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  1. Breaking News ShrimperZone's Very Own Ron Manager's Media Fun

    I am that some of you have heard the news that amongst the Shrimper's travelling army yesterday was our very own Ron Manager who has flown back to see his family from Brisbane, Australia. When the news of the match's postponement was announced the interweb was flooded with messages about...
  2. Todays weather

    Anyone got any disaster stories to report?. 5.30pm in Campfield Rd, Shoebury, manhole cover gushing like a fountain & road completely flooded. Then along front from Shore House to Maplin Way, road resembled a paddling pool. Extreme caution needed to drive through, but surprise, surprise, Range...
  3. Mad Cyril

    Storm damage

    Anyone get flooded out over the weekend?
  4. DoDTS

    York v Fleetwood POSTPONED

    Tonights match has been postponed because of a flooded pitch. It is likely to be replayed next Monday or Tuesday night, the predictions for this will be carried forward to then.
  5. Seafront flooded

    A friend has told me that there is bad flooding on the front. Do we have any shrimperzone reporters on the scene?
  6. DoDTS

    The 1953 Floods

    I hope the following is of some interest, on a Saturday afternoon in 1953 Southend United played a poor game of football, the crowd had a good old moan and then went home totally unaware of the disaster that would hit locally in a few hours time. Saturday 31st January 1953 Southend United 1-0...
  7. Grayson

    Transfer Time

    After a lack of players, the transfer list has been flooded today. I have 10.5m in the bank. Who can I realistically get here? All-rounders 3. Steve van Schalkwyk shortcut £10,200,000 (bluedogs) Plays for: Victoria Titans Stamina: superb* W/Keeping: competent Age: 21 years old...
  8. Shrimper


    Just a little help for anyone travelling by car. Take the third exit on the first roundabout as you come of the A12, past Mini and BMW. Keep on going until you come to a junction and turn down into the Buisiness Park. If your in the right place you should see a couple of car garage's as you turn...
  9. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 6 - A Century United

    This week, Tom (A Century United) from all the way up the top of Scotland answers the questions. Below is a picture of him amongst the starting 11 for the League 2 Playoff Final. The woman in white sitting on the number 1 forgot her boots that day, thus why Duncan Jupp got the nod. 1) How...
  10. DoDTS

    Cup against Non League opposition (1922)

    here's another one of DoDtS's history lesson, here's how it was when we played non league oposition in 1922 WORKSOP TOWN 1-2 SOUTHEND UNITED F.A.Cup 1st Round 7th JANUARY 1922 Worksop were a non league side, but so were we two seasons previously so this meant little. Worksop, which is in...
  11. Good luck to Southend in the playoffs

    I'm a Southampton fan & like many of us down on the coast remember the last game of last season fondly when you people came down and turned St marys into a party zone. Talk in one of the boozers last night was centred around who we'll be playing next season and all bar a few were saying that...
  12. DTS

    SUFC on TV

    Morning. Dont shoot the messenger but Anna from work come in this morning as said that BBC have a documentry over this weekend called "The Flood" or something similar. One of the scenes of this flood so she tells me is Roots Hall has been flooded. Anyone else heard about this and know when...
  13. Sean 2

    Alison Moyet

    Taken from her website: (responding to a Sheff Wed fan) "Now this may hurt... I will allways be a Southender.I am a blue soldier. I have also come to the conclusion that i can never have loved football in a way a man does,or perhaps a modern girl who has grown up playing the game. Going to...
  14. SUFC_Al

    Live Music Experiences.

    After Shrimper James's thread about your festival line-ups, it got me thinking back to the last festival I went to in 2005 and it's one I'll never forget. We all love live music no matter what music we enjoy, there's just something fantastic about hearing and seeing your favourite...
  15. mattytheshrimper

    O's stadium floods!

    I don't know if this have been mentioned yet so if it has please don't shoot me. just saw it on sky sports news saying their stadium has flooded and sand bags are in place to stop it getting worse. they've got a game against the spammers on tuesday so their not sure if it is going ahead as yet.
  16. So where are the Col Ewe Fans?

    So we get relegated,but no posts from our friends up the road? I thought we would have been flooded with comments but perhaps Col Ewe's fans are both on holiday?
  17. Bielzibubz

    Exiled Shrimpers

    Forgot about this until just now. Driving back from the Norwich game listening to BBC Essex the commentator was talking about the support and the emails that had flooded in. He then said 'A special mention to all the Shrimpers listening in on the OS. We have them from Brazil, America, South...
  18. DTS

    The Game when you questioned

    On the hole I think my Dad's decision to take me to Southend games rather than say a "big team" has enriched my life. However I am sure we can all think back to a game when you really have to questions why you bothered. A time when just in a moment of weakness you contemplated...
  19. canada shrimper

    who's it gonna be

    Well with superbowl sunday just a few days away we are being flooded with stories of terell owens injury and will he won't he play.About a thousand different ways to gamble,from who will win the coin toss to will it go to overtime.So come on who do YOU think.myself i am going for the pats.
  20. What's the weather like in SOuthend?

    Has benn P***ing down all morning in Wickford roads flooded etc. What's it like in Southend? Any chance it might be off??