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Oct 24, 2010
without so much as a whimper or discord, martins plans have come to frution a ****** 14,000 seater stadium in the middle of knowhere, with no income for southend utd, rather the other way round as clearly he is going to rent it to us(or rather one of his many insolvent companies may) when the next 100 years of southends history is written, i wonder those that are living will look back and think "how did it come to this" 31,000 against liverpool in 1979 to 14,000 seater stadium, thus ending the dreams of the premier league etc etc. jobson started it by getting rid of the south stand, and his best friend and neighbour took it off his hands and finished it off.

no protest marches, no pitch invasions, no threats of violence, just fans rolled over and had their bellies tickled . The council are equally to blame, they should have never allowed this week for the amended plans to be approved, but they were more worried about their 6m in road improvements, than to give a flying f about southend. anna waite who should be sent to an aslyum for how she has ruined southend, was quoted as saying it was great thing for southend and its ppl?? why . fans travelling to the ground are more likely to go straight to the stadium off the 127 and walk from prittlewell than even touch the town centre, and remember any money they spend at fossets wont benefit the club only martin.

it makes me chuckle when i see debates conducted on here, between the martin believers, all about how crucial it is to get on site, and how we can start moving on, do you really think martin and brady give a ff about us!!!!

martin needs to get out of some heavy debt situation from his other companies 22m?? and this is only opportunity left, once he has paid off what he owes, and his money to brady, he may have a little sum left, plus rent accurals
and still some of you ppl buy it. the way he treated tilly was disgusting but ineviatable , tilly acted as his banker for 4 years, and what did martin do as a way of a thank you, why dump on him. sturrock should have had the balls to wait until tlly was sacked, but again he was seduced by promises by the snake oil salesman , and was persuaded to leave his coma to come here to chase the shilling. again disgraceful also bringing halfwit son with him.

the only positive thing to come out of this is the fans boycott, which is working, in fact the best is when you can get it for nothing at roots hall, as that costs me nothing and hopefully hurts the club.,

i pray for the winding up order to go ahead, as that might just bring about the end of martin, but clearly the bank of sainsburys will draw down more money for him.

the only comfort i have is knowing that hopefully someone will do the deed on him, and then he will have a reminder of what he did to our club