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Are your partners mate good looking and is this a bad thing?

Fit mates or rough mates...?

  • My partner's mates are fit and it's a bad thing.

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  • If Skeletor doesn't want 'em, I'll do 'em.

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The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.
Last night Mrs DtS had a day off so she could help one of her mates go flat hunting. She text me about 3pm to say did I mind if he mates stays for dinner - No skin of my nose so of course she can stay.

I was sort of looking forward to seeing her mate as Mrs DtS keep telling me she is the best looking of her mates. Now I am not looking for myself as I am more than happy with Mrs DtS - But my flat mate Skeletor is recently single and I have been trying to set him up with onr of her mates to get him on the ladder again so to speak.

My last attempt to introduce him to one of Mrs DtS mates was a disaster. August Bank Holiday I was going to Mrs DtS for the Monday when I realised Skeletor would be on his own. Spoke to the Mrs and we agreed a day out at Tunbridge Wells Zoo. I would bring Skeletor along and Mrs DtS would bring a "fit single mate".

I built Dave aka Skeletor up all the way to the Mrs house as I had been told that her friend was fit. As we rung to door bell I could see the look of anticipation on Skeletor's face. Sadly what greated us was a plump and not really attractive bird. Nice girl but jesus you wouldn't want too.

Anyway - Arrived at the Mrs last night - Rung the door bell. The Mrs had told me her mate was a stunner that all the lads fancied. Baring in mind this was her "best looking mate" I was hoping for the best.

The face that greated me was average at best. If you had done a few you might consider it but if that was the best Mrs DtS has to offer Skeletor I might suggest we invest in the Playboy channel at home.

I cant work out if its a good thing or bad thing if your parter has attractive mates so I call upon you all to help me decide. My ex Mrs has 10+ really fit mates but I found myself perving on them everytime we went out?

Cheers all.
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