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At last the truth about where the money came from

yogi bear up the cagire

Life President
May 8, 2008
St Gaudens France
After some careful research I am in a position to reveal the incredible story about where the money came from and how, only through incompetance, we failed to procure more than four times that sum which could have been used either to start the new stadium or invest in new players. It's an breathtaking story of planning, audacity and brilliance, which only someone with the flair of Ron (alias Toni) could have thought of. The following revelations are going to shock you and at the same time answer many of the questions that have remained unanswered over the recent weeks, months and even years.
Ron hasn't been doing his blogs recently because he has been far too busy planning the heist of the century. Our Chairman for a period of time has been living a double life in England and here in France. He had assume the identity of a Frenchman with the name Toni (not Tony, as it's spelt on the BBC) Musulin. Cleverly keeping the M initial and wasn't 'Toni' a hair product?...........brilliant. He had to go through extensive plastic surgery .......no wonder he's been keeping such a low profile. Already some of you are starting to think that this is too ridiculous to be true..........how would Ron manage to become so fluent in French as to pass for a native. What do you think was the reason for this sudden influx of French players into the side over the past couple of years? His preparation has been incredible .......just a pity that Mr King didn't acquire Ron's linguistic skills.No wonder that Ron has wanted to keep silent about the details of the money ......... ........and then, last week it all came to fruition.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8350488.stm
You have to say that the surgeon's work is nothing short of brilliant
...........you'ld never recognise Ron from that photo. Even took the trouble of taking the identity of a Frenchman of Serb extraction so as to disguise the slight foreign accent. You will notice that of the 11.6
million euros (£10.4m) .........9m euros were found by police......that means only 2.6m euros were taken. That is about £2.1 ..........does that remind you of something? The delay requested by Ron was obviously to provide enough time to transfer the money into sterling.
I can, incredibly, reveal the mysterious evidence shown to the judge was the following photo http://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2009/11/11/deux-jours-avant-son-fric-frac-toni-musulin-portait-plainte_1265534_3224.html
OK many will now understand the startling truth...........but hold on a minute what happened to the 9m euros ...........how did the police get hold of it? Well, whilst Ron was undergoing more surgery to restore his original appearance he sent somone over to France to collect the rest of the money. Unfortunately this man wasn't as skilled in the language and when he went prattling on about "Je suis Roi".....and I've come to collect the rest of the money .............it attracted the suspicions of the locals, and the police were alerted. They are still trying to trace this mysterious foreigner, 'l'homme avec le double menton' (the man with many chins) as one witnessed described him.
So there you have it ...............the whole astonishing truth on how we managed to pay our tax bill.