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  1. Uncle Leo

    World Cup betting

    SkyBet are offering money back - as a free bet, up to £10 - on any losing bets on the World Cup winner. Definitely have to give that a go - I've already had a bet on France, may hold my nose and have a tenner on Germany (love the country, admire the football team, but hate seeing them win)
  2. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Scunthorpe 3 -1 Southend

    *Puts on tin hat*
  3. iFollow streaming service for next season

    I've been having a quick look at the iFollow service, so this may be of interest to overseas fans, especially those based in Ireland. When the new service offering, for overseas supporters, live streaming of all league games next season was announced, I then went from ecstasy to agony within a...
  4. Are we Shrimpers tin pot?

    Afternoon lads, Had a big of a barney in the boozer last night with a some muggy Leicester City. It all started off civilized, bit of banter over water-down lager, fruity's and brass, but after returning from the khazi, the soppy mug started giving it large - calling Southend tin pot. I told...
  5. What an embarrassment

    Man of the match? No player deserved that shirt tonight, the whole team were a joke, you will always get the blue blood rose tinted types.... But they were all bad tonight.
  6. RobM

    Predict the Col. U. score

    ...just as it says on the tin...
  7. steveo


    The number of cars without road tax has doubled since the disc was scrapped. Put the bloody road tax on petrol. Those who use the roads more will pay more. Gas guzzling cars will pay more.
  8. Mad Cyril

    Best Tinned Soup

    I don't think you can beat Heinz Cream Of Tomato although I am fond of Oxtail as well.
  9. International eligbility

    This is for all sports. Should all sports gov bodies allow individuals to chose what country they represent or should it only be the country of their birth.
  10. 2015/16 Betting

    Fancying Wednesday, Shrewsbury and Stevenage to all be promoted at about 480/1. Dunno why. Might put a few small bets on some different combinations.
  11. Mad Cyril

    Low effort meals.

    Came in starving after a bike ride. Can anyone beat my four fishcake and tin of mushy peas effort?
  12. ryansm05

    Opposition Signings

    As it says on the tin - a thread to discuss the signings of other League One/Two sides. I'll get it started with Andy Williams who has left Swindon to join Doncaster on a three year deal. "They're trying to build a young club at Swindon and, at 28, I don't quite fit that any more." That's quite...
  13. Cricko

    Last Day: Christmas Quiz. Cryptic 3.

    Ok last one people and a bit longer than the others..Some very easy, some not so. Have fun. :smiles: Cryptic capital cities: 1.Multiplying by two? - Dublin 2.Is this the place to get plastered? - Paris 3.Put father in a paper receptacle? - Baghdad 4.Reserve a peaceful break? - Bucharest...
  14. davewebbsbrain

    Are we only allowed positive threads?

    Southend aren't playing well, we are in trouble no matter what the rose tinted brigade think. We aren't scoring goals, we aren't playing as a team and we are sliding down the table. You are going to get negative threads about a whole host of things. Even with the positive things like Payne...
  15. DoDTS

    PL Table No.6 Southend prediction League for Friday 21st March 2014

    No goals, means no goalscorer, means no points. With many of us either wearing rose tinted glasses or full of doom and gloom few went for the draw. Congratulations to Danshrimper the only one to get the score spot on and to Agent Lomas and Dannypav who got the correct result with their...
  16. Friday poll. Parenting

    Ok so here it is
  17. Ricey

    Mauricio Pochettino

    Nearly a year as manager of Southampton and he still cannot speak English. I really do think that is shocking. Tevez spent so long in England and refused to learn the language and did all his interviews in his native tongue. I know it obviously isn't affecting the team as they are doing great...
  18. DoDTS

    PL Table Southend Prediction league No.9 13th September

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend Score and Scorer only) SEE SEPERATE THREAD FOR THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SCORES AND TABLES Well it was Friday 13th what did you expect...... A couple more have actually realised that we're just not very good but the majority have...
  19. DTS


    Lads Can I pick your brains a second. Long story short but I always have £100 at the start of the football season I a betting account and I see what I can turn it into. One season I took £500 out of the account before losing the rest. Normally I get nothing. Last week I opened an account...
  20. Iportal

    Hi clever techno kids,we (my wife) uses a iportal at 5 euros a month to watch stuff on iplayer and the like but does anybody know if it will allow her to download with out being caught as loosing the tinternet is not an option,many thanks.