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  1. Hello

    Hi, been a supporter since I can remember, although when I was young and naive I supported Westham(mainly being due to brainwashing from relatives originally from east london) as well, however now I am older the last 7 or 8 years I have become a true blue :loyalsupporter: even got my first...
  2. Pubs for Saturday?

    Where is everyone heading? I see there's a wetherspoons in the centre of Rotherham town, with the EDL march going on would be good to know where everyone else is going!
  3. Mad Cyril

    The regions roughest pubs.

    Anyone got any nominations? I have always found a visit to The Sutton Arms to be an unpleasant experience.
  4. Pre-Match Thread Cheltenham Town (away) Sat 15th Sept

    I know its a bit early in the week for this thread but as its my first game of the season I thought I'd get the ball rolling early. Having never been to Whaddon Road before where are the pre-match pubs of choice for this one? It seems like for as long as I can remember this fixture has always...
  5. southend4ever

    Bank Holiday Monday Ideas?

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good day out for tomorrow? any live sport or tourist attractions, pubs or places to visit in or around Essex? Thanks,
  6. callan

    Lets save Spain

    Being deeply concerned by other posters comments regarding the current economic state of Spain as the Euro implodes on itself, I do not intend to stand idly by and watch things get worse. What is needed is a 'robust plan', put together by Zoners to save this once mediocre country from poverty...
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Pubs near Fenchurch St station to watch the Euros in?

    Any recommendations? Most of the better places don't have TVs and/or will be packed. On a slightly related note, Cyril - do Sonny & Terry's show the football? No use for the 5pm KOs, but was thinking of trying it for a 7:45pm?
  8. Calvin Candie

    Question Pubs for Crewe

    Quick question where is everyone drinking beforehand ? In october we drunk at the corner bar next to the train station car park, but im sure that will be made in to home fans only.
  9. Priory Pub on Saturday

    Afternoon, thanks to the moderators for approving the registration. Just a post to say that away fans will be welcome in the priory on Saturday.. We are located behind the stadium ( open end ) 30 real cider offer !! This is unique stuff, you don't find this is a normal pub! Real Ales -- old...
  10. Calvin Candie

    Pubs for daggers

    Anyone located a half decent pub?? as we found out at the JPT game there is no where to drink , was thinking that pub outiside barking station for those on the train.
  11. Pubs for a pint at Preston ???

    Just found this thought it maybe of some interest for those going to Preston , and by the sound of it avoid meadow st !!! http://www.pne-online.net/forum/showthread.php?67398-Southend-are-coming-!!!!
  12. Informal South Essex Tech Group

    If there are any professional software developers in the SE Essex area that fancy meeting in local pubs on a monthly/bi monthly basis to expand networks and/or to share expertise please send me a PM. The offer is open to students/interested parties who wish to break into the industry.
  13. GIBBO

    Swindon AWAY

    Evening chaps! Me and the lads are going do they still run the away coach?? Also any good pubs to drink in? Thanks
  14. Uncle Leo

    Braintree - pubs

    A good mate of mine is a London based Lincoln fan so I'm going with him to the Braintree vs Lincoln game on Saturday evening. I've never been to Braintree before, so any pub recommendations? Or, indeed, places to avoid?
  15. crawley by train

    Not sure if anyone has posted this question before.........I will be on 17.47 out of London Bridge to Crawley tonight, does anybody know how far the walk to the ground is? Also, any ideas for pubs before the match?
  16. Harold Bishop Killer

    Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge - Shameless Sponsorship Plug

    Hello one and all, This is a shameless plug to help myself and some follow work colleagues in our challenge to tackle 24 miles across the highest peaks on the Yorkshire Dales on the 16th July 2011. Doesn't sound too bad does it? Well, to us very unprepared and unfit trekkers we might as...
  17. milhouse

    The Pub

    Not this on-line pub but "the" English pub. RIP? I guess most of you guys visit the hostelry occasionally. For how long is that going to be possible other than via faceless characterless town centre mega-pubs? There was a programme on the radio last night about locals taking over their own...
  18. Mohave Shrimper

    Anyone been to Bath?

    I'm going to Bath at the start of June with Mrs DS and her sisters who will be visiting from the USofA, and wondered if any Zoners have been? I know I'm a bit ahead of myself here, what with it being march but it'll be the first proper holiday I've had since I went to Chicago in 2008, so I'm...
  19. Pub Advice

    Afternoon all, Just a quick post for any pubs to attend / avoid in and around the ground before our defeat tomorrow evening. Cheers
  20. Kenny

    Saturday 3pm games down the pub

    Niall Quinn has taken a look at Sunderlands drop in gates and aimed a dig at those fans who opt to watch the games in the pub. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/s/sunderland/9395083.stm A landlady in Portsmouth was fined by Sky for opting to use a foreign satellite feed which cost...