. Accepts that maybe the Revell situation could have been handled slightly better by the club, refuses to put the blame all on GK. There is no financial crisis. All businesses and football clubs struggle with cash flow from time to time and this...
  8. Ron Manager

    Decent Indian in London

    Anyone recommend a decent Indian Restaurant in London? A friend of mine here in Oz is travelling over to England soon and myself and after the other 'Poms' at football here have been telling her how crap the curries are in Oz she has called my bluff and asked where she can get a decent one in...
  9. The ESB Report (Sorry FBM)

    Had to write an 800 word report on the game last night for an assesment, and here it is: DONCASTER held Southend to a goal-less draw at Roots Hall to take a slight advantage in the League One play-off semi final. Rovers, who finished three places and four points ahead of their Essex...
  10. Winkle

    Just the worse Interview!

    It always happens to me..Why.....?f**k nows. Had to be up early today for an interview in Brentwood,so before leaving home I quandered wether or not to have the proverbial dump as Knowing my system I am regular as big ben. Usually after about fifteen to twenty minutes after getting up I get that...
  11. Winkle

    Theres a rat in me garage, what im gonna do!!!

    Being in denial the pass week or so, me and the missus have been hearing the odd russle in the loft a bit of scratching as well, but put it down to birds, but waking up this morning has confirmed my worse fears A RAT!!! Now, being a bit of a custard (of the cowardy cowardy type) when it comes...
  12. speed cmaera spotter thingys

    anyone got one of these things.. road angel and various other brands that u pay an annual subscription to keep em updated.. do they work? do you get 0.0001 of a second notice for the mobile speed traps