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  1. RHB

    Michael Gove

    As time moves on from Michael's dishonourable discharge from the Tory front ranks, he is just now slithering out from under the political rock he has been sheltering under. A few newspaper interviews, some sort of non job to do with Brexit and David Davis's team and now a Sunday morning...
  2. Napster

    Theresa May

    Blimey she's ruthless. Hunt, Gove, Osbourne, Morgan, Whittingdale, all gone. New posts created for Brexit, including Davis in charge of Brexit (who has always been anti-EU), and the disgraced Liam Fox as new international trade minister. Oh and BoJo, which is very clever for May. In essence...
  3. Supernaut

    Conservative Leadership Contest

    Gove has just thrown his hat in the ring - doesn't believe BoJo is the man for the job. Never saw that coming.
  4. Another Surrey Shrimper

    A question for those who voted Leave

    The big question now is who do you want as your new PM - Gove or Johnson?
  5. RHB

    Iain Duncan Smith quits

    Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has resigned over "indefensible" changes to disability benefits. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-35848687 Not really surprising I suppose. I wonder whether Gove will be next?
  6. Reshuffle

    Dangerous Dave is obviously desperate for the women's vote as he seems to be stocking up on a few female cabinet members..... Happy days that the car crash that was Michael Gove has gone. :happy:
  7. C C Csiders

    Achieving the Impossible

    Throghout history man has pushed the boundaries to achieve the impossible. In the last 100 years or so man has achieved powered flight, been able to talk across continents via the use of the telegraph, walked upon the moon, cured previously incurable diseases. Yet last night one man superceded...
  8. Tangled up in Blue

    Michael Gove gets it wrong again.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-19626663 OK.I'm sure most people would agree that there has been a dumbing down/grade inflation(call it what you will)in the English educational system since GCSE's replaced GCE's and CSE's 25 years ago.However, I'm not at all sure that Michael Gove's new...
  9. pickledseal

    Vote of no confidence for Gove

    This would be an interesting move.... <link> I loved this quote: I do thing that general contentment amongst teachers, as with many public sector workers, must be at record low in recent times. Now before we get into "public sector workers don't know how good they've got it" debate - and...
  10. Michael Gove shown up on Radio 5

    Ignoring the callers points and trying to twist the argument to fit his own without listening to what the caller is actually saying . http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-12171281 And he is the educational secretary .
  11. Benfleet A1

    The mongol rally 2012

    Well I had intended on leaving this until nearer the time but things have moved on a little quicker than expected so here goes. Several years ago I was being all funky and surfing the net when I happened across an web site called TheAdventurists. Through my drunken haze I read about a totally...
  12. Tie 4: Shaun of the Dead vs Hangover

    Hazey - Shaun of the Dead vs Mr Gilbo - Hangover
  13. Round 9 The Producers vs Hangover

    Having to start this early I'm afraid as I'll be away from a PC for most of the day. ibwiajwa - The Producers v Mr Gilbo - Hangover
  14. Napster

    Prelim Rd 11 - Duck Soup v Hangover

    Aberdeen Shrimper - Duck Soup v Mr Gilbo - Hangover
  15. Benfleet A1

    Positive Discrimination

    Our wonderful leaders have now decreed that employers have to use positive discrimination when selecting someone for a position of employment. In other words, employ women or ethnic minorities ahead of anyone else. My understanding of discrimination is that in most forms it is an illegal...
  16. Interpol Shrimper

    4 week hangover

    From AFP (it wasn't me before anybody says!!!) It may be the longest hangover in the history of binge beer drinking. When a 37-year old man walked into a hospital emergency room in Glasgow, Scotland last October complaining of "wavy" vision and a non-stop headache that had lasted four weeks...
  17. Lloyd Owusu - Out for the rest of the season

    Out for the rest of the season after tearing groin playing for Ghana, Martin Allen says it will gove others an opportunity to shine&#33; Misses the world cup as well which is a shame for him