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  1. Tangled up in Blue

    Neo-Nazis-3 soldiers charged

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41234539 Suprised nobody picked up on this story when the 2 serving soldiers were first arrested.The other was a fitness instructor,IIRC.Well they've been charged now with being members of the banned National Action group,among other things.
  2. Napster

    A Cultural Review 2015

    I haven't seen many films this year - so it's been a year of new podcasts, new books, new TV shows and new music. New podcasts: Lore has been interesting - a bi-weekly investigation of myths/ No Such Thing as a Fish - funny at times, fascinating in others - produced by the team behind QI...
  3. maninasuitcase

    Which Camera?

    I am thinking of buying a proper camera. The last one I owned was a 1970s Olympus Trip. For the last few years I have used the camera on my phone, currently a Sony Xperia Neo using the Camera 360 app which is about 3 1/2 years old now. The budget is £250 including SD card, and I'd prefer a...
  4. maninasuitcase

    Kyle Asante

    The diminutive striker has joined Southern League Premier Division club St Neots Town. The report says he has moved from Barnet but I can't find anything that suggests he ever signed for the Bees, though he did play as a trialist in a match against Swansea U21s in October.
  5. NZamba Legend

    Hard Boiled Sweets

    Anyone seen/ know anything about this 'neon noir' film set to be released and set in Southend?
  6. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!
  7. pickledseal

    Events in Norway 22/7/11

    After yesterday's reports of the bomb in Oslo plus a shooting in Utoya, this mornings reports of around 80 dead (presumably mostly young people?) at the Young Labour camp are truly heartbreaking. Despite initial thoughts that it was an Islamic terror group responsible, now thoughts are that it...
  8. Slipperduke


    The clue is in the name. They called it Mono-poly. Mono. One. Not Bi-opoly, not Tri-opoly, and certainly not Commi-opoly where you all work together and the renting revenue gets ******* on the space programme. It’s a game and it’s there to be won, so what’s the point in trying to play nice? Did...
  9. NFL: It's a Dog Eat Dog World for Vick...

    The NFL season starts next week, and no player will be more thankful to be a part of the big Kick Off than Philadelphia's Michael Vick. Vick, fresh from serving 18 months of a 23 month sentence for running an illegal dog-fighting ring, saw his indefinite suspension from the League repealed in...
  10. Sean 2

    Touring caravans

    ...the type that you tow. Anyone else got one? Mine's an Avondale Dart 556-6 berth with alloys, tinted windows (one shade down from limo black) and soon to be fitted under 'van neons:D What a larf! Wished to god i'd bought one when i was in my twenties, no need for hotel rooms or sneaking about...
  11. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Sinclair C5 Modifications!!!!

    On the back of a comment from another poster, I thought I would take a look at the old classic Sinclair C5, I then came across a page that offers "modifications" This has got to be a urine extraction surely!! Check out some of the modifications below..... By far the best modification is the...
  12. pickledseal


    I thought my fellow anti-BNP friends would enjoy my friends take on BNP and UKIP leaflets for the Euro-Elections: "This evening as I settle down to more work, I choose to not not respond to the provocation of European election flyers from the UK Independence Party and the British National...
  13. Chairman's Blog - 24th March

    Chairman's Blog As promised the Club’s media department has sifted through all the emails received to date and amalgamated these into the most frequently asked questions including some unusual ones. I am told that some of the emails have been paraphrased but I am sure they include the gist. I...
  14. Slipperduke

    SZ Novella - Chapter Two

    Chapter One here http://www.shrimperzone.com/vb/showthread.php?t=49964 Chapter Two - Making Your Way In This World Today, Takes Everything You've Got. Shackleford glanced back down the alleyway and patted Ricey on the back. "It's too dangerous to talk here. Come on, I'll take you somewhere...
  15. cage rage half time entertainment

    After witnessing the disgraceful scenes of tuesday and being quite bewildered by the venomous war of worlds here on SZ I've come up with a new idea to replace the half time competition. Build a cage round the offending section of the west stand and let the 'real fans' battle it out to the...
  16. maninasuitcase

    Barrington Belgrave

    Top scorer with 16 goals for St Neots in the United Counties League. Barrington gets a mention in the end of season awards
  17. Hockley_Blues

    Manure hit by pranksters again

    From the BBC. And for those who couldn't work out what they'd spelt:
  18. Xàbia Shrimper

    Chav Town

    Prompted by another poster, here it is : "That Chav hasn't originated in Southend comes as a great shock to me. The town has a feature the chavster finds irresistable, a 'seafront'. That this doesn't actually front the sea, but rather the estuary of the moving cesspool that...
  19. Napster

    Chav towns.co.uk

    Southend-on-Sea (The Place To Be) _POSTEDON Saturday, December 18 @ 20:17:12 GMT by SimonA [ Edit | Delete ] SimonA _WRITES "That Chav hasn't originated in Southend comes as a great shock to me. The town has a feature the chavster finds irresistable, a 'seafront'. That...
  20. Napster

    Matrix- Communism?

    Communists picket Matrix premiere to celebrate revolution Communists picketed the Moscow premiere of The Matrix: Revolutions to celebrate the jubilee of the Russian revolution. A group of 32 youngsters wore red T-shirts, Soviet army helmets and Matrix-style dark glasses outside the...