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  1. Interpol Shrimper

    R2 - Veronika Varekova v Keeley Hazell

    2nd R2 tie today pits MIA Crickson's nomination of Veronika Varekova up against Ulysses Pg3 stunna Keeley Hazell.
  2. TrueBlue

    The SZ Saturday Gamble Nominations 20/02/10 Week 3

    The Rules are as follows..... There will be 2 threads each for each Saturday the 1st being this one where I will need 15 teams nominated from the SZ users who think will win there match this Saturday. Once the 15 have been nominated a Poll will be raised for SZ users to decide from the 15...
  3. Interpol Shrimper

    Natalie Imbruglia v Nicole Scherzinger

    Almost in the final straight of the first round (guess we're now just hitting the 4th bend to use a speedway term!!!). First tie of today pits Clinton Baptiste's nomination of Natalie Imbruglia up against the kind of girl you'll never see down Birdbrain Road, Jonny Stokes' choice, Nicole...
  4. TrueBlue

    The SZ Saturday Gamble Nominations 13/02/10

    Last week saw the start of a new idea on the zone that I have called 'The SZ Saturday Gamble' where we combine the footballing prediction skills of the SZ users to help others decide how to approach there Saturday betting :) The Rules are as follows..... There will be 2 threads each for each...
  5. Interpol Shrimper

    Cheryl Cole v Veronika Varekova

    To start the week and the 2nd half of the First Round, we've got Girls Aloud WAG (must resist the tempation to write what I really think here!!!) Cheryl Cole (chapperzUK) drawn against the nomination of the often maligned but mssed Cricko's Veronika Varekova. *** In John's absence, anybody care...
  6. Napster

    Oscar nominations

    Oscar nominations time... http://oscar.go.com/nominations/nominees
  7. Revell is a Hero

    100 Greatest Stand Ups

    Vote below: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-100-greatest-stand-ups/articles/greatest-stand-ups-of-all-time My two-penneth worth: - A vote for Stewart Lee is a vote for common sense - Michael McIntyre's nomination is a travesty - Bas Savage is a GLARING omission. Perhaps his...
  8. Uncle Leo

    Nominations please

    Time for another battle. The rules of engagement for this one are: 1)Participants must be or have been a recognised sportswoman at a reasonably high level. For example, Audrey Tatou is not eligible, even if she may once have run in the 100m for her school. If your nomination is someone not...
  9. Yorkshire Blue

    In honour of the Gillingham manager.....

    ....can we come up with a Southend Slow XI Obviously Stimson at left-back and probably captain, pushing out Che Wilson (FACT: Che could run quicker backwards than forwards) and recent loanee, George Friend. Centre-halves - we've had a few who could be outsprinted by a crippled, asthmatic ant...
  10. Mad Cyril

    New 'battle of' idea

    Battle of the invention - be it printing press, innoculation, steam engine or Breville pie magic. What do you reckon? For the record my nomination is the number zero.
  11. Mohave Shrimper

    Battle of US TV. Rnd1 Heat 1

    Breaking Bad (Pubey) v Band of Brothers (steveo) A tough draw for Pubey's little known & new 'Breaking Bad' against steveo's nomination, Spielberg's WWII epic 'Band of Brothers'. Please consider your vote carefully before casting it. Off you go...
  12. Mohave Shrimper

    Battle of the SUFC Legends - Nominations thread.

    hello ladies & gentlemen, surely this is the battle we've all been waiting for? The SUFC Legends. 32 places in the cup, one nomination per SZoner. Players only, no current playing staff. As I'm running the Battle of the US TV Drama's over in The Pub could someone else take this one on...
  13. number11

    Club Hospitality - Blues Lounge

    This Saturday I went to the game via one of the Club's hospitality packages. It was a one off as a friend was back in this country getting married (SamuraiBlue) and we thought we would do something a bit different. Have to say I was very impressed. I had some reservations based on a corporate...
  14. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - 6th round of nominations

    Not sure how much time I'll have this week, so will start the next round of nominations now. Rules are here. Favourites to be nominated must include Dave Smith, who was surprisingly short of the 90% required, despite leading us to our first ever major silverware; Paul Clark top five in...
  15. Manchester Shrimper

    Clement Attlee

    I'm going away for the weekend but my nomination for British hero is up for the first round this afternoon so here's why you should vote for him: Clement Attlee served as Winston Churchill's deputy in the War Coalition before winning the 1945 election and leading the most...
  16. Ron Manager

    Best Southend XI ever - Right Midfield

    So far we have Sansome Austin Powell Prior Clark Into midfield now, first nomination from me... Ooh Andy Ansah!
  17. Ron Manager

    Best Southend XI ever - Right Back

    One nomination each, we need 10...over to you.......
  18. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - 5th round of nominations

    You should know the rules by now. Paul Clark looks like missing out on the first ballot by the narrowest of margins, so will be amongst the favourites to be nominated as his supporters seek to right that wrong. With 3 nominations record scorer Roy Hollis might also feature, and I remain...
  19. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - 4th round of nominations

    It's time for the fourth round of nominations. Rules and guidelines are here. Basically each poster gets one nomination per round, so use your nomination wisely, and individuals need five nominations to go forward to a ballot. So far Chris Powell, Sid Broomfield, Stan Collymore, Ron Pountney...
  20. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Alan Moody

    Next up for nomination is Alan Moody. The last two nominees, David Crown and Ricky Otto look unlikely to make it into the Hall of Fame (at least on the first ballot), probably because their glittering Southend career's were deemed too short. That is unlikely to keep Alan Moody out. In fact it...