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  1. RHB

    Kent Elms Corner

    Wonderful news! They contractors for SBC have started work on the foundations for a new pedestrian bridge over the KE junction. The electronic traffic news boards are stating that the east bound A127 lane will be closed at some point so just when I was getting used to no hold-ups the misery...
  2. londonblue

    Telephone Sockets

    We're currently having a lot of work done on our house. One of the jobs was to remove all the old telephone sockets and wiring, and install a new telephone socket in the lounge. The guy who did it has done a really good job. We now only have one cable from the junction box inside the house...
  3. RHB

    Kent Elms Corner Traffic Works.

    For those of us who live over the Westcliff/Eastwood side of the borough, or for that matter for anyone who uses the Kent Elms junction regularly, prepare for some travel 'disruption' between now and May 2017. http://www.southend.gov.uk/info/200447/better_southend/601/kent_elms_junction
  4. steveo

    Long story, power cuts and a water dowser.

    If I had posted this when it started, it may have had the legs to match MK's fridge post. So i'll keep it short but you may get bored. Earlier this year, probably February time, I saw some damp patches on the left side outside wall of my house. Thought they would dry up but they didn't. We...
  5. The law is an ***.

    Ok, I suppose I best start saying that if you know who the slebs are who've taken out the injunction it's best (at the moment) not to reveal any names. So, I'm talking about "PJS" and "YMA" who have taken out an injunction to stop the press revealing their shenanigans - I couldn't care less...
  6. Happy birthday to...

    Colchester and Proud. An amiable if misguided individual...but be kind on him, he's about to suffer the ignominy of a drop into the League of misery and a battle to keep out of the Conference....we all know the sheep fondlers are drawn to that league like "PJS" and "YMA" to a High court...
  7. Morecambe By Car

    Just been reading on the football ground guide that if driving to Morecambe you should use Junction 35 of the M6 and take the A601(M)/A6/A5105 rather than Junction 34 due to loads of roadworks currently ongoing!! Also is it worth using the M6 Toll? Does it save much time??
  8. Cricko

    Last Day: Christmas Quiz. Cryptic 3.

    Ok last one people and a bit longer than the others..Some very easy, some not so. Have fun. :smiles: Cryptic capital cities: 1.Multiplying by two? - Dublin 2.Is this the place to get plastered? - Paris 3.Put father in a paper receptacle? - Baghdad 4.Reserve a peaceful break? - Bucharest...
  9. Next Meeting with Ron & Trust

    The other thread seems to have become over long and seems to be drifting off topic. As far as I can see, the Trust website does not make any reference to those answers (or indeed to the meeting in the first place) so, as it was a joint meeting, I don't think you'd be betraying any confidences...
  10. The Craziest Parking Ticket you got or heard of.

    Lorry driver Michael Collins was on his way to collect a skip in London's Belsize Park when the road beneath him collapsed. A burst water main had created a deep hole where the front wheels of his 17-tonne lorry were stuck. While he was waiting for roadside assistance, a traffic warden appeared...
  11. pickledseal

    Dale Farm vs Stray Dog Home

    And so Basildon Council decide to spend millions reclaiming Dale Farm and now decide just a few hundred metres away to give away green belt land to allow a dogs home for strays to be built. Seriously Tony Ball, what are you doing?! Even the usual right of centre readers of the Echo are...
  12. OldBlueLady

    Warning for those driving to the match today via Sadlers Farm junction.....

    For the second weekend in succession, work is going on at Sadlers itself and the junction is operating as a traditional (left hand turn only) roundabout. It's causing huge congestion in the area so if you've not left already and usually go that way, maybe you might want to think about...
  13. Kent Shrimper

    Lift back from Crawley

    Afternoon chaps I need a favour, i am thinking of going to Crawley and can jump on the train from work. However afterwards i need to get back to Sevenoaks (J5 M25). If you are driving and have space for a little one in the car it would be appreciated (1. Im not little 2. i will pay my way). I...
  14. Smiffy

    Breaking News Tara Brady Denies Super-Injunction Order

    Oh dear... http://europeansportsnews.paddypower.com/index.php?fn=Tara&ln=Brady&nc=Sugar+Hut%2C+Essex+ :hilarious:
  15. Free Coach and Match Tickets on offer

    The Zone are offering, in conjunction with SZTravelZone, 2 coach tickets and 2 match tickets for the Rotherham away game on the 15th Jan 2011 as a thank you for your understanding during our abortive attempts at running the site from America. To win the prize guess the crowd for Monday's game...
  16. Wycombe goalkeeper twitter

    apparently nicky bull wycombes goalkeeper on sat twitter, talked about the game being off at roots hall which to be fair we all knew on the friday would be off, but not according to the club , jobbo etc saying 100 percent on!! anyway his twitter says "no wonder southend are in a mess, they...
  17. Yorkshire Blue

    Question Police convoys

    My commute this morning was once more rudely interrupted by a police convoy. The convoy consisted of two unmarked, brown, presumably armour-plated vans flanked by two police cars in front and a further two behind, plus some motorbike outriders. The convoy was heading East out of the City. The...
  18. Rooney, Hookers and the Daily Mirror

    So, Tomorrow's Mirror on Sunday promises a "sizzling" expose on Wayne Rooney, alleging that he had an affair with a prostitute, which lasted several months, while Coleen was pregnant with their child. Interestingly, he never filed for an injunction, unlike two of his International teammates...
  19. number11

    Kick around this Sunday

    All, There will be a kick about this Sunday at 10.30 am at Victory Sports Ground (junction of Sutton Road and Eastern Avenue). There will be a few SZFC players there but anyone who fancies a kick about are welcome to come along.
  20. Thorpe Groyney

    Southchurch Independent Puts The Boot Into Council Road Projects

    A bit closer to home, in the council elections, amongst the usual guff in the letterbox from all candidates, was an outright allegation of one councillor deciding on a road project scheme to help herself. Southchurch Independent candidate Mike Wilson stated "At Cuckoo Corner a survey showed...