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  1. Blues4LifeDan

    Question Bristol Rovers confirm take over and not us, why?

    Bristol Rovers confirm takeover and not us, why? I see that Bristol Rovers have been taken over by a Jordanian billionaire and he wants to get the stadium under way. They did have planning permission in place I believe, so that may be the attraction for said businessman. Maybe we would be as...
  2. Ebou Adams-a missed opportunity?

    This young "box-to-box midfielder" has just moved from Dartford to Norwich City for a fee. Now I am not suggesting for one minute that in a straight fight we have more attraction than City. But there are, as we all know, some gems out there. The Thames basin is a fertile ground for talent. Once...
  3. Cricko

    What is it about not scoring goals?

    I have to be honest here, I rarely go to any games these days..due to the fact of boredom mostly. I always thought football was about scoring goals not being the best at conceding less.. Is that not what entertains people? For the PB era we seem to be quite good at defensive but have hardly...
  4. Great Wakering Rovers - Pro Club Season Tickets

    Following a successful crowd at Burroughs Park recently against SUFC U21's and with permission from the Forum, please see the link to the clubs season tickets - http://www.gwrovers.com/a/season-tickets-34871.html The attraction is our offer for Pro-ticket users at £45.00 for the season, we have...
  5. Cricko

    Last Day: Christmas Quiz. Cryptic 3.

    Ok last one people and a bit longer than the others..Some very easy, some not so. Have fun. :smiles: Cryptic capital cities: 1.Multiplying by two? - Dublin 2.Is this the place to get plastered? - Paris 3.Put father in a paper receptacle? - Baghdad 4.Reserve a peaceful break? - Bucharest...
  6. Ricey

    England Not the Big Attraction?

    I have been watching the sky sports transfer centre and BBC sport like a hawk. Reading rumours and all the transfer news. But one thing is starting to show. England and the Premier League is slowly becoming less of an attraction for big players. Now my question is why? Falcao has chosen to...
  7. southend4ever

    The greatest asset

    Seeing how the ultimate sexual combo thread is taking shape I wanted to establish what the ultimate bloke attraction is. I was mortified when I did a sweep with mates the other day and arse beat tits 7-1. So, I put it to you Shrimperzone with the added inclusion of legs... What is the greatest...
  8. DoDTS

    How our Parents/Grandparents coped with the War.

    Here we are it’s DoDtS’s summer saga. Totally non football related, but my attempt to understand how and what our forebears had to endure through the war in a series of extracts from the Southend Standards of the times. Not everybody’s cup of tea but if your not interested then don’t read it...
  9. DTS

    Trio of ex-Shrimpers at Hornchurch

    On Saturday I went ot Lewes vs Hornchurch as a mate of mine is a Urchins fan and Lewes is only 15 mins away. Half the attraction what that there was a selection of ex Shrimpers to watch - Johnny Hunt, Dave McSweeney and Tommy Black. All three were on the bench. Hunt came on and scored a 25...
  10. 'Happy Hour'? last night

    Really don't want to put a downer on last night but the Club really needs to get its act together on the promotions side. I thought the £1 a pint idea was a good one and the timings right, £1 a pint 6-6:45 which then means you've got a crowd in with an hour to go before kick off who will then...
  11. * ORM *

    Scrap the Monarchy - Solve the financial crisis ?

    Seeing that the Queen has scrapped the annual staff party to graciously save the nation 50k (why can't she use her own savings) led me to think. I'm a confirmed anti-royalist so my arguments would probably not be balanced. I've never seen the attraction or the proven benefit to the country...
  12. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Bradford Trip - Camping & What to Do Ideas Please

    For this one gonna drive up and get to area Fri noon and sort out a camp site before going on to match in eve. Will be looking to stay a little north of Bradford as reckon that is a reasonable area (will be taking SS Jnr No. 3 with me and looking to explore area over the weekend). A bit of...
  13. Breaking News Barry Corr Speaks...

    Similar to the Gilbert interview... * Soon as he got call from Sturrock he wanted to come and was main attraction that PS was here. * Financial situation could be seen as 'dodgy' but Sturrock assured him would all be ok and he trusted him and went ahead. * Feels strong loyalty to PS. * No...
  14. chadded

    Question Why did you start smoking?

    Following on from Hil's giving up smoking thread, it got me thinking, what made people start smoking in the first place? I've tried it, but never, ever seen the attraction, I just don't get it.
  15. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 7 Season 1931-32

    Here's Episode No. 7 of Season 1931-32 as was printed in the Southend v Bristol Rovers programme, I hope I haven't overdosed you all. Extracts from "The Forgotten Years of the Kursaal" by Peter William Baker No. 7 THE BIGGEST ATTRACTION IN THE THIRD DIVISION Record gates at Clapton Orient...
  16. Winkle

    Geezer Birds or Effeminate men?

    Right, me and the beloved was discussing her unusual attraction for effeminate men............Before you all start, I do not fall under this catergory as I eminate copius amounts of testosterone on an hourly basis. She however has this attraction for effeminate, if not totally gay men and when I...
  17. canveyshrimper

    Striker in The Sun

    Apart from the obvious attraction of Page 3, the only reason I look at the Sun is to see the latest adventures of Nick Jarvis and Warbury Warriors, however it seems to have disappeared recently. Any ideas what has happened to it?
  18. Benfleet A1

    A Recovery Nightmare

    It all started normally. Flat battery in South Woodham Ferrers, clutch gone on an VW Camper in Westcliff another flat battery at Southend Hospital. All run of the mill stuff. Then I got a call for an Ford Scorpio in Pitsea with a wheel bearing gone and needing recovery to Great Yarmouth. That'll...
  19. * ORM *

    Disney Florida Advice Please

    We're going next Friday am Do I buy Disney tickets on-line or over there and if so over there at Disney or somewhere else ? I want either 10 or 14 day all Disney attraction tickets. Giving Universal a miss purely as I figure we'll have enough on our plates with just Disney, though my son also...

    Breaking News Rons Latest Blog

    It appears the graphics didn't copy over, sorry !!! Chairman's Blog Firstly let me apologise to all those readers who were anticipating my blog yesterday. It is important that the Club do things when they say they are going to and I am sorry I could not deliver yesterday but was reliant upon...