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  1. Its Only A Game

    How many others out there doing a "Likely Lads" on Saturday

    I unfortunately can't make the game Saturday as I was already committed to photographing a wedding. Didn't bother asking the couple if they might consider changing the day........ I'm therefore going to be doing a "Likely Lads". For the younger members out there, this is trying to avoid the...
  2. manor15

    Group A - Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon

    Group A, the group of the host nation, and possibly even the favourites. It seems that the draw has been kind to Brazil, and they will be expected to qualify from the group easily. The battle for second place and qualification to the next round will be close, with all three of the other teams...
  3. Its Only A Game

    Bit of legal advice on wills needed

    Just a quickie if there are any legal bods out there. My Dad (in his late 70's) has just found out that his brother and his wife died a couple of months ago down in Devon. For some reason none of my dads family were advised, even though his brother was in hospital for 3 weeks before passing...
  4. New league structures?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27289819 Not sure about this. A regional league? Didn't we have this 50 years ago, on the other hand it'll mean more local derbies. However the B team bit bugs me? Don't the FA realise there is a whole 40+ clubs outside of the top 2 leagues with their own...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    League Two "team of the season"

    No Southend representatives. Whilst the voting for this is always highly flawed, I'm still astonished to find that there are at least two midfielders better than Ryan Leonard in this division. I wonder where they were hiding when they played us? Surprised Bentley didn't make it either after...
  6. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 13 TABLE NOW UP Southend Prediction League

    Congratulations to mrsblue who got the score spot on with the wildcard, and to the five who had the correct score and scorer but didn't use their wildcard so scored five points each. POINTS BELOW TABLE TO FOLLOW 6 mrsblue......................... 5 yogi bear up the cagire. 5 Cyril...
  7. Ricey

    Tito Vilanova Dies aged 45

    RIP very sad, didn't realise his cancer was in that deadly of a stage.
  8. steveo

    Next Man U Manager

    Paddys have got Blanc at 33's. Worth a couple of quid. I didn't fancy their offer of Howard Webb at 500/1.
  9. DoDTS

    No.10 Southend Prediction League Saturday 12th April 2014

    This is easy, Southend lost, Southend didn't score, 45 predicted, a total of NIL points was scored, no change from last week Must do better! Must do better! Must do better! Must do better! Must do better! Must do better! Must do better! Must do better!
  10. manor15

    Cauley Woodrow

    Features in this month's FourFourTwo with a letter describing him as one to watch and a talent for the future with the writer saying he scored in a 5-1 rout against his team and "was everywhere". Clearly he saw something we didn't, though it's not that difficult to look good in a 5-1 win.
  11. thenobster

    Question What if?............

    Just curious, but do I remember a rumour from the start of the season, that if we didn't get promoted this season Brown would go? If so what are the implications?
  12. SupaBlues

    Question Why leave it so late to bring on subs?

    I have been a big supporter of Phil Brown since he came here but today was the first time that I felt the reason we didnt win was down to poor tactics. Sorry but today was a must win, as are all games from now if we are to even make the play offs, so why leave it until 85 minutes before bringing...
  13. Pre-Match Thread v Wycombe

    Well I guess the return of the wind and rain will not help our 'leg weary' side right now. We desperately need a win tomorrow and despite the good football we have played on many occasions this season , I would take a scrappy , last minute own goal right now. Team selection will be interesting...
  14. York tickets

    Anyone know if York will be pay on the day as well as advance tickets? Asked the Blues ticket office but they didnt know - surprise surprise!!
  15. Ricey

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 2-3 Exeter City

    Please post all ratings and reports here. Words cannot explain how ****ed off I am and I didn't even go to the game.
  16. DoDTS

    Steve (Ldnfatso) and the Prediction League

    I'm sure you will have seen in the chit-chat forum the tragic news about Steve (Ldnfatso). I am totally devastated by the news and trying to come to terms with it. Steve was a close friend, we used to sit together in the South Upper, attended numerous away games by coach, train and car, used...
  17. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 10 Southend PL points and Table fo r the 8th Febraury 2014

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW NOT one of us thought we would loose today and that's why we didn't get any points, and only three predicted Leonard to score so only six points gained this week as...
  18. If allowed

    If we are in a position to bring in a loan player or two .Phil brown must bolster the central defence .Philips really is a great risk to our promotion push .He is to slow and I feel he will cost us dear if he continues in the poor form he is showing .I read that the Embargo was due to be lifted...
  19. DoDTS

    QUESTION? Postponed matches

    A quick question for you all: Yesterday Newport and Torquay had there games postponed. 11 predictors had used one of these as there wildcards, so I sent them all a pm saying they could change there wildcard but it was gone midday and half didn't see the message in time and didn't change their...
  20. lee bradbury is a legend

    Ticket Office

    Was on the phone for 45 mins, started 7th in the queue and still they didn't pick up! What awful Customer service!!!