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  1. What's your greatest weakness?

    Greggs for me. Struggle to go past one without giving serious thought to whether I can grab a steak bake/doughnut. I just booked a hotel pretty much on the basis that a Greggs is next door. What about you? Midget pr0n? Justin Bieber? Cherry Coke? Mars Bars?
  2. Positivity thread

    This thread is only for positive posts and discussions. If you want to be negative or moan and bitch then go and do that somewhere else. Couple of points: - We're still in great form - We're the 2nd ranked team in the playoffs - We have players with Wembley experience (failure as well) - We...
  3. Pub For Peterborough away

    Hi guys Posh fan in peace here, for those of you coming to the game next week and wanting a away friendly family pub, The Cherry Tree, 3 minute walk from the ground, is the place for you. Its based on Oundle Road, post code PE2 9PB, and offers a wide range of real ales, plus your main stream...
  4. Roses are red...

    Southend are blue, Last night was cherry, and Gillingham, poo.
  5. Dick Bate's Protege

    iTunes Match

    Has anyone given this a go yet? In essence, for £22 a year, iTunes Match stores up to 25000 tracks in iCloud, which your 3G/WiFi devices can cherry pick from at anytime, anywhere. For someone like me this seems like a good idea, because I have nearly 100gb of music/audiobooks etc and always...
  6. Austin the Shrimper

    Absence of Away Kit?

    It has come to my attention that we don't seem to be playing in the Cherry Voltage away Kit much these days, in fact all of the last away games we have worn blue and maybe blue shorts instead of white on most occasions. Is it because the kit clashes with the teams we have played or do the...
  7. Roxy

    Voltage Cherry - HIT OR MISS?

    Despite not having had the best of starts in terms of the result - wondered what people think having now seen this shirt at first hand? Have you changed your mind and cant wait to order or is it still just too pink? Personally, I thought it looked good and will be even better with black...
  8. Premiership to Launch Next English Domination Scheme?

    Whilst SZ was down, this nugget came out in the Evening Standard during an interview with Palace Co-Chairman Steve Parish: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/markets/article-23903557-all-hands-to-the-parish-pump-as-palace-starts-to-rally.do Basically, the gist of it is that the Premier League want...
  9. Ref Watch - Post Mick

    Colin Webster. Likes spaghetti bolognese, heineken and romantic walks through the Yorkshire dales. Drives to the game in an Audi TT listening to the best of Blur. Appreciates Cherry Lucozade at half time. Once oversaw Theo Robinson nutmeg three defenders, then fall over his shoelaces. Fell...
  10. Lord Football

    It could be worse. We could be Grimsby.

    Now, we thought it was bad here. This taken, complete with gratutious swearing, from a Grimsby forum think almost sums up the feeling in our little corner of Essex..... but not quite ;) Now I'm as optimistic as anyone when it comes to this **** of a football club, but after this...
  11. Hero or Villain?

    Is everyone else as confused as me? Ron Martin was my hero during his reign at Southend, then he became a villain over the last couple of months, and now he could become my hero again, as it not only looks like he will pay the 680K or whatever but also the whole debt over 2 Million, a massive...
  12. OldBlueLady

    Right you 'Orrible lot!

    Being as I'm now apparently Sergeant OBL, I thought I'd grab your attention...... We have just 12 volunteers for bucket duty tonight and I'm pretty disgusted by that. Come on people, I reckon that is less than HALF of what we need. I do appreciate some people get down there later than...
  13. Slipperduke

    Black Cats Deserve Credit

    What's the saddest thing about 'Ballon-Gate'? Nope, it's not the nagging suspicion that only a handful of referees ever read their ruleback all the way to the end, nor is it the damage caused to Liverpool's title hopes by one of their own fans. It's the complete absence of credit given to...
  14. ESB's Champions League Run Down

    It's that time of year again. The time when the Giants of European football clamour together for one big orgy of tactical football and self-congratulation. yes, it's the Champions League group stages, and here is my run down of the groups and who to look out for. Group A On the face of it...
  15. Crawliano


    For the love of god please can we stop all of this constant circular tirade of hate! 1) Ron ain't gonna sit by and watch his investment go down, unless he's getting some sort of sexual kick out of spunking money up the wall I think if Tilly goes to him and says I like this spritely young lad...
  16. DTS

    Dave's cooking corner -Week One.

    Right lads, Now MK Shrimper is back with his Mrs and with a number of you having dating related issues of late I have decided to pass on my skills as a master swordsmen onto you all. The key I think is to cook for your partner to be. In the new series Dave's cooking corner (Part one probably...
  17. TrueBlue

    Rally Cry for Bournemouth

    Friends, tomorrow Southend do battle with the Cherry's of the south coast! lets be behind our boys 110% please and strive them onto a glamorous victory. so come women children and men of our wonderful town don the cap of victory and cast out the shadow of hate and fear and I tell you that we...
  18. TrueBlue


    Oh yes they are back this time behind Royal Bank of Scotland building and south of Cherry Orchard Lane anybody seen them?
  19. Leeboy

    Former Luton Chairman Admits Bungs

    The former Luton Town chairman Bill Tomlins has admitted making illegal payments to middle men whilst his manager Mike Newall was claiming that corruption was rife in football. In a long article in today's Daily Mail written by Bob Graham, Tomlins says he made '13 separate illegal payments to...
  20. Matt the Shrimp

    Five teams you love to love...

    ...other than Southend United, of course. As the counterpoint to Uxbridge's thread, let's get that lovin' feelin' going on. My five clubs are: 1. Flamengo. My first love in football, growing up in Rio. How can you fail to love a side that has Zico up front and Junior supplying all the guile...