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  1. Driverless cars - a moral conundrum

    Here's an interesting one: It's the year 2026 and Person A is in a Driverless Skoda. Lovely and safe. However, there's an accident up ahead, the car is doing 30mph and the computer has two options... a) Save the driver and run into and probably kill 10 pedestrians. b) Swerve into a wall and...
  2. The big BBBC question....

    I am an admirer of much of his skilful hold up play and ability in the air BUT he plays back to goal so our attacks go back before going forward and he is not that mobile or fast or good in front of goal .. my thoughts are that we are playing his game, playing to his "strengths" and not...
  3. The divorced mate conundrum

    All, Me & Mrs MK have a group of friends that we go out with every so often....trouble is one is now seperated from his wife and going through a divorce. What would be the ettiquette here? 1) Send out the invite and make him feel bad that his marriage is in the process of ending. 2) Don't...
  4. Evening Echo

    Goalkeeper Mark Brown is up for switch to Southend United

    MARK Brown wants to solve Southend United’s goalkeeping conundrum. More...
  5. yogi bear up the cagire

    So,now we've got jarvis..........what are we going to do with him?

    Did mention on the OMT that Sturrock Senior has a bit of a conundrum in that both Corr and Sturrock put in reasonable performances yesterday, both scoring and featuring in a 3-1 victory. Presumably we haven't brought in Nathaniel Jarvis to warm the bench for a month...........so how is he going...
  6. MrB

    OD - Week 5

    Full strength knackered team on a TIE, hoping not to slip up like last week! Question, how much would you value a 32yo proficient/masterful bowler at? Had a conundrum last night and not sure whether I made the right choice.
  7. Slipperduke

    Reading - Arsenal

    I covered this game last night, and if you didn't see it then congratulations. It was truly awful and a shocking example of the way the game has gone in the top flight. Here's the report, have a read and be thankful that Southend aren't in the Premier League! "What do you do with a problem...
  8. Bielzibubz

    Nessie - Does it exist?

    Following on from the UFO thread I thought I'd pose this little conundrum. Given that we know less about what lurks below us in the darkest deepest recesses of the oceans and the possible creatures that exist there what are your thoughts on the possibility that Nessie exists and is in fact a...
  9. Kris

    Starting line-up

    I believe we haven't had this discussion yet, so here's my preferred line-up for tomorrow: Flahavan Hunt Prior Barrett Wilson Bentley Smith Maher Campbell-Ryce Gray Eastwood Subs: Edwards, Gower, Lawson, Cole, Goater The biggest conundrum for me was who to go with in midfield. I...
  10. Napster

    Toughest quiz of the year

    average score is 2 (I think I've got 4). From the Guardian: "Scire ubi aliquid invenire possis, ea demum maxima pars eruditionis est" 1. In 1903: 1 who founded the WSPU? 2 what speed limit was imposed on motor cars? 3 who was the Sublime Paralytic, who died of cholera? 4 whose weekly...