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  1. GNH

    Womens World Records!

    Women's World Records Car Parking The smallest kerbside space successfully reversed into by a woman was one of 63ft 2ins, equivalent to three standard parking spaces, by Mrs Elizabeth Simpkins, driving an unmodified Vauxhall Nova Swing on October 12, 1993. She started the manoeuvre...
  2. WestRoadShrimper

    In light of the recent crashes along Manners Way.....

    We all hate speed cameras put up for unnecessary reasons, but given there's been two rather nasty crashes down Manners Way recently (bearing in mind one was a fatality), is it time one or two were put up along there? Option for 'Other' for things like traffic calming, flashing slow downs, etc...
  3. Winkle

    Help needed!

    A quick run threw so far, Linksys A.D.S.L. router as been dropping connection rather a lot recently went on P.C yesterday,clicked internet explorer and it said cannot find server! Done a repair but it still couldnt find a connection so I ran threw everything I could, rebooted router, checked...
  4. Benji91

    One for the train spotters.....

    Why do the trains on the DLR have indicators? I noticed it last night as there were no women on the platform worth staring at. Is it incase they suddenly jump off the tracks and swing a right? :confused: http://www.icrs.org.uk/images/Photogallery/DLR/DLR75.jpg Ill be honest - im pretty...
  5. Car crashes

    This has reminded me after mentioning my old first car earlier,of a few horredous accidents in my youth. The worst being... I had a Jaguar XJ6 at the age of 20...I was doing well ....a few lads and I went to a Wine bar in Milton Road down by the Cricketers...The name escapes me now ...In those...
  6. C C Csiders

    My visit to the Doctors

    Firstly, I apologise in advance for sharing this with you (you may feel it too much information!). However, I now feel I know, in a virtual sense, you all on here. Indeed, for what I am about to shar e with you, I could say that I have shared the SZ urinal with you with DtS one side...
  7. sufcintheprem

    100 Favourite SUFC Goals

    So, topic is quite simple. One goal each in a similar style to the other thread. It might be the quality of the goal or the significance. Perhaps it was just the randomness of the goal. Either way, put down the scorer, date, venue (H/A) and opposition as well as a justification of it. Obviously...
  8. Darlo

    Apparantly (according to the BBC) they are on the verge of signing ANOTHER THREE players. They already have Petta, Armstong, Wynjhard, Hignett... close to administration last year, and now this - they mush be flashing a fair bit of cash. something very dodge going on methinks
  9. TrueBlue

    What football fans really do with their money

    What football fans really do with their money By Nicolette Loizou Last updated January 21 2005 Today’s football fans enjoy flashing the cash out but they are more likely to spend money at florists and bookshops then at pubs Football fans across the country are steadily challenging the...
  10. Rules that are never enforced

    If I recall correctly, putting your head down amongst flashing boots (or flash boots if Drooooowwwweee is playing) is dangerous and should be penalised. Don't recall seeing that given, usually as in Kev's case it goes the other way. The other one that always bugs me is blatant...
  11. Andy_S

    Can anyone help?

    I've been getting a problem recently when I've gone on to certain websites (and no, not what you're thinking before you start!) and the Internet Explorer has re routed back to Google, without me doing anything. The latest site is the Official Club site. It loads up the front...