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Mar 26, 2004
So, topic is quite simple. One goal each in a similar style to the other thread. It might be the quality of the goal or the significance. Perhaps it was just the randomness of the goal. Either way, put down the scorer, date, venue (H/A) and opposition as well as a justification of it. Obviously only one person is allowed to choose one goal...

Also, I would suggest that those with longer memories of Southend delve further back to give it a bit of variety.

I'm going to start with a reasonably obscure one to keep it open!

Leo Roget, 28th-Nov-00, Torquay (H)

I don't know why this is one of my favourite memories but as I only started going regularly in our second successive relegation season, I had been a little starved of success. We had earned a replay with a draw away at Torquay and the replay was tied after a tense ninety minutes.

In the 96th minute, we were awarded a free kick outside the box and committed men forwards from the back. As Roget was jogging forward, he had a remarkable moment of invention and took the free kick with the keeper completely out of position. Unfortunately his technique was not exactly Beckhamesque and the ball was heading well within the diving keeper's range until it deflected off of the wall and went in to the open side of the net.

The game was up for Torquay after that and what a cheeky way to seal it.

Now. Who's going to take Bury away first.... GO

- Owen Simpson, 25th-Sep-70, Northampton (H) (canveyshrimper)
- Peter Taylor, Feb-12th-72, Brentford (H) (Firestorm)
- Andy Polycarpou, 18th-Dec-78, Watford (H) (adam barratt is best)
- Dave Cusack, 9th-Jan-81, Darlington (A) (Soton Blue)
- Peter Johnson, 20th-Mar-87, Col******r (A) (Flashing Blade)
- Richard Cadette, 20th-Mar-87, Col******r (A) (SteveYatesSocks)
- Roy McDonough, 22nd-Sep-87, Derby C (H) (Napster)
- David Crown, 1st-Apr-88, Wigan (H) (BILLERICAY BLUE)
- David Crown, 25th-Feb-89, Gillingham (A) (BLUEBLOOD)
- Ian Benjamin, 4th-May-91, Bury (A) (weststander)
- Brett Angell, 9th-Nov-91, Swindon T (H) (Xabia Shrimper)
- Brett Angell, 26th-Dec-91, Oxford (A) The Big Shrimp)
- Stan Collymore, 13th-Mar-93, Oxford (A) (TonyTheKray)
- Brett Angell, 7th-Apr-93, West Ham (H) (*ORM*)
- Jonny Hunt, 6th-Apr_94, C Palace (H) (Matt the Shrimp)
- Mike Marsh, 20th-Apr-96, Ipswich (H) (gilbo)
- John Nielsen, 7th-Sep-96, Bolton W (H) (Jai)
- Leo Roget, 28th-Nov-00, Torquay (H) (sufcintheprem)
- Ben Abbey (both), 20th-Jan-01, Orient (A) (Uxbridge Shrimper)
- Rob Newman, 23rd-Mar-02, Scunthorpe (H) (Alexis_SUFC)
- Damon Searle, 22nd-Feb-03, Rushden & D (H) (tommytwoholes)
- Jay Smith, 19th-Nov-03, Canvey I (A) (TrueBlue)
- Drewe Broughton, 9th-Dec-03, Luton T (H) (jg90)
- Drewe Broughton, 17th-Feb-04, Col******r (H) (Matty the Shrimper)
- Freddy Eastwood (1 of 3), 16th-Oct-04, Swansea (H) (Marky_Gower)
- Mark Gower, 12th-Apr-04, Darlington (H) (blues_r_best)
- Mark Gower, 15th-Feb-05, Bristol R (A) (Shrimpbizkit)
- Alan McCormack, 19th-Apr-05, Macclesfield (A) (southendneil)
- Duncan Jupp, 28-May-05, Lincoln (N) (ldnfatso)
- Mitchell Cole, 29th-Aug-05, Col******r (H) (Dave the Shrimper)
- Freddy Eastwood (3 of 3), 29th-Oct-05, Bristol C (A) (EastStandBlue)
- Freddy Eastwood, 17th-Apr-06, Barnsley (A) (fredheim_holm)
- Freddy Eastwood, 29th-Apr-06, Swansea (A) (maldonblue)
- Wayne Gray, 6th-May-06, Bristol C (H) (smith southend shrimper)

(to Aug 31st 11:39)

(All dates courtesy of www.sufcdb.co.uk)