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  1. Uncle Leo

    Cheating Aussies

    This deserves a thread of its own surely. Now we're not squeaky clean of course - plenty of suspect behaviour by England players over the years - but this is something else. Smith will be sacked in the next day or two, right? And what exactly is a ****ing 'leadership group' anyway?
  2. Cricko

    Zone Update Behave people

    We have of late been put in a corner about some of the members behaviour towards other members on here. Times are not that great for the club atm and we welcome all points of view. However once you take it personal against another member of this site, we have to act... It is not a choice, it is...
  3. Mad Cyril

    PS 4 or XBox One.

    I am buying a console for my children and access will be dictated by good behaviour and schoolwork. I haven't bought a new console since the PS2 and am torn between the PS4 (I might want to play PES, Metal Gear and Gran Turismo) and the XBox One (which seems to have much stronger parental...
  4. May backs the troops...at long last.

    Government sends our brave boys and girls into action yet they all are subject to false claims about their behaviour. War must be one horrible place,I know I would be one total coward. Currently there are 1,500 claims against our soldiers,300 odd have been settled for £20,000,000,it's lunacy ...
  5. RHB

    England 2 France 0

    Well that's that done and dusted. Impeccable behaviour from the crowd at the start and a match, which although only a friendly, took on more of a serious statement after the events in Paris. 2 very good goals from England and a defence that started to look a lot better than of late. I still...
  6. Crowd celebrations

    Must admit to watching recorded TV coverage all week over and over again. Love watching the crowd celebrations and 3 moments are very enjoyable. 1. The mass of the crowd when the pig scores and the noise we created. That brief moment will live with me forever! 2. When sky switches to the first...
  7. Luton Town and potential problems.

    Hello to all, To reassure any doubters, we at Luton regularly take over 2000 away, and have done all through our conference years, I have attended most of these games, and I can assure you that there is never any trouble from our fans. Isolated incidents of a minority of idiots/kids stirring...
  8. TrueBlue

    Question Have you ever, and the use of smoke bombs.

    Have you ever known our away support be in such strong numbers in a long long time? So proud to be Southend right now, and for me it just goes to show what we can do as a club if we sort this bloody stadium up and get promotion!
  9. Napster

    List of shame

    I think we should have a list of shame for players/managers/coaches/staff who have been charged with crimes or fined for criminal behaviour, now there's so many of them. Maybe a ranking system based on whether jailed, etc. Extra points if committed during their time at Southend. Up to everyone...
  10. Cricko

    Zone Update Personal abuse and turning The Zone into a playground.

    This has to stop chaps and ladies.. The Zone is becoming farcical with all the childish abuse and tit for tat rubbish. We should all be free to debate issues and opinions etc without every thread turning into a pantomime and ruining these forums for the majority. The same few people are...
  11. Cricko

    Barry Corr

    He should be hanging his head in shame after today..You are brought on to help the team maybe beat Bury and what do you do ...act like a child and get yourself sent off within 15 mins to leave your side down to 10 men... Out for three games now because of you ineptitude and stupid...
  12. Blatter on race hate!

    I agree with him:stunned:. Pointless fining or even forcing these clubs to play behind closed doors,They need to be banned from European competitions indefinitely until such times as their supporters cease their behaviour .
  13. Ricey

    Disgraceful Fan Behaviour

    At today's game there was a group of gobby young lads in their teens maybe early twenties in the uncovered stands but one lad stood out. During half time he started to pick on the ball boy who must of been about 10 calling him a 'ginger ****'. The kids completely ignored it and hadn't done...
  14. pickledseal

    D&R Today

    I've been on a course in the players lounge today. I spent all day writing Southend United related post it notes and leaving them in every conceivable place. I genuinely think it'll take months to find them all... I'll take a bow for my stupid school boy behaviour at the grand ol' age of 29. Sorry!
  15. Name and shame

    South upper row b seats 55 and 56 two brothers in their late fifties with scars and dyed black hair Every match seems to be the same; win ,draw or lose the abuse some players get is a disgrace, Fridays match reached a new low from the first minute till the last no player was spared with the...
  16. Football Fans and Cps

    On reading todays news about the new Initiative by the CPS About dealing with football hooliganism online and at matches i have some concerns. I don't condone Racism,Homophobia,or Violence it has no place in Football or society. But my concerns lay on how many just normal fans will fall...
  17. OldBlueLady

    Suarez....flawed genius

    Think of Bilel Mohsni, then multiply that maverick attitude to a world class player, and there you have Louis Suarez. His behaviour in the Liverpool v Chelsea game today, biting an opponent, was nothing short of disgraceful, and yet, the skill of the player leaves you wondering what the heck...
  18. Evening Echo

    Southend United's Sean Clohessy to be on best behaviour at Bradford City

    SEAN Clohessy is keen to keep out of trouble when Southend United take on Bradford City tomorrow. More...
  19. shrimperjon

    Will Wembley help improve attendances

    With our average gate this season again dropping and without figures im guessing around 4700-4800, do you think that the day out at Wembley might intice a few supporters back to Roots Hall or even start coming having never been before? Also do you think whether we win will also affect this? I...
  20. Getting a bad name

    I was listening to Chelmsford Radio this morning (same arm as Southend Radio so I presume same news bulletins) where they said a group of Southend fans are being sought by police following rowdy behaviour on the train from Liverpool Street ahead of the Wimbledon game. The radio said they were...