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  1. The new backroom team will be...

    I've seen bits and pieces in other threads and names bandied around including Dean Austin, Steve Tilson and Alex Dyer. Do we have any idea yet ? Have I missed any announcements ? Thanks
  2. British Land - New Stadium

    Very rare for me to post something, but hopefully the start of some positive news... ahead... sometimes! Last night I attended a networking event in central London for building contractors, developers etc. The regional development Director from British Land, confirmed directly to me, they are...
  3. DoDTS

    Shrewsbury away 2nd February 2016

    Unless I have missed it, I haven't seen any announcements but the Shrewsbury match has been re-arranged for two weeks tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd February 2016). Its just been slipped into the fixture list and it's on BBC football fixtures.
  4. Charity required for matchday sponsorship opportunity

    I'm looking for a local charity / good cause who would like to take up the offer of a full page advert in an upcoming matchday programme - they will also be known as the match sponsors for the day (tannoy announcements etc). If you're interested then please drop me a quick PM, btw it's all free...
  5. France goes into triple dip recession.

    As France announced today they have gone into a recession once more along with the news that the eurozone has now entered it's sixth quarter of economic contraction, has the time truly come for a full cross party open debate about the options going forward in regards to the EU? Personally i am...
  6. pickledseal

    Question Stadium Program/Announcements for my Grandad RIP

    Quick question, My grandad, Ted Lewis, passed away last week. He was 94 and a season ticket holder for over 40 years after moving to Southend in 1955. He used to go to lots of reserve games too and used to offer his 'advice' to whoever was in charge apparently! He sat at the back of the West...
  7. Southend United Football Club

    Be Freddy's Kit Sponsor for just £1!

    Southend United supporters are being given the opportunity to meet striker Freddy Eastwood and take home the shirt off his back! We've been inundated with enquiries to become Eastwood's kit sponsor since his big return to Roots Hall last month. And as a result we've decided to give every fan...
  8. Cricko

    Kulula Airline

    Kulula is an Airline with it's head office situated in Johannesburg . Kulula airline attendants make an effort to make the in-flight "safety lecture" and announcements a bit more entertaining. Here are some real examples that have been heard or reported: Kulula's new paint scheme "Flying...
  9. pringlejon

    Average Rating

    I wanted to do this last season, but uni work prohibited me. However, now i'm an unemployed bum i have a bit more time. My plan is to collate all the ratings given to individual players from the match report and ratings thread to give an average mark per player per game, and then after more...
  10. Thorpe Groyney

    Great Wakering Rovers In Mourning For Club Legend Johnson

    In these days of £200,000+ a week wages, of club chairmen and high court hearings splashed across the papers, we tend to lose sight of the very essence of what football really is all about. Great Wakering Rovers have lost one of the pillars of their club, as has football in Essex, with the...
  11. CC51DAS

    Question Should we blame the 'Consortium' ?

    I am not exonerating RM but I have heard it said that the 'Consortium' stepped in to prevent RM from putting the Club into Administration in November, (in a similar style to Ken Bates), to deliberately make RM's life difficult - supposedly due to dissatisfaction from past dealings with RM...
  12. Thorpe Groyney

    Just Another Afternoon At The Match

    Today was a rare opportunity for me. With local non-league football and my lad's training wiped out by waterlogged conditions, resulting in the radio show I would have been doing to cover it all also biting the dust, popping along to the Hall became an unexpectedly pleasant compensation...
  13. fbm

    Just how bad are things really?

    This isn't intended as a rose tinted post and I am certainly not seeing all things as sunshine and flowers as someone suggested on another thread. But at times like this it is very easy to be swept along on a bandwagon of fear and despair, with an awful lot of statements being made that are...
  14. West Stand Speakers

    Anyone know why again the speakers were not working in the west stand today ? Not hearing the announcements meant that you could not hear what was going on. Bonus of clear chants from the Blue Voice though, Well done this season !! Bring on next season UTB :)
  15. shrimper loz

    London Tube

    A list of actual announcements that London Tube train drivers have made to their passengers... 1) "Ladies and Gentlemen, I do apologize for the delay to your service. I know you're all dying to get home, unless, of course, you happen to be married to my ex-wife, in which case you'll want to...
  16. Crabby Shrimper

    Shadow front bencher arrested.

    Ok, I know politics is a dodgy subject at the moment, but felt this story needed reporting. Be interesting to see how it develops, in my opinion. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/lawandorder/3532133/Tory-minister-Damian-Green-arrested-under-the-Official-Secrets-Acts.html...
  17. Colchester and proud!

    Another good one to come to WHCS for

    If you dont fancy the charity game but would still like a trip to the WHCS to suss it out before our league meeting there try looking at this, could be a good game to watch. From the Colchester o/s U's Set For England Encounter Posted on: Wed 01 Oct 2008 England U19s will round off the year...
  18. Alex

    Unlike Tilson

    Anyone feel it was unlike Tilly to release his out of contract players so soon after our last game. IIRC he delayed these announcements for a while in previous seasons, maybe some of the players hinted they wanted to leave (Hunt, Black) and Tilly thought he would say he is releasing them rather...
  19. Wesley Snipes to serve 3 years in prison for tax convictions

    Wesley Snipes called on famous friends to vouch for him, highlighted his clean criminal record and even wrote the government $5 million in checks — all in an effort to convince a judge that his conviction on tax charges should cost him nothing more than home detention and some public service...
  20. * ORM *

    The puntastic thread diversion thread

    Rules No individual post can be on the same subject as any other post or can be a response to or quote from another post. No swearing, shouting, smilies, accusations, slander, pictures. Double points for any puns ! No private PMs or repping for posts on this thread. Ready ? Ok I'll start...