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  1. Ref Watch .... Rochdale H

    Our last fifteen home matches against Rochdale have produced 10 wins, 5 draws and absolutely no defeats, scoring 38 goals and conceding 15. Tomorrow's referee is Tim Robinson from Bognor Regis, not to be confused with the cricket umpire of the same name or the LGBT rights activist and...
  2. Kebe Out, Hines In?

    Just see the story that Jimmy Kebe's trial has been ended but we expect to draft Zavon Hines in on trial. Providing Hines can get back to full fitness, I think he'd be a great signing! Seem to remember him tearing us a new one when Daggers thumped us in the JPT a few years back. What does...
  3. Blues4LifeDan

    Mohsni managed by Brown.

    With the cobblers coming up, I was just nostalgically thinking about old Bilel. It was one of the best performances by a Southend player I had seen in that 5-2 win against them. So it got me thinking, where do you think Brown would play him, if at all? Do you think his management style would...
  4. Ref Watch ....... Gillingham H 2 of 2

    Tomorrow's referee is Tim Robinson from Bognor Regis. He is one of the 18 referees who comprise SG2, full-time referees operating predominantly in the Championship and, in my opinion, is rather fortunate to be doing this for a living. He is in his fifth season as a League referee and had been...
  5. Premier League trying it on, again.

    Having managed to head off the Premier League's attempt to get their U21 teams inserted into the football pyramid with the League 3 proposal it now appears we have another fight on our hands as, having failed on one score, they're now trying to get in on another. The Prem has come up with a nice...
  6. Rusty Lee

    Best pub atmosphere pre/post Southend

    With the impending visit of the farm handlers on Saturday, I'm curious to peoples thoughts on the best atmosphere you have experienced in a pub either pre or post a Southend game. Personally for me walking into the Railway 2013 pre Orient in the JPT. One Step beyond came on and the whole place...

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-4 Millwall

    Congratulations to Neil Harris Just got home from watching 75 minutes of the best display of coaching I have seen in 46 years of supporting Southend United. Well done Chops! Knew the weak spots prior to the JPT win. Worked on exploiting them, because he must have realised that the Northern...
  8. DoDTS

    A Review of the Current session

    Just one set of fixtures left in the current session and thought that perhaps time for a quick review of where we are: The first thing that strikes me is that predicting is down to luck with just a bit of common sense, for instance Oxford v Carlisle top v bottom, although in the JPT had to be a...
  9. RHB

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Millwall FC

    There have been mutterings of no pre-match thread yet for our next competitive game, this time in the JPT. Little bursts of referee and assistants news have popped out elsewhere, tactics and whether Millwall will be knackered/injured/very scared/not got enough tickets (delete as appropriate)...
  10. southchurch

    The Millwall game

    I now see that Millwall will have to play 2 games before we meet in the JPT. In theory you would have thought that should give us some advantage. Or will it ?
  11. DoDTS

    No. 12 fixtures for Saturday 5th December/Tuesday 8th December 2015

    12 of 13 PREDICTIONS OF THE SECOND SESSION 2015-16. Three F. A. Cup matches 3.00 pm kick-offs Saturday 5th December 2015 Three JPT matches 7.45 pm kick-off Tuesday 8th December 2015 Saturday 5th December Chesterfield v Walsall...................................... 1-1 Leyton Orient v...
  12. Blues4LifeDan

    Millwall at home, JPT.

    Tough game but least we are at home.
  13. Ref Watch ..... Sheff Utd A

    It's 27 years since we've won, or even scored, at Sheffield United. As mentioned elsewhere that was a most unexpected win, thanks to an own goal. Both teams left the division that season. They went up; we went down. A little earlier, in fact 33 years ago today, I saw Steve Phillips notch the...
  14. manor15

    Pre-Match Thread Sheffield United vs Southend United

    They've lost to Millwall and Crewe in their last two league games, and were beaten by Fleetwood on pens in the JPT, so it's definitely a winnable game. Can see this being a typical Brown performance of playing for a 0-0 and hoping for a bit of luck to give us a 1-0 victory. Personally think...
  15. Ayrshire Blue

    Blackpool Away

    Just a heads up to anyone possibly planning a weekend that if either of us or Blackpool make the JPT Final this fixture will be moved as the final is April 3rd!
  16. Comparisons to 10 years ago

    The thread earlier about the 2004-2005 promotion team got me thinking and it occurred to me there are quite a few comparisons currently to our situation 10 seasons ago. Some of these are: - Recent LDV / JPT final appearance losing 2-0 to a league 1 team from the north west - Blowing automatic...
  17. JPT draw - Bristol Rovers at home

    Naturally im over the moon to see the mighty blues into the quarter finals of the JPT, as other people have posted previously and it has been a hot topic since about taking this cup run seriously or focus on league one survival. We wont go here right now (i do personally believe that league...
  18. manor15

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Crawley Town 0-3 Southend United

    Great result and into the third round of the JPT, Pig's second brace in a week!
  19. RHB

    Pre-Match Thread Crawley Town v Southend United JPT

    We start on our quest for another Wembley appearance against the Creepies on Tuesday. Some will welcome it, others want us out of it asap. I'm in the want it camp, I don't think I could ever tire of watching the team walk out at Wembley. Anyway, what team will Phil put out on Tuesday? My guess...
  20. DoDTS

    2015-16 - No. 13 (FINAL) fixtures for Tuesday 6th October 2015 -JPT Round 2

    13 of 13 PREDICTIONS OF THE FIRST SESSION 2015-16. All Tuesday 7.45 pm kick-offs except Stevenage/Dagenham which is Wednesday 7th October 2015 7.45pm Yes it is the final set of fixtures of this session, but don't worry the "slate is wiped clean" and a new session starts next Saturday 10th...