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  1. Slipperduke

    Plodding Snore-fest Is No Reason For Complacency

    Algeria 0-1 Slovenia ENGLAND SHOULDN’T TAKE THESE TWO TEAMS FOR GRANTED An awful game, bereft of class and style, but if England fans think that they can relax, they should think again. There was just enough in this strangely compelling display of mutual ineptitude to concern Fabio...
  2. Slipperduke

    Don't Make A Whipping Boy Of Green

    Even as I type these words, I can hear the scraping of a thousand knives being hastily sharpened in the offices of England’s national newspapers. By the time I’ve hit ‘send’ on my email, be assured that this country’s sports editors will have plunged them all into Rob Green’s back. Football can...
  3. Slipperduke

    Domenech's Dunces Doomed

    Uruguay 0-0 France FRANCE ARE NOT GOING TO WIN THE WORLD CUP Blessed with one of the finest squads in the tournament and capable of the most scintillating football, France are still a law unto themselves. Never mind winning the World Cup. On the evidence of this abject performance, they’ll...
  4. Slipperduke

    Liverpool Are Doomed - With Or Without Rafa

    Rafa Benitez deserves to be sacked. He’s had six years, hundreds of millions of pounds and Liverpool are worse off now than they were under Gerard Houllier. But if George Gillett and Tom Hicks think that his demise will make any difference to their stricken football club, they are very much...
  5. manor15


    France Manager: Raymond Domenech Captain: Patrick Vieira (Thierry Henry is currently acting as captain) FIFA Ranking: 10 Group A Background: Currently hold the record for scoring the most goals in the finals stage of the World Cup, scoring thirteen goals as they finished third in 1958. They...
  6. Which 4 gaffes sent us down?

    Looking at the final League 1 table, if we had managed to turn just 4 of our 13 drawn matches into wins we would have had 51 points and stayed up. From your memories of those 13 drawn matches, can you identify our 4 worst missed goalscoring opportunities or our 4 worst defensive mistakes that...
  7. Cricko

    Overpaid, out of touch and irresponsible

    In today's Mail on Sunday by Chris Powell. Overpaid, out of touch and irresponsible: PFA chairman Chris Powell gives his damning verdict on the worst of today's millionaire footballers. After almost a quarter of a century as a professional footballer, Chris Powell will this afternoon say...
  8. Slipperduke

    Shameless Plug

    As some of you know I spent most of last year, the bits inbetween freaking out about my wedding and writing for two different newspapers, clattering out four new sports books. My temples are considerably greyer as a result, but these books are now out in shops. Many of you answered my pleas...
  9. MisterStubbs

    Johnstone's Paint Trophy

    Southampton thrashed Carlisle United 4-1 this afternoon. Was a good match in truth with ex shrimper Dan Harding IMO should have been awarded man of the match. As much as Southampton were good, Carlisle United were very poor gifting Southampton 3 of there 4 goals by major mistakes in defence...
  10. Slipperduke

    No Blind Spot, Wenger's Just Too Loyal

    Much will be written in the coming days about Arsene Wenger and his perceived ‘blind spot’ for goalkeepers. It is the death knell for thousands of trees, all doomed to slaughter just so that we can be told that one of the finest managers in the history of the Premier League cannot even recognise...
  11. Can things get any worse?

    A lot of fans feel very depressed about what's been going on at our club recently, but can things get any worse? I'm afraid the answer is yes. The one great thing we still have at this club right now is Tilly & Brush. They've proved what they can do on a tight (but reasonable) budget and in...
  12. Let's ditch Fossets

    Think it's about time we sort out the team and spend the money we've gained on better players to get us out of this mess. As people on here as already said, it's complete rollocks playing in the 4th division with a brand spanking new stadium up to the hilt in debt. Of course, Tilly has made...
  13. Shrimper

    Can you name all Southend Managers?

    http://www.sporcle.com/games/Shrimper/southend_managers Let me know of any mistakes :)
  14. Money Can't Buy You Class

    Money can you buy a lot of things. It can buy you a fast car, a nice house and a beautiful wife. It can buy you the worlds greatest player and, in Manchester City's case, it can buy you an incompetent defence. What money can't buy you, Manuel Pellegrini learnt tonight, is class. El Classico...
  15. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 5 Season 1931-32

    I'm not sure how these episodes are going down but here's the fifth episode of season 1931-32 as was printed in the Oldham programme. No. 5 IMPRESSIVE AWAY POOR AT HOME Southend, despite poor showings at the Kursaal had been very impressive on their travels and were top of the Third Division...
  16. ian_the_girth

    Football DVDs they never made

    got talking to a mate tonight about football dvds & how many **** ones there are about own goals & mistakes etc. got me thinking, what football dvd "greatest" of would you like to see? funnier the better, three per person max: i give you: the 50 greatest short corner passes the 50 greatest...
  17. Get a Grip!

    Yesterday's performance was dire. I've not been able to make some of the much better games recently so if anyone should be complaining about how rubbish we must be it would be me. What I couldn't understand from some of the fans yesterday and having just seen some of the posts on here is some...
  18. Slipperduke

    Arsenal's Better Half

    Ask a new convert to Arsenal what the club's greatest weakness is and you'll get a variety of answers. You might hear that the players are too young, or that there's no cover in defensive midfield, or even that Nicklas Bendtner is a lumbering oaf incapable of even the simplest of motor skills...
  19. The General

    1 in 15 jobs to go at Royal Mail

    Starting from Monday, apparently. For every 15 delivery walks - the RM want 1 walk to be done on top on the postman's normal delivery. Hey i cant grumble - as i've had it easy for the past 5 years - and its not going to add a whole lot of time but expect local strikes - maybe at the bigger...
  20. Slipperduke

    Summer Madness

    Was football just waiting for me to go on holiday before it got interesting? I left for the sun-bleached Spanish countryside on the morning after the Confederations Cup Final and, no sooner had my budget airliner wobbled onto Alicante's dusty runway than the transfer market exploded. Every trip...