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  1. Ron Manager

    Con/Lib agreement in full - in summary

    1. Deficit Reduction The country is skint, cuts will be made to make life harder for working families but still allow big businesses to dodge as much tax as possible. 2. Spending Review - NHS, Schools and a Fairer Society Cuts 3. Tax Measures Minimal tax cuts for the masses (enough to get...
  2. manor15


    Slovenia Manager: Matjaz Kek Captain: Robert Koren FIFA Ranking: 23 Group C Background: Slovenia's only previous World Cup campaign, in 2002, turned into shambles after their opening game saw them defeated by Spain 3-1, resulting in star player, Zlatko Zahovic, and then manager, Srecko...
  3. manor15


    Algeria Manager: Rabah Saadane Captain: Yazid Mansouri FIFA Ranking: 27 Group C Background: Algeria, or les Fennecs (the Desert Foxes), will be making their third World Cup appearance after appearing twice consecutively in 1982 and 1986, exiting at the group stage on both occasions. Algeria's...
  4. manor15


    USA Manager: Bob Bradley Captain: Carlos Bocanegra FIFA Ranking: 14 Group C Background: The US of A head to South Africa for their sixth consecutive World Cup. An exciting 2002 World Cup squad saw them reach the quarter-finals with a young Landon Donovan leading the line but they disappointed...
  5. manor15


    England Manager: Fabio Capello Captain: Rio Ferdinand FIFA Ranking: 8 Group C Background: Refused to compete in the World Cup before WW2 but since then have been a key player in the tournament, hosting and winning the tournament with a famous 4-2 win in the 1996 World Cup Final against West...
  6. manor15


    Greece Manager: Otto Rehhagel Captain: Giorgos Karagounis FIFA Ranking: 12 Group B Background: This is only Greece's second World Cup, although a European Championships win and two other appearances often mask that. Before the appointment of Otto Rehhagel in 2001, Greece had only qualified for...
  7. manor15

    South Korea

    South Korea Manager: Huh Jung-Moo Captain: Park Ji-Sung FIFA Ranking: 49 Group B Background: The Koreans qualified for their first World Cup in 1954 but disappointed as they lost 7-0 to Turkey and 9-0 to Hungary before exiting at the group stage. 32 years later they returned to the Finals...
  8. manor15


    Nigeria Manager: Lars Lagerback Captain: Nwankwo Kanu FIFA Ranking: 20 Group B Background: 2010 will be Nigeria's fourth World Cup since making their debut in 1994. They have twice reached the second round, in 1994 and 1998, being only seconds away from reaching the quarter-final before Italy...
  9. manor15


    Argentina Manager: Diego Maradona Captain: Javier Mascherano FIFA Ranking: 7 Group B Background: One of the most historically rich teams in football, the Albacete have won the World Cup twice and alongside France are the only side which have won the three most important tournaments in...
  10. manor15


    France Manager: Raymond Domenech Captain: Patrick Vieira (Thierry Henry is currently acting as captain) FIFA Ranking: 10 Group A Background: Currently hold the record for scoring the most goals in the finals stage of the World Cup, scoring thirteen goals as they finished third in 1958. They...
  11. manor15


    Uruguay Manager: Oscar Tabarez Captain: Diego Lugano FIFA Ranking: 18 Group A Background: Uruguay, or La Celeste are one of the most successful national teams in football, having won two World Cups, two Olympics football Gold medals, and fourteen Copa America trophies but are now nowhere near...
  12. manor15


    Mexico Manager: Javier Aguirre Captain: Rafael Marquez FIFA Ranking: 17 Group A Background: The Mexican football team have always struggled for success on the International stage, having only won one official International tournament, the FIFA Confederations Cup 1999. El Tri also compete in...
  13. manor15

    South Africa

    South Africa Manager: Carlos Alberto Parreira Captain: Aaron Mokoena FIFA Ranking: 88 Group A Background: Since re-entering CAF and FIFA the hosts have won the African Cup of Nations and appeared in the World Cup twice, in 1998 and 2002. Most of their side live and play in Europe, from the...
  14. OldBlueLady

    Cometh the hour......

    Ok, motivational stuff again, don't know how that lot went down the other day but if there is anything we can do to galvanise the lads then let's share our thoughts. Today is simply the biggest must win this season , if we don't, then we are down and while it might be nice to visit some new...
  15. Webb's Divided Loyalties?

    I've just seen this posted on another football forum that I occasionaly gander at... As you may know, Webb isn't the most liked of characters down in Yeovil and following an article written for their fansite, Webb allegedly responded with this: Link here...
  16. chadded

    What a twonk

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/sussex/8594267.stm Some geezer plans to spend 121 days in a room with 40 deadly snakes in order to gain a world record. Being a man, I don't have many weaknesses. Snakes however, are one of the few I have.
  17. seany t

    Generation Kill

    Well, a bit late to the party but just finished watching all 7 hours and must say I thought that was a colossal piece of work. Brilliantly acted, stunningly filmed, really funny / sad / gripping / interesting. It probably won't get raved about as much as The Wire or various other HBO shows but...
  18. Tangled up in Blue

    The debt debate-The Observer

    Sport Football Business The debt debateObserver Sport asks experts from the worlds of football and finance what can and should be done The Observer, Sunday 31 January 2010 Article history GREG DYKE Chairman, Brentford Former BBC director-general, former Man United director and Glazers...
  19. MisterStubbs

    Who would you have?

    Just for a bit of fun. There has been a lot of debate recently about who is the best striker in the Premier League. Wayne Rooney, Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba all have there strenghts and one or two weaknesses but who would you have in your squad? Wayne Rooney: ENGLISH for a start, the...
  20. Smiffy

    Consortium ready to save Blues

    As mentioned in the other thread. Thought this was worthy of a new thread. Front page story today with the headline "We'll buy the Blues for £1...and pay off the debts" says group of local businessmen. Story reads... A consortium of wealthy businessmen want to save Southend United. The...