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  1. RHB

    Easter Monday and nothing much to do?

    We are blessed with no home game today, so what are you doing instead? Probably the high winds will prevent too much stuff outside this morning, so has your loved one got a list of stuff that needs doing? Wind surfing or para gliding might fit the weather.
  2. Dennis McShane: "Being a Guardian reading liberal leftie made me ignore child abuse"

    Dennis McShane: "Being a Guardian reading liberal leftie made me ignore child abuse" The title of the thread is a quote from the former Rotherham Labour MP Dennis McShane in a BBC interview - what are peoples' views on this?
  3. Weather Watch

    Amber alerts and 80 mph winds apart, is anyone aware how the pitch is holding up? (he asks having already purchased both match and train tickets)....
  4. superblue24

    The Flag Corner

    This week, we can expect a colourful array of dark blue and red at our hosts venue. Note how the dark blue dominates the red in a 3 quarter design. I'm sure our corner takers on the day will not be disappointed with such a feast of designer genius facing them as they are called upon to create...
  5. Vange Shrimper

    So it's not 'Climate Change' to be blamed for our cold winters....

    Seeing as we're talking about weather and atmospheric occurrences at the moment, I then spotted this on the BBC website..... The UK and continental Europe could be gripped by more frequent cold winters in the future as a result of low solar activity, say researchers. They identified a link...
  6. Official Match Thread Yeovil v Southend United

    Should be a nice game with 80 mph winds and rain.I take my hat off to those that have made the trip today.
  7. duncan bulgaria

    Why do women do this ??

    The women in my office and many other women that are out with their friends etc alway do the same thing that winds me up slightly and they all seem to do it and it just reminds of how sly they can be and what liers they are . So We have a Black lady in our office and she every 3 weeks has her...
  8. Yorkshire Blue


    Well I was sitting on my stall at old Roots Hall Cheering on the Blue and the White 1-0 up in the 81st another two will make us alright. Well you know what its like on a Saturday night you've thrown it all away at the end they say come on darling its only a game and you tell them its your best...
  9. Clarky_Blues

    Weather in Stockport

    Currently clear blue skies after early morning downpours. Forecast is for 80-90mph winds later this evening with heavy rain. Lets hope it is after the match.
  10. Cheltenham to move ground???

    Cheltenham looking to move from Whaddon Road
  11. Southend_Lady

    Great Capital 10K Run

    Hello all. Before I even completed yesterdays event in the pouring rain and winds I had already entered another 10k which takes place on 20 July in Hyde Park London. I am hoping the weather for this one is going to be a bit better! I already had a place for this one though and didnt need to...
  12. Robbo

    The most annoying traits of fans at RH

    :madman: Following on from my rant about the miserable :censored: who I had to sit next to in block O of the South Lower for the last season, I just wondered what trait really winds up the posters about those who sit near them. I'll open it up with: Those who always get up to leave early to...
  13. Winkle

    The innocence of children!

    Real school projects on the "sea" Number 13 is my favorite! R1) This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles. (Kelly age 6) 2) Oysters' balls are called pearls. (James age 6) 3) If you are surrounded by sea you are an Island. If you don't have sea all round...
  14. Ill Wind - Tactics agnst Swansea

    Stengthening Northerly Wind to-day with wintry showers to-night and same for Sat and Sunday, with gale force winds throughout. Spring has dissappeared and were back to winter ! So if we must play any long ball game to-day, best to do it when attacking the North Bank, where the ball may hold up...
  15. Interpol Shrimper

    Players from the past you've still got issues with

    YB's post in another thread about John Hendrie being a "diving tart" got me thinking. Who from 10 years ago or over, still winds you up everytime you hear their name? I think people like Fry & Brady don't count in this as context as neither do players who played for Southend at the time! 3...
  16. KrustyTheKray

    Time for changes! Tilson and Brush out!

    Not been on since last week, and having read through all these threads since then and including Saturday's game i'm even more keen for for Tilson and Brush to depart. I dont care what anyone says, we're heading down to league two. Tilson and Brush have taken us as far as they can. We need...
  17. Davros

    Top Gear Presenters

    WHo is your favourite? I mean in terms of humour/Good presenting, although if your female or bat for the other side, i suppose you can base this on looks. Mine is May. His pompousness and ott obsession with checks etc causes me much humour, especially the way it winds up Clarkson.
  18. Napster

    Best national anthem

    A post by ORM has spurred me for a vote. When I was a kid, there was an arcade game, that played your national anthem, depending on which country you represented. I always loved Japan for some reason. Now some anthems are absolutely bonkers. But what's your favourite? Let's look at some...
  19. Weather for today

    BBC Weather saying Sunshine with 14 degrees C BBC COL EWE WEATHER but... Sky News suggesting 70-75 mph winds with rain in the South/ South East - which i'm tendning to beleive today looking out my window. Brolly day i reckon that ground will offer f all protection from the rain. Sky News...
  20. shrimperman


    Knobs. What are they like. Just been watching the Ipswich game, they just love the thought of Ipswich being there derby. Winds me up, its like us saying West Hams our derby game. Knobs. Knobs. Knobs