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  1. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Question Block A / C and D in East Stand Tickets

    Does anybody know why you can't buy tickets for these blocks for any of the upcoming games? I have people that want to come and its pointless if they cant sit with or near me? I also have my 3 free season ticket purchases that I would like to use.
  2. RHB

    Chance to win 4 tickets to watch Blackpool from the Centre Circle Lounge

    This is on SUFC's Twitter account. If you're interested and feeling in the mood to 'caption' then head over to www.Facebook.com/tradepricecars to enter. Obviously, if you win but you're stuffed to find 3 mates to go with you, I'm sure chums on here will be willing to oblige.
  3. Pre-Match Thread Charlton Athletic vs Southend United

    Looks like we have sold around 950 tickets for this game does anyone know if you can pay on the day as our allocation nearly sold out
  4. Benfleet A1

    Question Tickets

    What's the chances of getting a ticket today as a walk up? Don't fancy making the trip unless I have a fighting chance.
  5. Who's going to Rotherham ?

    Looking forward to this one, I see we have been issued just over 500 tickets I would have thought we will take 8-900?
  6. RHB

    Season card lapel pin

    If, like me, you read most of the printed stuff that came with a new/replacement season card, you would have noticed that the club have produced lapel pins for season card holders. These pins were due to be available at MTBD....only they weren't. I popped in to the ticket office today for our...
  7. Newport tickets

    Anyone any idea when these will be on sale? Nothing on ticket website yet to enable purchase.
  8. Braintree Town Friendly

    Hi all, having finally moved back to the area from the north east,I finally have the time to follow pre season for the first time in almost a decade. Was looking at travelling to Braintree for the game on Saturday but was wondering during if anyone knew what time tickets tend to go on sale on...
  9. DoDTS

    The Brighton Friendly

    I'm not a great lover of friendly matches but a little while ago I took the decision to go, purchased my season ticket seat in the West stand at a very reasonable price and now have the west stand ticket proudly in my possession. I should be a happy bunny EXCEPT............ On the SUFC...
  10. enfieldblue

    2017 season

    NFL draft starts today but on a more personal note, mrs enfield blue has just got me tickets for the bengals colts game in October - 60th bday present. Well done that woman:thumbsup: p.s plus flights
  11. Breaking News Free Tickets (for Students & U21s, all others discounted) and travel for Shrewsbury

    Free Tickets (for Students & U21s, all others discounted) and travel for Shrewsbury http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/-free-coach-travel-and-discounted-tickets-for-shrewsbury-3682264.aspx £10 for adults £7.50 for 65+ £7.50 for disabled supporters 21-year-olds and under go...
  12. RHB

    17/18 Season Cards

    Having read this I was interested in parting with my dosh now rather than later http://www.southendunited.co.uk/tickets/season-cards/ When I navigated to the ticketing page I clicked the season cards link and I got this...
  13. Thanks chris s for your ticket stats link

    As we're now coming to the end of the season, I'd like to thank chris s for his Ticket stats link. I'm always checking this out and find it very interesting to see how many tickets we've sold for our home games. You're obviously an intelligent chap and I hope this will continue for next season...
  14. LennySUFC

    Pre-Match Thread Charlton Away

    Just seen we have sold 2000 tickets for this, time to bounce back! 3-0 win, Ranger Robinson and Wordsworth to score
  15. RHB

    On line ticket booking

    I'm trying to book tickets for the MK dons home game but the area I want only has three left in the row, all together and I only want two seats. I can buy one or all three but not two. I'm assuming that the system isn't keen to have one seat left. Anyone know whether I can buy the two I want at...
  16. West stand ticket help

    Hi all, I need to book a couple of tickets for my parents for Saturday's game. Been a while since I've been to RH and normally I sit in the South Stand upper but it's looking pretty busy up there so might go for the west stand. Roughly where is a good area in U block that means you're not...
  17. Question Season Tickets Renewal help

    Trying to renew our 3 STs online. It says i have to register the other 2 as "Friends and Family" member although when i try to do this it wont let me as both my ticket and my sons have some number/surname/address?! Does anyone else who has a junior ticket too have same number as theirs or am...
  18. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    "And We Will Be ..... in Shrews-bury"

    So, per the club website 1,000 tickets go on sale tomorrow with priority for season ticket holders for one week. No mention of other tickets being available if needed but the North Stand where we will be has a 1,796 capacity per the STFC website. So, should be plenty for all, but if we are up...
  19. Tangled up in Blue

    Ticket Office-Bury game

    I see the ticket office have finally made tickets available for our last home game of the season against Bury on April 30th but only for season card holders until Monday 17th March. Can't help feeling that someone's going to look silly if ,as I suspect,the wheels are going to come off our push...
  20. Season Tickets

    Please note if you intend to renew your Season Ticket it will cost you an extra £5 if you do it at the ticket office.Some of you may already know this but I didn't read the small print saying renewing online saves you that admin fee.