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  1. F1 2018

    Well it needs to be done, (for all you petrol heads out there)...As the new race season begins in Australia this weekend, I thought it would be apt, to get this thread underway. This is my take on it.... From what I've heard / read, the media think it will be a big Hamilton v Vettel affair to...
  2. RobM

    Pre-match nutrition and sustenance

    Never mind Bfown in/out/ Timlin at left back blah blah, is the Fish House open tomorrow?
  3. Famine...here we go again !

    The media now bombarding us with the "crisis" in many parts of the world with the term "children" in the forefront. Hmmmm all those charities and of course the hand outs by many countries all adds up to massive mountains of money BUT charities are pleading for another 5 billion dollars to halt...
  4. Cricko

    Blah Blah Blah

    It is what is..Yawn. http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/match-preview-brown-previews-spireites-3360683.aspx
  5. Cricko

    What is it about not scoring goals?

    I have to be honest here, I rarely go to any games these days..due to the fact of boredom mostly. I always thought football was about scoring goals not being the best at conceding less.. Is that not what entertains people? For the PB era we seem to be quite good at defensive but have hardly...
  6. Question How much would you pay to see us sign a top striker?

    With the off season being a bit dull and looking around at other clubs' fans who have decide to raise funds to buy a player. Grimsby wanted to raise £20k to help them achieve promotion and having smashed that are looking for £100k now. http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/GTFC A couple of slightly...
  7. IronMike

    Grimsby Town F.C. petition for new stadium

    http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/north-east-lincolnshire-council-support-for-a-community-stadium-and-leisure-complex-at-peaks-parkway Now this below is well worth a read, done over four years ago upon relegation to non league. I'm yet to see a better post anywhere. It's the reason why I've...
  8. Looking back and forwards

    Quite impressed with Phils interview before going to Spain - at the least physical preparation of the squad has improved noticably under him.... perhaps a slight short coming of Sir Steves.... Sir Steve pops into my mind every time the manager of Brasil, Scolari, show up on the box - remember...
  9. Napster

    Seeing as today is a write off - your bucketlist

    No sleep last night, can't really be arsed to do any work today, let's have a bucketlist thread. Places to see, films, plays etc etc. Comments, recommendations, etc etc as always - let's limit to 20. 1) Listen to Gershwin performed in New York 2) Road trip round the States 3) Write that...
  10. * ORM *

    Stand and Deliver Mr Brown

    Don't want to hear any rubbish about injuries, tired players blah, blah, blah. You've arguably had access to a better playing pool than your predecessors over last 3-4 seasons. Every club has a poor run of form, fair enough. Time to prove you 'pedigree'
  11. Fifa14

    Being of a certain age, one does not indulge in the worlds of X-Box, Playstation etc that often. However, one could not resist a FIFA challenge from my Hamster supporting youngest yesterday. I was pleased to see that Jack Payne featured in our squad and was sized perfectly to scale (tho Freddy...
  12. Question If the season ended now , who would be your top 3 Players of the Year ?

    The whole question is in the title , and before anyone comes back and says , but it's not the end of the season and lots could happen blah , blah , blah.................. I know all that , so just hyperthetically ( spelt wrong and can't be bothered to check the correct way ! ) , who would you...
  13. Can all you miserable "fans" now please just take each game as it comes?

    Just wanted to mention how you all slagged off the cup draw saying we were going to lose and how **** it was, blah blah blah, moan moan moan. Turns out you were all incredibly wrong and we are in the next round. It goes to show you can never guarantee what is going to happen with this club...
  14. fbm

    I wonder how long it will be...

    ...before people will get to the same place that I am in, which is a complete indifference about anything football related apart from the results of SUFC? Cricko's post yesterday about falling out of love with football is totally understandable, as was True Blue's response about not being so...
  15. Save The World

    Bit of a weird one to put on a football forum but I need a bit of assistance for a project I'm doing on a Graphic Design course. We've been asked to promote a festival in Vancouver which is all about environmental isssues and saving the planet, blah blah blah. My idea is to recreate scenes...
  16. Shrimpergarry

    Harris Interview on OS

    Predictable interview on Blues Player looking forward to season....blah blah blah Looking forward to following in the footsteps of his heroes..... David Crown, Stan Collymore and TREVOR Benjamin......! Don't think he's been to as many games as he makes out!!!!

    Pre-Match Thread SZ Darts Tournament - Saturday 30th April in The Shrimpers Bar

    So who's up for it ?? Copy and paste blah blah 1 BLUEBLOOD 2 BLUEBLOOD Junior
  18. A Plea

    Regardless of the ongoing threads about Tilly wages etc on the forum, can we make sure tomorrow is ONLY about Southend vs Lincoln and not about Tilly vs Ron ! We are there to show our appreciation to Tilly for his time at Roots Hall, this can be done before the game. As soon as that whistles...
  19. Winkle

    My first go at internet banking!

    I am not a dinosaur (my kids my think differently) but after changing banks I now have access to online banking. I no what you are all going to say..."I was doing all my accounts this way years ago, blah, blah blah" but truthfully I just never had the time or could be bothered and did not see...
  20. Smiffy

    The Financial Situation Explained (Sort of!)

    Found this on a Grimsby forum HERE. Quite why it is on there I don't know, but details the mess we are in, quite well I feel. Ammendments in red. Feel free to suggest anything you feel is incorrect or needs adding. I will then edit this list, so it's all in one place. 1] Sainsburys...