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  1. Southendsleeper

    Grim down south - a frozen match report

    Not bad, just not great So so cold, snow at some points. The goals like the snow came in a flurry, Guttridge's header and Gowers class finish coming minutes apart. Sodje is a class player, showing almost arrogance in some of his defending, his positioning is excellent as is his heading...
  2. Xàbia Shrimper

    The Podcast Issue

    Let me put something straight. I was NOT against the podcast; jokey comments might have been interpreted as such but I was not against it. My train of thought is as follows: Firstly, the concept of the podcast was indeed innovative, if not the first in the country or the world. But by limiting...
  3. So called "bigger" teams

    I've found the arrogance of some of the supporters/managers of more fashionable clubs laughable. - Ronnie Moore's comments ("we should be steamrollering teams like Southend") - Swindon fans thinking they'll beat our "tinpot" club - A Tranmere fan stating that...
  4. Kent Shrimper


    Sorry Daryl You have everthing to prove as does every player who pulls on the Shirt, everytime you play. I have time for positive people but arrogance $%&*es me off Bottom Paragraph
  5. Danny Webb

    I also heard that mr arrogance daniel webb is keen for a move down to yeovil, apparently he misses seeing his dad on a regular basis. poof!
  6. fbm

    The big difference

    How come we are so far and away a better team than last year? Well, Eastwood and Gray are the obvious choice, but for me it's all about the defence. We have got very mean in the goals against column. last year we had to score pretty much 3 goals in order to win a game. This year we are...
  7. Will he sign?

    There's obviously been a lot of talk about if Fredy will sign or not. I think with players like him, you have to be weary. We've heard he's arrogant, and if it's the kind of arrogance I think it is (i.e. Mark Rawle), then I won't be getting my hopes up. HOWEVER, the Echo...
  8. The Artful Shrimper

    Any Metro readers?

    All,    For those of you who buy the metro, I hope they will not print the letter tommorow (Tuesday 24th)I have sent them. Unbelievably I have signed the letter "The Artful Shrimper". I confess that I am a serial letter writer/ wind up merchant. If any of you have heard of Edith Stourbridge...