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  1. Westcliff Shrimper

    Westcliff On Sea

    Fellow Shrimpers, After my sojourn to Brentwood, Mrs SBS and I are moving to Westcliff next month (just off Hamlet Court Road, near the station) and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for pubs/bars/restaurants? Both coupley and family ones please. Ta all.
  2. Pubs in gravesend

    Anyone got any ideas for pubs once we got off the ferry? Iv been told the kings head sports bar is decent to watch the early game
  3. Question Any pubs next to Shrewsbury's Ground??

    Are there any pubs local to the ground tomorrow? Any idea how long the coach journey is and can you take beers on board
  4. Pubs for Charlton

    I know it's a little premature but it's a game I've been looking forward to for ages, where is everyone going to have a drink before the game? With it being an easy ground for us shrimpers to get to I'm expecting quite a few down there be good to find a pub with an atmosphere before game
  5. OldBlueLady

    David Goodwillie & David Robertson - another case of rape?

    Here we go again, some similarities with the Ched Evans/Clayton Mcdonald case...except here the woman is seeking her own private prosection. When are clubs and bars going to accept a certain amount of responsibility and do what pubs do when someone has had too much and refuse to serve them...
  6. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Pre-Match Thread Blackpool v Southend

    Dear All A little early given still have Sheffield to come but not that far away so I'll start this one which is a bit of an event for me as I will be completing my 92 at Bloomfield Road. There are 14 of us going up for a weekender for this one Fri to Sun, only 3 are Shrimpers the rest...
  7. The Watermill Wino

    Morpeth Town v Bowers & Pitsea

    Bowers & Pitsea take on the long journey Up North this Saturday to Morpeth Town. Anyone fancy being a glory Hunter, or witnessing history in the making, for going our beloved Southend for one day to represent an Essex Team to Wembley there is a coach!!! :smile: It's not every day you can say in...
  8. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Blackpool trip on 2 April - B&B's etc

    Dear All, I am planning for Blackpool on 2 April to be my 92nd ground and a group of about a dozen of us (all blokes aged 30 - 50 ish, only two Southend fans amongst them) will be going up for the weekend (nights of Fri 1st and Sat 2nd April) to mark the occasion (just an excuse for a few beers...
  9. CyrilSneer

    Pubs shut before and maybe after Millwall game?

    Heard on the coach on the way back today that the pubs around the ground will be closed before the game, and possibly after as well. Has anyone else heard this??
  10. Pub for Boxing Day

    I know there aren't many (or any) pubs close to Col Ewe's ground, so was wondering if anyone had ideas for decent pubs to stop off at on the way up the A12 (Marks Tey / Hatfield Peverel maybe)? I'm sure you can get a beer in the ground but would be nice to have a couple of pints in a proper pub...
  11. RHB

    Anyone seen where the spirit of Christmas went?

    I don't know whether it's the mild weather, the economic situation or what, but this year's build up to Christmas has been remarkably low key for us so far this year. We've been out to pubs and restaurants that would normally be heaving by now and they're not, shops and high streets are full of...
  12. Bradford away pubs

    What away pubs are available tomorrow and where are people planning on drinking?
  13. The Howard pub for Saturday

    This is the main pub for away supporters as all the pubs round by the ground do not allow away supporters in and they all have bouncers on the door checking tickets. The pub is about 10 mins from ground it's right near the train station infact u can see it from the station. So let's all meet in...
  14. Southend: Real ale desert

    Just wondering why Southend seems to be completely devoid of decent ale pubs or the new style of brewhouse/craft beer establishment that is cropping up in other towns and improving their night-time economy? Chelmsford has the Ale House as a speciality venue and countless real ale pubs like the...
  15. Trouble at the Hall

    We have had problems against Cambridge, Luton and now Port Vale. If this trend continues whether its our fault or not we will end up with a reputation, one which may end up with another Simon Dobbin type incident. Only this time some innocent shrimper on the receiving end either at RH or in some...
  16. Pub in Stevenage

    Hopefully managed to get hold of a ticket at last, what pubs are Southend drinking in then? Cracking weather, so would be rude not to have a beer! :smile:
  17. Advice for an away fan for next week

    As you can probably guess by my name and several posts I've made I'm Stevenage fan. Ticket details have been confirmed for the return leg at your place (we only get 900 which raised an eyebrow for me) and me and my girlfriend hope to purchase our tickets tomorrow. We do however have a few...
  18. Luton away pubs

    Luton away is approaching, whats the best pubs to go into?
  19. IronMike

    Redevelopment of Roots Hall

    I popped down to the ground earlier today to buy my first ticket for Saturday's match. My little reconnaissance consisted of a planned timed walk, door to door, to the West stand entrance in Shakespeare Drive (approx 8 and a half minutes) where I'll be in block U and also to look at the pubs...
  20. Best Home & Away Fans Pubs...?

    Hi Guys, I am compiling a new fans guide for the coming season and am after real fans views of which are the best pubs on match days for both home fans & visiting supporters. Which are the "main pubs" for home fans around the ground..? Can you let me know the best 5 or so around the...