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Ok last one people and a bit longer than the others..Some very easy, some not so. Have fun. :smiles:

Cryptic capital cities:

1.Multiplying by two? - Dublin
2.Is this the place to get plastered? - Paris
3.Put father in a paper receptacle? - Baghdad
4.Reserve a peaceful break? - Bucharest
5.3 times the 5th letter? - Tripoli
6.Incinerate something? - Bern
7.Sounds like the French thinks Miss Taylor's good? - Lisbon
8.A cockney's little pet makes a water barrier? - Amsterdam
9.Hades sounds very black? - Helsinki
10.The barefoot 1984 female Olympic distance-runner sounds like a nuisance? - Budapest
11.Not front me? - Baku
12.Uncommon laugh? Harare
13.Male cow vehicle? - Kabul
14.Mother place zero? - Maputo
15.Adds condiment to block of ice? - Saltzberg

Cryptic music bands and singers:

16.A nun on a toboggan? - Sister Sledge
17.Both of you? - U2
18.Pale Serpent? - White Snake
19.Female is mad? - Lady Gaga
20.Ink design? - Tatu
21.Applaud the viking 100 times? - Eric Clapton
22.The pole creates an Irish dish? - Rod Stewart
23.Residential birds? - The Housemartins
24.The king's cigar? - Elvis Costello
25.Great informant? - Supergrass
26.The chocolate bar's legend? - Aerosmith
27.Throw a small red fruit? - Chuck Berry
28.Half a dollar? - 50 Cent
29.Recently arrived wood and large body of still water? - Justin Timberlake
30.A car's first occupants? - Crash test dummies

Cryptic Football Teams:

31. Former Golden Shot Hostesses chateau? - Aston Villa
32. The dogs have got tangled up? - Leeds United
33. Which of Harrisons children? Watford
34. Carried on to Scotland? - Preston north end
35. Always a Heavyweight? - Everton
36. He's gone for Great Britain? - Burton Albion
37. Ernies bed partner? - Morecambe
38. Sorex araneus' funeral? - Shrewsbury
39. Mr Frys 53? - Stevenage
40. Fire up a large town? - Stoke City

Cryptic Fish:

41. "You Stupid Boy"? - Pike
42. Dance on Ice? - Skate
43. Ladies Circle? - Herring
44. Put in a Specific Position? - Plaice
45. Deep Male Voice? - Bass
46. Quiet, Listen Said Cockney? - Shark
47. View Best Mate? - Sea Horse
48. Adhere With French At the Rear? - Stickleback
49. Tin Tins Best Mate Loses Commission? - Haddock
50. Dance Back With Lee? - Conga Eel

Cryptic Sports People:

51. Also regret the waltz king? - Andrew Strauss
52. East midlands city sow obtained? - Lester Piggott
53. Give copper extra? - Bobby Moore
54. Stealing from relatives? - Robin Cousins
55. Sid Owen with headgear? - Ricky Hatton
56. Complete form with gents outfitter? - Phil Taylor
57. Short and concise how weird? - Curtis Strange
58. Order goal with surprise and conjunction? - Olga Korbut
59. Candid cup of tea denied? Frank Bruno
60. Go to the toilet 7 times a week? - John Daly

Cryptic television quiz:

61. Persons inhabiting adjacent dwellings? - Neighbours
62. Parish Officer in the vicinity? - Beadles about
63. Singular buffoons and equine quadrupeds? - Only fools and horses
64. Anonymous medical practitioner? - Dr Who
65. I am uncertain as to whether I have information to impart to the second person singular? - Have I got news for you
66. Final supply of fermented grape juice produced during the warmest season of the year? - Last of the summer wine
67. Avian creatures emitting sounds heard during electrical storms? - Thunderbirds
68. The practice of jurisprudence in a major conurbation of Southern California? - L.A.Law
69. Single pedal extremity found in an excavation for the disposal of a cadaver ? - One foot in the grave
70. Enthronement ceremony held in a thoroughfare? - Coronation Street
71. Enchanting fairground attraction ? - Magic Roundabout
72. Illegal taking of life as inscribed by a female person ? - Murder she wrote
73. Task of insurmountable difficulty ? - Mission Impossible
74. The totality of living beings irrespective of their size ? - All creatures great and small
75. Cardiovascular rhythm? - Heartbeat
76. Depressed apostle? - Blue Peter
77. Maintaining a visual status? - Keeping up appearances
78. Persons of heroic proportions competing in an arena of combat? - Gladiators
79. Defective structures ? - Faulty Towers
80. Weekend evening entertainment at a capital venue? - Sunday night at the London palladium
My goodness, top marks on these Cricko, I've enjoyed them - not sure how much time I have today though....million and one things to do!

64 is Dr Who, though! :winking:

...and 27 is Chuck Berry.
4.Reserve a peaceful break? Bucharest
10.The barefoot 1984 female Olympic distance-runner sounds like a nuisance? Budapest
15.Adds condiment to block of ice? Salzburg
42. Dance on Ice? Skate
44. Put in a Specific Position? Plaice
45. Deep Male Voice? Bass
48. Adhere With French At the Rear? Stickleback
50. Dance Back With Lee?Congar Eel
21 Eric Clapton
25 Supergrass
35 Everton
40 Stoke City
56 Phil Taylor
63 Only Fools & Horses
66 Last of the Summer Wine
70 Coronation Street
73 Mission Impossible
74 All Creatures Great and Small
75 Heartbeat
78 Gladiators
80 Sunday Night at the Palladium