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  1. Mad Cyril

    Favourite Southend shop.

    My favourite Southend shop is Music King which is on the London road opposite Chalkwell park. F*** knows how they make a profit though. This is closely followed by The Kings off licence in Hamlet Court road. Anyone else got any favourites?
  2. Mr Gilbo

    David Tennant and Patrick Stewart

    Went to see the aforementioned in Hamlet up in Stratford-upon-Avon yesterday. It was a superb production, and the performances not by just the main two where fantastic. I was sat spellbound for over 3 hours. I was also able to see Tennant in Love's Labours Lost on the same day, once again...
  3. EnglandShrimper

    Daryll Plummer...

    Came on for Dulwich Hamlet against the Corinthian Casuals, saturday. Had 10 minutes, saw why we let him go.
  4. J


    Not a post about Hamlet court road, but the film is on! Haven't seen it in years.. Sky Movies Classic "There's thousands of 'em.." and quite a few in the movie as well :guns:
  5. J

    The Shagor 11th August 2007 Orient at Home.

    For all those who are 100% definitely interested, please Pm me to confirm a place, that's everybody, a venue and date has now been decided, the Shagor in Hamlet court road, on the 11th after the orient game, once i have a def confirmed numbers, my self and John (cricko) will swing into action...
  6. Car crashes

    This has reminded me after mentioning my old first car earlier,of a few horredous accidents in my youth. The worst being... I had a Jaguar XJ6 at the age of 20...I was doing well ....a few lads and I went to a Wine bar in Milton Road down by the Cricketers...The name escapes me now ...In those...
  7. a christmas panto part 3

    when we left off, the land of blue and white was facing a dilemma, what to do for the best?? in fact it was split into 2, one half white and one half blue(or not so blue depending if you lived around hamlet court road,then you were a nice shade of brown) many many times the masses had seen these...
  8. help for saturdays celebrations

    Hi, meself, the mrs and my youngest daughter are coming down to the Bristol game to see off the goat and hopefully celebrate the title! Having been exiled in darkest Leicestershire for the last 17 years i need some help from the good shrimperzone folk. We are staying in Westcliff on Saturday...
  9. Leeboy

    Hull v Villa game

    bit late but ex-Shrimpers at Hull with their mugs on telly : Peter Taylor, Colin Murphy, Leon Cort. Bit annoyed with the Beebs blatant lack of mentions of Southend United when describing the above though - Peter Taylor - ' ex Palace, Spurs and England player. Ex-Leicester & Brighton...
  10. Ryman League

    Any other Ryman league footy fans out there? As the Premier$hite continues to become more money obsessed and predictable I've started to get more into non league footy. I enjoy going to Maldon Town or Heybridge Swifts if staying at my parents and went to Dulwich Hamlet on Saturday. I...

    best pub crawl route? so far this is my prefered option .. 1. The Crooked Billet 2. The Peter Boat 3. The Samck 4. The Ship Up the hill 5. The Charlton 6. Vie Bar 7. The Mariners 8. The Grand 9. Reds 10.The Broker 11.Tiger Lilley 12.The Conservative club (ok but its a bit barren on the...
  12. Leon Hunter

    Leon Hunter, now playing for Justin Edunburgh's Billericay Town, has been selected for the 17 man squad for the Isthmian League Centenary Match against an FA XI to be played at Dulwich Hamlet on Monday 7th March. Leon picked up the club's player-of-the-month award for January and was...