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  1. Joe Piggott

    Due to sign for AFC Wimbledon from Maidstone United today for £25;000.
  2. Blues4LifeDan

    Interest in Piggott ?

    Just saw a snippet in the Daily Mirror stating that there is interest for Charlton's Joe Piggott from Millwall, Colchester and Oxford. I remember the game at the Den when Harris stated how impressed he was with Joe in game.
  3. Piggott - unwanted by Charlton?

    Is our Wembley hero fast becoming an unwanted player at Charlton .Now they have brought in another striker maybe he will be coming our way sooner than later .Lets hope so anyway would be a good foil for mooney to work with .
  4. Great week, but who is next?

    After Timlin, Mooney and Wordsworth all signing this week, according to Brown we still need another 2 strikers. Anybody has any ideas who these could be? Would he happy with Piggot and Williams as the other strikers that's if we get Piggot.
  5. Strikers - perspective needed

    I loved BBBC as much as the next man and will always remember him fondly.... And that's where it ends. He was/is a useful league two player. The fact that he was our top scorer said more about our lack of alternatives rather than his ability. Cambridge offered him a better deal and he went for...
  6. One Half of Wembley Erupts ......

    I will never ever again tolerate a bad word against Myles ... then it went slow motion as Piggot turned and then ..... a double take and yes it HAS gone in.. and then OBLIVION ..... in the adrenalin rush I have no real idea of what happens for the next 30 seconds .. ....or however long...
  7. joe piggot

    It would be great for us if Charlton release Piggot from there playing staff Now we will be plying our trade in league one he would be a good first signing :pig::pig::pig::pig::pig:
  8. ColinMorrisWalksOnWater

    Daily Express Play Off report

    If anyone else would like to submit a complaint on their "reporting" (let's get a few, just to make Tuesday back at work for the person who couldn't be bothered in the first place, a nightmare!) the link is here: http://www.express.co.uk/contactform/corrections/ The information you will need...
  9. Have some respect for Barry Corr

    Absolutely disgusted to see some of the comments about Corr following yesterday's performance. Some of our so called "fans" should be ashamed of themselves. To describe his performance as one moron did as "toilet" is disgraceful. Some FACTS about yesterday and the season as a whole; 1/ Corr's...
  10. Barry Corr

    Take a bow. Missed a good chance, missed a pen, but his head never dropped - worked his absolute nuts off. Stevenage couldn't handle him and his build up and support play was immense. Piggot was great too. What a man. I'd lose my **** if he scores at Wembley. Fair play for letting Timlin take...
  11. Battle Cries Looming so...

    Its time to vacate your forum till after Saturday . You have all made me feel very welcome and you are a lovely bunch of people After the game that never was I have a lot of time for Southend as the way both sets of fans applauded each other was how football at the lower leagues should be ...
  12. Do you think

    Barry Corr would have been our 20 plus goal man sooner rather than later if he makes the 20 a season by the end of this season if he had the help of Piggot earlier .Because it seemes the help of him has kick start his season in the goal scoring charts .Since Piggots arrival he has baged allmost...
  13. South Bank Hank

    Does Joe Piggott look like Suggs...

    ... or is that just Madness?
  14. danburyshrimper

    Biggest squad in the country?

    For a skint Div 2 team we have a damn massive squad. Now i know why we bought the dome , we will need the space for them all to get changed in for training !!! We pretty much have 3 teams now on our books : BENTLEY WHITE...
  15. danburyshrimper

    New look team for saturday ???

    .....................................bentley............................... White...........thompson...........barrett.............coker worrall.........deegan........leonard...........payne........ ..................piggott...........cassidy.......................... Tough call now we have so...
  16. Cricko

    Last Day: Christmas Quiz. Cryptic 3.

    Ok last one people and a bit longer than the others..Some very easy, some not so. Have fun. :smiles: Cryptic capital cities: 1.Multiplying by two? - Dublin 2.Is this the place to get plastered? - Paris 3.Put father in a paper receptacle? - Baghdad 4.Reserve a peaceful break? - Bucharest...
  17. maninasuitcase

    Deadpool 2015

    It is that time of the year again. If you want me to run the Deadpool for 2015 please post up your 10 picks by 31 December (in alphabetical order would be a big help). Any one popping their clogs before midnight 31 December can be substituted. As usual the picks must have their own wiki page...
  18. Blueronron

    AP McCoy 4000 not out

    AP is the jump version of Lester Piggott when it comes to a finish and absolutely delighted he made 4000 winners to day. Imho not as graceful as Johnny Francome in the saddle or as skillful as Jonjo O'Neill but a punters pal and just wonder could he make it 5000 before he hangs up his boots...
  19. ldnfatso

    Dead Pool Update 26/2/09!

    6 people had chosen Wendy Richard and therefore take the lead. Those are: Ldnfatso Lord Football Jassyfa1 The Big Shrimp jay shrimpers mum OldBlueLady fyi, this is the votes everyone got: Bobby Robson 13 Margaret Thatcher 8 Amy Winehouse 7 Barack Obama 6 Wendy Richard 6 Deceased...
  20. C C Csiders

    If you were The Queen..........

    ........apart from having a gnarled up 80 odd year old growler, and a mad family, you would have the opportunity to Knight people. Which three British people, as yet not so titled would you put your sword on and say "Arise Sir/Dame......" In a supremely ironic twist I would say: "Arise Sir...