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Mummy's Little Soldier
Jan 7, 2007

Why are Tuesday always crap?! :mad:

I wake up, smack my head then spill my breakfast down me.

Anyway, I walked to Rochford Train Station and waited for the train. Whilst I'm waiting for the train to Southend, theres a bunch of teenagers hurling abuse at the people at the station and people who work there etc. I really did forget how rude a typical teenager is now days (apart from the few odd exceptions - like me :angel: ). Smoking, drinking, being rude, causing trouble, smashing bottles etc. :( Then on the train you have this girl who goes to sweyne in her uniform telling her parents how she hates them and wishes they were dead and that shes always stealing from people to buy fags, drugs and booze and that they wern't good enough to be her parents! How fcuking charming!

Then, when I eventually get into town, I nearly get mowed down at the roundabout by the train station by a sports car (at least I would have gone in style! :finger: ) then whilst I was crossing the road at the button crossing more teenagers stepped out in front of an unmarked traffic cops/undercover policemen and refused to move whilst they were on call, hurdling abuse etc. :mad:

I eventually get into town and then go to the bank. I use the 'paying in' machine thinking I'll be clever and skip the long queue and then it decides to fcuk up on me so I have to wait half hour while they sort everything out with the machine.

Then I made my way down the high street. I walked to 'Carphone Warehouse' and enquired about memory cards for my phone and he said yes yes I should get that one blah blah blah and I was about to pay for it when he said "let me show you how to put the card in the phone" and then he looked for the slot and went "oh, you have a Motorola Razor V3, not the Motorola V3i so we can't upgrade your memory. Your stuck with 5MB I'm afraid." Oh fcuking great I thought to myself, just waisted 20 mins of you babling on about absolute **** to find out I can't upgrade the memory on my phone so I can't have more than 2 songs on it. :mad:

Then I get home and find a letter with something in it for me! Woopie! My new passport had arrived. Woo, eventually something good had happened today. I opened it and then as you do, you look at the picture. OH.MY.GOD! I looked like a stoned terrorist - no joke! I can't wear glasses whilst having pictures done so I was blind and then I had red cheeks with the suspicious eyes! Arrgghhh fan-flipping-tastic just what I want the people at the airport to see!

Anyway - I wonder what else can go wrong today?! :thump:

This is a thread for people who want to tell us about your rubbish days to get them out of your system.
Feb 17, 2004
Month-end, well quarter-end actually, so far too busy, probably here until past my daughter's bedtime, not enough SZ time either!



Why do you hate tuesdays? :minger:

mondays usually turn out to be okay.. and it's a training night so that takes the edge off it... i should probably say i hate tuesdays when there isn't a game on cos it just seems miles from the weekend and it is the day that drags the most, IMO


Mar 14, 2007
You obviously never watched the first showing last Wednesday then.
Tonight is a repeat of last week! 2nd show of Series 3 is on tomorrow night at 9pm.
aarrggghh my mum never gets anything right, and yes i didn't watch it on wednesday as the mighty england were crushing andorra:thump:
watched it on that teleport replay thingy( if you have virgin media i advice you give it a go its great)

MK Shrimper

Well-known member
Aug 6, 2005
This post reminds me when I read comics as a kid (Whizzer & Chips etc)....there was an "abolish tuesdays" doodle in some of the comic strips....the things you remember :D