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  1. Pre-Match Thread Southend United vs Walsall FC

    Yes i know some of you will say its a bit early its only Monday,but noticed we have so far sold over 5500 tickets for this game. Lets hope it doesnt fall a victim to the weather could be on for another decent home crowd as dont think they will bring that many
  2. Own Goals

    I dont believe it to be fair jostice to a player whe has a shot on goal and a defender or anyone sticks out a foot to try to prevent that shot from scoring and it ricochets off and into the net , i believe the goal should be credited to the person taking the shot, after all said and done the...
  3. world cup u-17 ENGLAND

    dont know who saw our u-17 play today,but we beat Chile 4-0. Watched it on German Eurosport.Even the German commentator said "we are good". Us and (so far) France are the teams to watch.He really enjoyed watching us play,so did i. Its far,far better than watching our "first" team,just hope they...
  4. Mad Cyril

    Shortest period in a job.

    What is the shortest period of time you have stayed in a job before leaving? I am six weeks in and have another six weeks of my probationary period. I took a big pay cut to move into a more interesting field and my skills are not being used. If things dont improve in the next six weeks I may...
  5. Blueronron

    16 years on April 16th

    Did anyone remember it will be 16 years since referee Mike North died of a heart attack at Roots Hall on April 16th Seem to remember it being in slow motion, as he ran back to the centre circle and then collapsed:sad: Cannot for the life of me remember the team we played, have Shrewsbury in my...
  6. Napster


    can anybody help? having a minor issue with wordpress that i can't solve. got a blog page set up and within that are some posts that i've created separately. the posts have their own pages on the site- but the posts themselves on the blog site have links that for some reason dont work on the...
  7. The media.

    Be honest, Most of us only know stuff from the media...social,TV or tabloids. How can anyone know what we are being fed is actually true?..take Murdoch if he wants to tell the world his version of events then his outlets will tell us what he thinks..sadly many believe the stories hook line and...
  8. Question how much do you think the events of this month?

    How much do you think the events of this month may have influenced RM and PB on transfer targets.Its been a bad month when you think about it first the Ranger ban ,followed by the injury to McLaughlin,then the loss to Sheff Utd and the cancelled game against Bolton and the last minute equaliser...
  9. Question How lucky are we!

    I dont know the seriousness of Mc Laughlin injury ,read in a thread he was taken to hospital in an ambulance, but how lucky are we at SUFC,Left wingers are a rare bread especially decent ones yet as well as he has been playing this season it appears to me we can replace himvery well, we have McG...
  10. shrimperjon

    A goal poacher in January

    Just a thought, but again last night highlighted our lack of a goal scoring threat or more like a poacher. We again played some decent football and again Cox and Ranger linked up well as did Wordsworth and the midfield. But at the moment very much like Walsall and Swindon, both games could have...
  11. Joey Barton?

    What's betting phil will bring Barton ,after him being kicked out Thing is would you be happy with him or just one more old player we dont need!
  12. Happy bonfire night 2016

    Sitting her in Germany,having a beer or few..just remembered its BONFIRE night. It WAS a great night when i was a child..in Elm rd..with my dad..things went wrong..most of the fireworks went up"in smoke"no PUN intended. By Pollards and Knights (Leigh)..with a Guy Fawkes...penny for the Guy!!(...
  13. Boo boys!

    These people who call themselves supporters yet Boo a player even before he steps onto the playing field ,You people know who im talking about. Do you really feel your helping the team,i could never boo a person in a Southend Shirt, yes maybe feel disgruntled after a bad performance by the...
  14. Yer Blues

    Southends highest ever earner

    There is a joker on the facebook page saying Cox is on 8k a week. I dont think we have ever paid that much in the 30 years I have been watching. Any suggestions on who our highest paid player was? Marsh?
  15. Bit of a Tammy Wnyette

    After years of trying I have come to the very heavy and painful decision to end my marriage which is something that I do not do lightly and I wonderedvif any zoner was a (can not spell the word solicitor) ***** but my tablet can. So in short i need help and advice on costs and what to do, how...
  16. Question West Stand idiots

    Is it me or are we not getting a few idiots attending at the hall over the last few games.Like running on the pitch and on Saturday letting off flares.Also i witnessed a few trying to climb over the gates to get at the Gillingham fans.If this carries on the club will receive a penalty can we...
  17. Jam_Man

    Run Fat Boy Run - 'Running'.

    Im 46, until I was 30 I weighed under 9 stone, couldnt put an ounce on. Then my 30's came and now Ive peaked at 13 stone. Lost a stone a year or so go using slim plan but have put it back on, mainly because I now work from home most days so dont get any excercise whatsoever. As I was so thin...
  18. Next manager of England

    iread some threads on the England v Russia match and how many people think that RH is a dinosaur a manger past his time, i agree ,but some said there are no managers out there to replace him , I for one think there has to be, i can think of two that should be given serious considertion due to...
  19. danburyshrimper

    Question Who's going to be better - jack or jack ?

    3 Years ago i watched a few games in which both Jack Payne and Jack Bridge were playing. I said to mates at the time the better player was Bridge. I likened him to Adam Lallana and bet them that in 5 years time Bridge would be playing at a higher standard of football than Payne. Now my...
  20. Does anyone work/know someone that works in car insurance claims

    HI Does anyone work in car insurance or know someone that does? I had my car stolen of the drive this morning and I need to speak to someone before I put in a claim, as the circumstances are 'weird' and I dont want to stich myself up any help much appreciated- please pm thanks Dave