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Mar 6, 2004
Suffolk 'em all
Listening to BBC Essex on the way back Luggy said all needed to think hard about their efforts tonight and that he himself would be taking a look in the mirror.

Well, sorry Mr S, but despite my deep respect for what you have so far done for SUFC, if you take an honest look I think you will find tonight's shambles was your fault.


- well, for a start Coughlan was crocked at the end of the first half and should have been taken off at half time
- there was a ready replacement and it was not Moshni, instead Prosser should have been switched to the centre and JJ could have slotted in at full back
- and, what were you thinking about by being satisfied with the first half performance? We had a couple of chances but nothing earth-shattering, I don't remember once thinking 'that was close' with any of our attempts and by and large we failed to impress against an ordinary team in the firstr half which was really a bit dull.
- the two strikers were playing too far apart and the lack of width when there were folk available/on the pitch to provide it was mind-numbing
- plus Ferdinand is so in-effective when not in the centre I fail to see how a seasoned professional manager does not realise that
- so I suspect on the back of that the first half team talk was hardly inspiring, 'more of the same lads' would have in my view sent out exactly the wrong message, instead a kick up the backside would have been more in order as we really did not create much
- I suspect Crawley were given a kick and with us just in cruise mode under the false impression we were doing ok the opposition saw and took their chance. OK the first one was a fluke but they were creating plenty and it was only a matter of time as we became increasingly woeful
- And what on earth was Moshni doing even on the bench? The bloke at present is behaving like a total fruit cake and a proper message should have been sent to him by keeping him out. We do not have a massive squad but it is bigger than last year and we could have coped without him. Moshni's inclusion just sent out completely the wrong message to his colleagues.
- It is not just Moshni's childish behaviour, it's that Ram a dam thing too, how on earth can a professional footballer be expected to perform to the required standard when they are starving themselves? If they insist on conforming with their religion then maybe that is ok (though I do have some questions re that ................. and accepting that religion can be full of irrational stuff going on some anorexic binge must be one of the dafter ideas) but do not inflict the consequences of it on the others and stay out of the squad for the duration (and a bit beyond until you have chance to recover fully).
- and the stupidity of Moshni being around was sadly proved when he came on, not only by him giving away a penalty and nearly another but by the effect his presence seemingly had on his team mates who just became more off the pace as a result.

Ugh. Such a shame - we were there in numbers tonight and were badly let down when it just needn't have been like that. Still, another new ground ticked off the list again I s'pose.

I do believe Luggy will react in the right way and turn things round for Saturday. No one is immune to mistakes and I am sure those made tonight will be recognised and acted on in the right way as Luggy is I reckon that kind of man.